Whitney Attracts Copy Cat Entrepreneurs with Bumble App

A ton of people are using dating apps because this has become convenient. There are many people that have become dissatisfied with the dating app game because everything seems the same. Whitney Wolfe is someone that wants to change that. She created an Innovative app called Bumble, and it’s getting a lot of buzz from busy worker bees that don’t have a lot of time to spend chasing people online.

Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur that knows that many people don’t have the patience for dating apps. A lot of them may sign up and send messages to someone, but if they don’t receive a reply within a short time frame they feel like they are being cheated. They feel as if it is not meeting their needs. Whitney Wolfe took a look at this and decided that she would do something to change the way dating apps worked. She made a decision to implement a rule where the woman would make the first move within 24 hours. This will shake the dating app world because it would show people that there was a time frame in which they should respond. If they did not respond the opportunity was missed. This is something that intrigued women and men alike.

For years many singles have been simply dealing with the apps that are out there. It took time to make people realize that there was more to the app world then simply waiting to see if someone would respond over an extended amount of time. Whitney Wolfe made sure that busy people would not have to keep waiting for someone to respond.

Now there’s a lot of praise for what Whitney Wolfe is doing, and there are a lot of copy cat app entrepreneurs that are hot on her trail.

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