Introducing Porfirio Sánchez Galindo

Meet Porfirio Sánchez Galindo, native Mexican, international vice president of Grupo Editorial Televisa. Grupo Editorial Televisa is the editorial division of Grupo Televisa, the largest multimedia mass media company in Latin America, as well as throughout the Spanish speaking world. This promotion came for Sánchez Galindo after more than 8 years with Grupo Televisa, serving as the director of Special Projects since 2006.


As times began to change, Editorial Televisa almost lost Sánchez Galindo due to his exploitative spirit. Sánchez Galindo’s current title was offered after Sánchez Galindo nearly left the company to pursue a job at World Bank. Grupo Televisa approached him with a proposal that promised to be “a lot more fun”. Sánchez Galindo was promoted to international vice president of Grupo Editorial Televisa to improve its existing channels of information in line with its readers and customers desires. Sánchez Galindo has proven an ever-effective leader behind the most important publishing house in Latin America, as the company has met a number of successes under his guidance.


One such success was “YOO”, a marketing strategy employed by Sánchez Galindo that joined television, internet, and telephone together into one package that was represented in four major cable companies (Megacable, Cablemás, Cablevisión and Cablevisión Monterrey). Sánchez Galindo worked closesly with the likes of journalist Rossana Fuentes Berain to ensure the best strategy possible would be put into place to win over audiences in the new realm of clicks rather than subscription services. The company took on numerous innovative measures under the guidance of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, and would be a shell of what it has become without Sánchez Galindo’s innovative pursuance.


Porfiro Sánchez Galindo is a man that has brought many successes and positive innovations into the world of editorial journalism. We have him to thank for the marvelous world of Grupo Editorial Televisa.