FreedomPop’s WiFi And Cell Phone Service Is Great For My Daughter And I

I love Freedompop for all kinds of reasons, and I’ll tell a quick story that proves why they are my favorite company. I had a breakdown in the middle of the city, and the tow truck said it would take them over an hour to get to me. The kids were anxious, I was irritable, and I didn’t know what to do. I turned on the Freedompop Wi-Fi application and found a server right next to where we were parked, so I went ahead and let the kids watch videos on my phone while we waited for the tow truck. The kids were quiet, and the video streamed perfectly.

I was using a Freedompop phone as well, and I had great call quality when I was calling the tow truck driver, so I was happy about that too. I knew that I didn’t have enough data that would stream those movies on my phone, so having access to the Wi-Fi service was great. The Wi-Fi service only cost me five dollars each month, and I love that there’s unlimited access too. My kids are getting older, and the oldest one is now 10 years old, so I figured that it was time for her to have her own phone, so I ordered the phone after reading a recent Freedompop review.

The Freedompop cell phone was a smartphone but not a phone that was terribly expensive. With one of the great sales that Freedompop was having, I only paid $10 for the phone, which is amazing. I bought the phone outright and didn’t have to pay a monthly fee for the phone with my service plan, and I couldn’t believe what a great deal I had received. I also purchased the sim card from Freedompop, so my daughter could use it in her cell phone.

Since I didn’t expect my daughter to be making a lot of phone calls, I got her the free cell phone plan from Freedompop. I love how Freedompop offers a free plan that has 200 minutes, 200 MB of data, and 500 text messages too. I encourage my daughter to only text me unless it’s an emergency. My daughter has never gone over her minutes or text messages because she is responsible, even though she is only 10 years old, and whenever my daughter wants to watch movies or videos on her phone, she uses the Wi-Fi service from Freedompop.

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