New York City Lawyer Helps the City’s Strays

In many metropolitan cities, there is no shortage of stray animals roaming around without a home to call their own. New York City is no exception. The cold winter months are the worst time for these animals to be on the street, with many shelters not having the money and resources to bring them all in.

Attorney Ross Abelow aims to change that with the launch of a GoFundMe campaign. GoFundMe is a popular website that has recently been a preferred platform for anyone seeking to raise money for a number of different causes.

Abelow started the page to help provide New York City shelters with the necessary money to house these stray animals. Most shelters face a harsh reality of not having enough funding to support extensive care for animals. They especially cannot support the increase in strays coming in during the winter months, when there’s often a shortage of food, blankets, and proper medication. Abelow started the fundraiser in mid-January and aims to raise $5000 to help New York City shelters.

Ross Abelow is a part of the law firm Abelow & Cassandro LLP located in the heart of New York City. There he practices family law and entertainment law, as well as commercial litigation. He is also a very active writer for legal blogs and his own personal blog. Graduating from Brooklyn Law School before practicing law, Abelow is familiar with the stray situation in New York City and in it’s boroughs. Instead of sitting idly by he wanted to get involved in the community and inspire others to help. Any funds raised by his GoFundMe page will go directly to any shelters in need in order to bring in more animals from the streets.

For more information about lawyer Ross Abelow, visit his personal blog online. To help him meet his goal of $5000 in order to help New York City animal shelters, please check out his GoFundMe fundraiser page.

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