Helane Morrison Exposes Corruption, Guides Investors

It’s hard to find an honest person, but when it comes to Helane Morrison, she is someone who can wear that description. She is a Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, and part of their Executive Committee. She got her start being a journalist, and has also worked in government service.

Since August 2007, when there was a worldwide monetary crisis, banks have asked the government for a bailout, jobs are hard to find, and people wondered who to trust. And if their investments were safe. This crash is seen as the worst thing to happen in finance since the Great Depression.

Since 2007 things have gotten worse and worse in the financial world and people have been more and more frightened as to what to do and how to handle their stocks, and other investment and who to trust. Even up to now in 2016 less than a third of Americans think the US economy is going the right way, and with a new president to be elected this year, the experts are still predicting things won’t get any better and could get worse.

Who can help out consumers in this mess?

Helane Morrison is making it her business to change the face of the financial world. She is smart, and makes a big impression when she walks into a room. Helane has a BA in Journalism from Northwestern University in Illinois and also studied law at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. She graduated, passed the bar and began working at the US Court of Appeals as a law clerk, then between 1985-86, she worked with the Supreme Court.

Morrison is a champion for women’s rights, and is considered to be a liberal judge who has helped to make changes to abortion laws, age of consent, etc. By 1991 she was made a full partner, and has been involved in successfully investigating corrupt traders so investors will be safe. She continues to fight for these rights today.

However, people today know that even with such a person on their side, nothing is guaranteed in the investment or in the financial world. Everyone is vulnerable. So, people need someone to guide and lead them, as well as to be a watchman, and that person is Morrison.

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