Losing Weight for Real with NutriMost

Millions of people have tried weight loss programs that don’t work for them. They are searching for one that does work.News4SanAntonio has discovered and made a report on NutriMost an innovative and individualized program that uses technology to assess each person’s dietary needs individually. Dr. Rob Vasquez says people can lose 20 lbs. to 40 lbs. in a few weeks.
Some NutriMost users lose even more according to stagecollegenutrimost.com. Take the case of Linda and Al Sparaco, who live in Brookfield, Connecticut. They have lost a stunning 140 pounds using the NutriMost program. Al has taken off 59 pounds. Linda has shed 83 pounds and counting. Their story gets even better, though. Before she started losing weight, Linda Sparaco was being treated for hypertension (high blood pressure), acid reflux and high cholesterol. Now that the excess weight is gone, her doctor has been able to remove her from all of the medications she previously had to take for these conditions.She now not only looks better, bu tshe is genuinely healthier.

The Sparaco’s experience is just what many frustrated dieters are dreaming of: a weight loss plan that gets the pounds off and keeps them off. The Nutrimost program is technology-based. Careful measurements are made of the electrical activity in a customer’s body. Using this information, the NutriMost representative crafts a diet plan that is as unique as the individual person. This is the secret of why NutriMost works. Most weight loss systems have a single plan for everyone. The problem is that everyone isn’t just like everyone else. The NutriMost plan is custom-tailored for each individual, so it simply works better.
Brookfield Couple loses more than 140 lbs. by NutriMost

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