Dick DeVos has a great life and career

Dick Devos is an extremely important name in the business community. Throughout his storied career, Mr.Devos had many wonderful opportunities. Dick ran an NBA team and a major company. Dick is proud of his accomplishments, but he knows they did not happen overnight. Dick DeVos had to work for years to become the accomplished individual he is today.

Dick began his career in the early seventies. He started working at the lowest level of Amway. He held various positions within the company. During his time with Amway, he was able to witness almost every part of the companies daily operations. This experience prepared him for his future in management. In the mid-eighties, Dick DeVos became Vice President of Operations. At the time, Amway was operating in eighteen different countries, and Dick regularly worked within each company to secure contracts.

Dick’s experience throughout Amway prepared him for his next business venture. In the late eighties, Dick launched The Windquest Group. The company specialized in creating closet organizers and other storage organizers. The company was extremely successful and Dick is proud of his experience with the company.

In 1991, Dick had a great opportunity. His father had recently purchased the Orland Magic, and Dick was given the task of managing the Orlando Magic. The Magic had recently entered the league, and Dick worked hard to ensure they became a great part of the Orlando community and the NBA. When Dick left in 1993, the Orlando Magic were in much better shape.

In 1993, Dick became the president of Amway Corporation. He guided the company through seven great years, and in 2000 he oversaw the restructuring of the firm. The company went under the umbrella company Alticor. Alticor quickly expanded to more than fifty countries, and these countries are located on six different continents. Alticor was a force to be reckoned with. He led the company for two years until his retirement. In 2002, Dick retired and decided to focus on helping the world. 

Since his retirement, Dick DeVos has had several opportunities to help the world. He ran for public office in the mid-2000s. He also opened a charter school for students that want to learn to fly. Today, he spends most of his time focusing on his large family.

Dick DeVos is a brilliant businessman. He led an amazing company and today he focuses on helping the world. Dick is extremely proud of his life and career.