Why USHEALTH Group Inc. is lucky to be led by Troy McQuagge

One award that every business owner or employee aims at achieving is the One Planet Award. This award is aimed at honoring business people and professionals who have given their all to ensure the business industry is growing. It honors individuals who have used their expertise to execute excellence in their day to day activities. This simply means that it’s every professional to be awarded the award and one individual who recently had the pleasure of being named as the CEO of The year is Troy McQuagge. Troy is currently the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. He was awarded the Gold winner in a category of various industries such as banking, finance, and accounting. For you to be nominated for the award, you have to be judged by your peer and Troy was very humbled knowing his peers from various industries acknowledges his work. The nominees are major companies of all types such as startups, public companies, nonprofit organizations and much more.

Known by many as an ambitious and visionary leader, Troy has had more than twenty years of experience in the health industry. Before joining the USHEALTH fraternity, Troy worked at the Health Markets Agency Marketing Group as its President and CEO. While being lead by McQuagge, the Group’s annual sales increased with more than a billion dollar. Troy also worked as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisory Inc which is an affiliate of USHEALTH Group. What he achieved while at USHEALTH Advisory is what made him an excellent candidate for the CEO position of the USHEALTH Group.

Ever since Troy McQuagge became the CEO, the firm has experienced tremendous growth while increasing their profit volume through their health insurance market. He says that what makes USHEALTH Groups succeed is the fact that its employees are caring and value their clients’ needs thus offer quality services. The employees put their clients’ needs first before anything else. According to him, he wouldn’t have been the awarded the CEO of the Year or developed the company if it was not for the dedicated working team present in the firm. Thanks to McQuagge, USHEALTH Group Inc was also awarded the Company of the year when it came to the category of Banking, Insurance, Accounting, and Finance. Troy believes the firm is heading in the right direction and will continue to prosper.

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