Why You Need A Wikipedia Entry

Every business person and company needs to create a Wikipedia page. There are many reasons that this is true. Having a Wikipedia page helps build your brand’s reputation. When a customer looks for information on you or your company, then they can use this information to develop their opinion.

Secondly, Wikipedia business page creation helps your brand appear on the first page of Google search results. In fact, Wikipedia pages usually appear in the top five results. Research shows that potential customers seldom go beyond the first page of Google when shopping for a product. Therefore, having a Wikipedia page is an easy way to ensure that your company is found there.
If you are a new brand, then having a Wikipedia page helps to build the prestige of your company. When a potential customer sees your page, they instantly develop a more positive impression of your brand.

Wikipedia pages are also an easy way to manage the reputation of your brand. Since people are familiar with these pages, many people assume that the information found there is true.
These pages are not without there problems. One of the great things about Wikipedia is also one of their downfalls. Since anyone can create and update a Wikipedia page, they can sometimes be changed without the brand’s permission. This recently happened to Leonardo DiCaprio. On the morning after he finally won an Oscar, he awoke to find an adoring fan had added the same phrase about every fifth word all over his Wikipedia page, according to the Wiki editing serviceGet Your Wiki. Luckily, the changes were caught quickly and were able to be fixed easily.

When you consider creating your own Wikipedia page, many people feel very intimidated. For some, the thought of sitting down to a blank page is intimidating enough to stop the process before it ever begins. 

Wikipedia requires that the information for each page be backed up by credible sources. Some people do not know how to create these reliable citations that require the correct information to be put in the correct order separated by the right periods and commas.

People from Latino and other ethnic groups did not always get the press that they deserved. Therefore, the credible sources must be created and published before the Wikipedia page can be created.

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