Photo Locations With George Street

George Street Photo and Video is a highly recommended company that takes care of photos and capturing moments with video when it comes to weddings. They have so many locations out right now sitting across the United States. Here are some good wedding photo states if you’re in the area.


Atlanta Georgia


This is a great place to get your proposal shots or even have a wedding. They have the wildest parties and places like the Casablanca banquet, the Return to Royalty Banquet Hall, and even the Vecoma At The Yellow River.


Austin Texas


You’ve heard it before, it’s always bigger in Texas. The atmosphere and vibe in this state is one you need to experience. Great places to party or get shots with George Street are The Karma Lounge, Sheraton Austin Hotel At The Capitol, and the elegant Cuvee Coffee Bar. The Cedar Street Courtyard also has decorated lighted trees for romantic shots.