Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Challenges Amazon

Not many people how dominate Amazon is in the fashion industry. It’s not a fashion company; it just dominates the fashion e-commerce market. Out of the thousands of online fashion companies, Amazon controls 20 percent of the entire fashion e-commerce market. That makes trying to succeed in fashion no mere feat.

Somehow, despite the gross number of odds, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making a move for Amazon’s number one spot. In just three years, Kate Hudson grew her company into a $250 million business. She was smart enough to spot a growing trend, ‘activewear’, and capitalize on the market shift.

Capitalizing on the market also included meeting consumer expectations. In today’s markets, consumers have more advice in other elements of a company’s strategy. Companies can no longer use good prices and good quality as a guaranteed method to success. Consumers are very vocal about wanting extra features, things like last-mile service.

That’s exactly what Fabletics did when it began opening nationwide physical stores. Currently, Fabletics has 16 stores in places like Hawaii, Florida, and California. Since experiencing great success with these few stores, the company is planning to open more stores by the end of next year.

The success of Fabletic’s physical stores is another reason the brand is able to challenge Amazon. Physical stores are a step that Amazon cannot take. And some would argue that a lot of e-commerce brands that shouldn’t take that step.

Opening physical stores is very challenging in today’s world. Too many people browse offline but then go home and buy wanted items cheaper from somewhere else. In order to combat that negative, Fabletics welcomes browsers by hosting events and other activities. The stores use those events to build relationships and get to know the local markets.

If anyone is interested in seeing what Fabletics might have that they’d like, Fabletics offers a free, short lifestyle quiz. According to one reviewer, it should be impossible for anyone to not find something that they like. Fabletics offers countless styles in all types of colors and patterns.

The best part is Fabletic’s products are a lot cheaper. A high-quality pair of leggings from anywhere else would push close to $100. For that money, a Fabletics member could get two or three items, depending on what they’re buying.