Lovaganza Trilogy Begins Countdown To Global Festival

The Lovaganza Convoy will soon take to the road to begin the first steps towards its lofty goals of making sure each and every child in the world is guaranteed a certain standard of living. The planned trilogy of movies of Lovaganza are headed by J.F. Gagnon, a French-Canadian filmmaker who has a long history of finding success as a director, writer and producer who feels his vision of the cinema can assist in funding programs designed to bring quality of life to young people all over the world; the three movies will be released before 2020 when a global festival on lovaganza.com will be held to educate people across the globe about different cultures and what they have to offer the planet.

The films produced for the Lovaganza foundation will bring a type of cinema back to the screen that has not been seen in recent years as the focus of entertainment has moved away from the classic stories of the golden age of Hollywood. Using the latest technology and the best film professionals in the world the planned trilogy of movies at http://lovaganza.tumblr.com/ form part of an all round entertainment plan that also features a planned television series to accompany the motion pictures that could eventually include a planned nine movies.

Not only will the planned release of the initial Lovaganza Convoy trilogy bring a dazzling array of entertainment to the public, it will also bring a high level of technological achievement with the release of the movies taking place in both 3D and 2D. Of course the movies will play a key role in the traveling show that has been planned by the leaders of the Lovaganza Foundation, which will feature the initial trilogy shown with a new screening technology known as Immerscope that includes a 180 degree screen.

The Lovaganza Convoy will conclude with the release of the third movie planned for 2020, but the goals of the foundation are much loftier and long term than simply to produce a successful series of films; instead, Lovaganza is planned as a movement that will work throughout the 21st century to bring a peaceful and secure environment for all people to enjoy. The moral standards shown in the Lovaganza Convoy will hopefully be reflected in the lives of every person on the planet who will one day be guaranteed a certain standard of life with the aid of the work of Lovaganza.