Rocketship Education Charter Schools Stand Up for their Rights

Nashville, Tennessee public school district released a letter by Will Pinkston that put down parents for sending their children to charter school. Many charter school parents within the district reacted to the letter. They signed a letter that reinforced their rights for sending their children to any school they please. Especially, when they believed that the Tennessee school district is not properly teaching their children.

Rocketship charter school parents were among the people that signed a petition against the Tennessee Public School System. Rocketship charter school in Tennessee is a branch of a national charter school franchise that is based out of California. This particular privatized school permits parents to help pick out staff and it gives underprivileged students a high-quality education. There are other branches of this school in cities such as Washington, D.C. and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Charter schools are important because they provide parents with a choice for educating their children. Having a choice is important for education because it allows people to get the best instruction possible. Many underprivileged students do not have an opportunity to receive a top-notch education. In those cases, parents have to send their children to a public school and hope that their children will be instructed by highly qualified and competent educators.

Rocketship charter school ensures that students can receive a high-quality education. They make it a point to ensure that all students have a great education that will help them to thrive in college and in their future endeavors.

Parents in Tennessee wanted the school district to understand that they will not back down and give up their rights to send their children to charter schools. This right is very important because their child’s future depends on them having the right type of knowledge and instruction. The school board has accepted the letter and they are now rethinking their position on parental rights to send their children to charter schools.