New Securus App Has Positive Reception

Securus Technologies has successfully launched its new app and is reporting more than 65,000 downloads across Apple and Android devices. The company provides technology solutions for public safety, investigations and corrections and inmate communication monitoring. The new app allows video visitation between people and their incarcerated relatives. The app is the latest in technology giving loved ones more options when visiting incarcerated family and friends. In the past people had no choice in how they visited and were usually required to drive to the corrections facility at a certain set time to visit. 

According to Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Securus’ goal is to provide families time together allowing them to share special moments such as sporting events or birthdays that they otherwise wouldn’t get to share. The free app allows users to sync calendars, receive notifications regarding visits and test wifi capabilities to ensure the best picture quality. The app is easier for everyone involved since it doesn’t require tethered computers and extra hardware that would cost a bundle. Download the Google Play app here.

The company has grown through the years as a leader in innovation growing as fast as the technology developed over the years. The Texas based company now services more than 3,400 correctional and law enforcement facilities. More than just connecting inmates with loved ones, Securus offers a full suite of criminal justice technology including incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, and inmate phone calls monitoring products and services.

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  1. The people at Securus are as dedicated to public safety as law enforcement personnel and public safety officials. Securus Technology has been in the criminal justice and corrections field since the 1980s starting out as Tele-Matic Corporation. I have to say that the bestessays could also get a lot of these things sure of before getting any closer.

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