Lime Crime: Doe Deere’s Journey to Success

Discovering Doe
If you haven’t learned about Doe Deere and her fabulous line of cosmetics, it’s time you’ve heard the buzz. Doe Deere is a successful businesswoman, founder and creator of Lime Crime, and an inspiration to us all. She was recently featured in article, where she talks about her inspirations, strategies and love for the company she created in 2008. Lime Crime is a unique brand of makeup, that features bold and vivid colored cosmetics. The colors are original, bright and make a statement.

Lime Crime: The Beginning
The idea originated when Doe realized that not only was she passionate about color and cosmetics but she noticed that the cosmetics industry was lacking vivid color. When Doe launched the company, she started out with eBay. She had no expectations, but the brand quickly took off and she had to expand almost immediately. Lime Crime came from her favorite color, lime green and she used the word “crime” as if to state the colors are so bright, they should be illegal. The name clearly stuck, and she found great success with her unique collection with a plethora of fans, or as Doe refers to them, “Unicorns.”

About Doe
Doe was born and raised in Russia, and came to the states as a teenager. She knew that she would be using her entrepreneurial skills one way or another, but didn’t expect her love of makeup to turn into a huge business that she would be in complete control over. What does a day in the life of Doe look like? Well, Doe is always busy brainstorming and strategizing with her teams to come up with new shades and ideas for the best cosmetics. She works hard to make sure her products are ideal for her fans, and she even works in the lab, testing products on herself before putting them in the collection. She is not your typical CEO- she is very hands on, respectful and hardworking.

Why America Loves Lime Crime
One thing to notice about Doe Deere in her line is that she is the perfect spokesmodel. She inspires the fans to self express with confidence, which is a huge part of why she came up with Lime Crime in the first place. At a time when color was absent from the makeup industry, Doe found that it was a necessity to help women express themselves with color. She doesn’t believe that makeup should only conceal, but it should show others who you are. You won’t be disappointed in the originality of Lime Crime and their products. It’s time to show that confidence!

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