Talk Fusion Taking Things To New Heights

The Talk Fusion CONNECT suite is a package of various video communication tools that rely on some of the latest video technology utilizing real time communication. This is a group of 4 applications that allow the user to implement video communication within emails, newsletters, live meetings and video chat. This application suite is very useful to both individuals and business’s as it is very cost effective and can be used by both novice and veteran users alike.

Talk Fusion is compatible with all the latest operating systems including Mac and PC. The video featured in the CONNECT suite can be viewed on any internet capable device. The Video Email application can also be used on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

In order to use Talk Fusion CONNECT it is recommended that you use a broadband connection that is 1080 kbps capable in order to take full advantage of audio streaming and full motion video. This does not mean that the application suite cannot be used with a dial up connection however the upload speeds will require a longer waiting period as well as reduced video quality. The Talk Fusion CONNECT suite will make an automatic adjustment to suite the speed of your connection. In this way there are no user adjustments that need to be made in order to have an optimal working streaming speed.

There is no need to manually move contacts from one application to another simply download, sign up and start using the Talk Fusion Connect Suite. Any email address can also be used with the software so that no new email address needs to be applied for.

It is simple and versatile using the Talk Fusion Software Suite and is the reason why the company is doing so well on a global scale all thanks to Bob Reina and his staff of professionals at Talk Fusion.

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