George Soros Says Major Trouble Lurking in EU

The refugee crisis that has been unfolding in Europe is without question one of the biggest concerns on the globe right now. Massive numbers, often projected in the millions, of refugees have been pouring into Europe as asylum seekers, and there has been quite a struggle to figure out how to process all of them. George Soros is one man that has come out and stated his opinions on the situation regarding the mass immigration. George Soros has stated that the European Union is going to need to utilize a large cash injection in order to solve the crisis with the refugees.

One of the things that he has stated is that the refugees on need to be able to get to where they are trying to go and reach their final destination, as stated in a recent CNBC article. It is pretty shocking to see the footage of thousands upon thousands of immigrants literally walking on foot into different countries, but that is the reality of the situation, and there is a major impact on on each country in Europe. To complicate the matter further, each country is handling the situation differently, which is causing a lot of strain on the entire European Union.

George Soros is an investor who studies market systems, economics and monetary systems around the World and is currently a multi billionaire, with a total net worth just shy of thirty billion dollars. He made this money through wise investing, and through his hedge fund firm that he has ran since the mid twentieth century. The bulk of the money that George Soros has made has come from being able to see what was going to happen next in terms of the value of currency in different countries and he has capitalized by investing money during various prosperous times. This type of knowledge comes from having a deep understanding of what is unfolding economically and when he says that the EU has a big problem in front of them and that there is enough risk that they may be in a collapse situation, you know it is pretty serious.

He has been right in the past about all sorts of things, including predicting the economic disasters in the united states over the last ten years or so. The EU is going to have to figure out how to deal with the massive amount of refugees that are flocking into just about every corner of Europe. There needs to be a way to not only get them to the locations that they are trying to get to, but a way to handle the money situation as well. There is no doubt that a lot of fluctuations are going to need to be made and a lot of discussion is going to have to be handled inside the EU in terms of coming together to handle the financial situation. There is no question that Europe in general is experiencing an exceptionally tumultuous time, as there has not been any situations of this caliber in the region for a long time.

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