Norman Pattiz Announced “Beyond the Darkness” Coming to PodcastOne

The Jericho Network excitedly welcomes “Beyond the Darkness” to its show lineup. Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will be hosting this new spooky podcast and its main focus will be insightful discussions with a wide range of various individuals including researchers of the paranormal and regular people with abnormal experiences.

Points of discussion will vary from local spooks to encounters of the alien nature. Chris Jericho, known for his WWE past and now as head of the Jericho Network, is “stoked” to see new blood and topics coming to the network. The show will start being available on Mondays on the Jericho Network, announced chairman Norman Pattiz in December of last year.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne, where he currently serves as chairman. Since its launch in June of 2016, PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales are already sitting pretty as leaders in their fields, following the trend of success in Pattiz’ decades-long career in broadcasting.

His career got its start in 1974 with the launch of Westwood One, which continues to thrive as the largest radio network in the country. He followed this up with the creation of Radio Sawa during the time he was on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and then with the launch of Alhurra Television in the Middle East.

He left Westwood One for good in 2010 but then dived right back into business with the founding of the Courtside Group and by delving into podcasting with PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales.

Pattiz saw podcasting as the most practical advancement from broadcasting when acquaintance Kit Gray, a Podcast Representative, pointed out the similarities between the two. He admits that there are some stark differences with all the freedom of information.

Instead of finding success in extensive knowledge of the business, he states that the key is to continually keep expanding PodcastOne’s focus and to provide constant fresh ideas.

This keeps the consumers satisfied, and success is ultimately determined by what they choose to listen to, not in the hands of large companies. According to PR News Wire, Norman Pattiz describes this process as a democracy and he is happily learning to work within this new form of communication.

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