The Kabbalah religion and The Kabbalistic Centre In LA, CA

Kabbalah is the mystical form of Judaism. In simple terms, it is the Jewish mysticism that dates back to more than four centuries before the coming of Jesus Christ. For numerous years, the religion existed as a mouth tradition that was carefully guarded by those that had the knowledge about the faith. It was later dispatched in the middle ages. The kabbalistic worldview was most importantly expressed in the Yalkut Re’uveni by Hoshke Reuben and was represented most importantly in the 1960’s. This religion has also made its way into the books of prayers as well as the ethics and customs books.

The focus of this religion is the immanence and the simultaneous transcendence of God, with the latter that describes the term sefirot which is an attribute of God. In total, there are ten sefirot which emanated from God, and they are the lines that he used to create the universe. Each of the sefirot has a correspondence to the life of a human being. His relationship as well as the hidden aspect he has and the relationship he has with humanity. Can also be better understood by the revelation and speculation of the things that occur around you and what you think and believe.

The other hidden side of God is also known as the other feminine side of God. This is used to complement the external or rather the masculine side that is revealed in Tanach. The female aspect or side of God is also called the Shekhinah that is traditionally referred to as the divine presence that is often associated with the light. The Kabbalah numerology astrology and magic also is an insight to the divine aspect of an infinite being that has intrinsic holiness and meaning. Each of the letters of the spirituality symbol that was created by God.

The Kabbalah Centre as a nonprofit organization that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings as well as Zohar. Teachings are online based as well as in the city-based centers that provide discussions groups.

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