Anthony Petrello draws inspiration from her daughter’s condition

Recently, Anthony Petrello has been on a giving spree. In one of his recent donations, he gave out $5 million to a research center in Texas with a promise of adding another $2 million in the future. In addition to his contributions, he is going to lead fundraising efforts by the same research center to generate money funds for the initiative. This research center is none other than the Neurological Research Centre for children with neurological disorders. The center is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. His contribution to this cause has been a personal achievement. He set out to help the institution following the challenge he has faced with her daughter, trying to find good medical care for neurological disorder to no avail.

Anthony Petrello believes that life has its fair share of surprises and miracles. One of the things that he considers a miracle today is to see her daughter, Carena take breakfast all by herself. Carena for the first seven years after she was born could not take anything that was solid. It took a lot of training that she could finally be able to feed on solid food and then, with no assistance. However, through the determination and dedication of her parents, they made sure that she could finally afford it.

Going forward, there are other sets of projects that she is expected to handle. She needs to learn how to walk and talk. At the age of 8, she is still struggling with these skills that seem normal for a child with normal growth. The reason, Carena is not able to learn these things with ease as other children do, is because he has a neurological condition that hampers his ability to learn with ease.

Carena was born with a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia. She was born with 20 ounces at 24 weeks. This means that it was a premature birth. This condition is quite normal for premature babies. It is usually as a result of less oxygen being supplied to the brain. This is caused by low amounts of blood reaching the brain. The condition, however, led to another bigger problem. Carena developed Cerebral Palsy. This condition created a situation where her body was no longer experiencing normal growth as it should be. To address this problem Anthony Petrello and his wife, are dedicated to finding a solution for her through the Neurological Research Center established at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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