My Experience With Handy Was Amazing

Sometimes we get behind on cleaning up around the house. I talked to my wife about hiring a maid, but she had a bad experience with a maid that she called from a billboard she saw in our neighborhood that advertised about cleaning services for little money. This was before we met. She was in college, and the maid came by to clean her dorm room. She did not think about safety issues, and she did not check on the maid’s background. This was a terrible experience that stopped my wife from finding cleaning assistance until we found out about Handy.

My brother in law told us about the home cleaning solution that he and his wife have been using. They first used Handy when they had a leaky faucet, which prompted them to look to Handy for their other services. connects their customers to a large database of professional cleaning people, home repair assistants and other professionals. The company actually does the background checks on everyone they work with before the cleaners are available on their database, so you will not have anything to worry about. This made my wife feel better about using their services, and the best part was that we never have to hand money over to the person doing work on your home.

I found an interesting article on that tells a lot about what the company and founders went through over the years. They seem like a dynamic group of intelligent people that developed Handy based off of tested principles. They also took some chances by testing out new ideas in major markets, and those ideas worked out wonderfully because Handy is quite an impressive product offering. If you want to see that article, take a look at this link from