Free FreedomPop 2016 Update and Mobile & Internet Service

FreedomPop is not essentially the service provider for all users, but it offers totally free and pretty economical options to suit some user models as well as budgets. Here is what you should know concerning their offers, pricing model and customer service.

Back in the initial days of the Internet, when you were required to dial up to get online, somebody naively suggested that online access was supposed to be free and that he would never pay for it.

As expected, he had to eat those words monthly for some time, but he was reminded of his youthful belief when he first heard of FreedomPop. It is a free mobile as well as Internet service provider that have constantly been disrupting the mobile service services for over half a decade. Signing up in it gives the user a range of various kinds of mobile as well as Internet services as seen in the FreedomPop review.

The Free Phone Service
FreedomPop’s big shot to fame was through their completely free phone service, which normally offers 500MB of the 4G with 200 voice minutes as well as unlimited texting. However, sending and receiving texts will spend your data. On top of being absolutely free, FreedomPop does not need any contracts and hence there are no cancellation charges or any of the other fees. In this case, customers often need to bear with other mobile service providers because the company uses the Sprint network.

About FreedomPop
FreedomPop is a mobile internet and cell phone service provider that is based in Los Angeles. The firm provides free mobile services among them free data, text and voice and also sells mobile phones, tablets as well as broadband devices for use with their service providers. This company was founded by its CEO Stephen Stokols and his counterpart Steven Sesar.

It is however backed by Intel, DCM Capital, Atomico, Mangrove Capital, Axiata and Partech Ventures. FreedomPop has earned over $109 million in funding, including a $50 million Series C in 2016. It uses Sprint’s network in the US. In the year 2015, the company announced its plans to expand globally to the UK on its Three’s network. In 2016, FreedomPop launched an international SIM with Free mobile data in 25 countries

The Bottom Line
The FreedomPop business model does need frugal users to keep track of their data usage for them to make sure that the service remains free. However, that seems like a small issue to bear with for staying connected at zero fees.

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