FreedomPop is flipping the tables on cellphone carriers!

There are so many people that cannot afford a reliable cellphone plan, for a variety of different reasons that all break down in to the same key thing — the companies that do work well are too expensive, and the companies that don’t work well are obviously too cheap. It’s almost like the Goldilocks story, except instead of Porridge, it’s the way you do just about everything nowadays — especially if you want to be a booming part of society. You need a carrier that is just right for you, and isn’t almost three digits per month. This is why FreedomPop was founded, and also the reason why a lot of people are still using Android as opposed to their competitor.

You see, FreedomPop allows android users to spend only $5 on their cellphone bill every month. They offer well over FIFTEEN MILLION hot-spots and growing, and the people behind it are very focused on bringing the best possible coverage to everyone, not only starting with the most densely populated areas. It’s a common fear that using a carrier that has hot-spots instead of satellites or towers may hurt service, especially since those companies are not well managed or built to begin with. While most people SHOULD be scared of a $5 price tag for something as beautiful as unlimited everything, (yes, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!), you need not fear FreedomPop. Reviews from all around the world have been great, especially mentioning how convenient it is that they do not have to tote a large bill that is subject to their carrier’s mercy. All of those hidden terms in contracts and other forms of service are sneaky and frustrating, and no one should have to deal with them.

That’s exactly why it’s so great for almost anyone. Even if you are in an area that you think may not get coverage, you can check and see before signing up. FreedomPop seems very keen on making sure that the hot-spots they roll out are in areas that really need better service in the first place, before trying to progress service for the masses. It proves that they definitely seem to care about the little guy, which is a quality that you can’t really find in a lot of companies these days, (especially cellphone carriers, huh!?)

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