Jason Hope’s Contributions towards Anti-aging Research at SENS Foundation

Jason Hope hails from Scottsdale and he is the owner and founder of SENS Research Foundation. He has constantly donated funds to support the anti-aging research at the organization. Additionally, Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur with his recent technology Internet of Things.


He went to Arizona State University for his studies in Finance. Jason Hope then joined W.P. Carey School of Business at the university for his MBA. Moreover, he is an active participant in international businesses and has made great advances in entrepreneurship. One of his recent contributions is the channeling of generous funds worth $500,000 to support biotechnology and scientific researchers at SENS Foundation.


At the anti-aging research organization, scientists have come up with the AGE-breaker Program which is an advanced method of delivering treatment by breaking into pieces AGEs products (Advanced Glycation End-products). These end products are the major causes of aging and hence it is advisable to eliminate them before they accumulate to toxic levels.


The research carried out by Jason Hope’s organization, SENS Foundation discovered the existence of glucosepane as a constituent of the AGE products. This approach has enabled people like Jason Hope to contribute to the research projects which aim at removing the toxic metabolic end product from the body, and learn more about Jason Hope.


Financial contribution is not only what Jason Hope contributed to SENS Foundation but also assists with the research. In the light of this, he believes that researchers will find a breakthrough for other cures such as cancer, coronary heart diseases.


His efforts are indeed paying off judging from the performance of SENS Foundation in finding cures and remedies for these ailments. However, his interests in finding cures for other types of diseases are also bearing fruition. According to him, these other old age diseases like Alzheimer’s need just as much attention as the others. For this reason, he has donated generous amounts of money towards research for finding a cure for these ailments as well.


Moreover, he urges researchers to continue with their good work to help save the lives of many. He pledges his support through funds and collaboration for these scientists every step of the way. These were a part of his motives when he founder SENS Foundation. Jason Hope wants his organization to participate actively in biotechnology research for both public and private entities.

Indeed, his contributions are rewarding. The scientific organization is fuelling groundbreaking research to put an end to the sufferings of patients with age-related sicknesses, and Twitter.com.