Corey Kluber Working Hard, Don’t Bet Against Indians In 2017

Cleveland Indians ace and former Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber goes to Boston in the off-seasons. He doesn’t go there for the warm weather or even the local hospitality. No, he goes there to work hard. That’s where he met Eric Cressey, the country’s leading trainer of overhand throwing athletes.

Kluber gets his epic endurance from his hard winter workouts. The ace has pitched in over 200 innings during each of the last three seasons, and he topped it all off with 17+ more innings in the 2016 postseason. But the 6-foot-4, lanky pitcher attributes his ability to stay on the mound deep into games and long into the season to his grueling off-season regime. This kind of work ethic from the top of the Cleveland Indians could change the MLB odds in 2017.

He drives through the snow to arrive at an unassuming business park in Hudson, Massachusetts. It’s here that Kluber will go through a three-hour workout. The Cy Young pitcher starts with a throwing session. He warms his arm up with a two-pound medicine ball before throwing a series of weighted balls. The weighted balls can get as heavy as nine ounces and as light as four ounces. He completes the bulk of his throwing with the standard five-ounce ball. Kluber and Cressey believe the weighted balls build shoulder strength and helps to keep Kluber’s arm from getting too long in his delivery.

Cressey has reduced Kluber’s heavy lifting from four days per week to three. The trainer is taking into account the already established strength of the athlete and the added workload of the 2016 postseason. But this doesn’t stop Kluber from working out all week long. Other exercises included plyometrics to build speed and strength, and anti-rotation exercises to lock up the core for better legs-to-arms power production. By all accounts, Kluber is ready for a monster 2017 season.

He and his teammates were one game away from winning it all in 2016. That’s the ultimate goal, Kluber says, to win the last game of the year. This means the Indians are hungry for more. They’ve retained lights-out reliever Andrew Miller and added right-handed thump in Edwin Encarnacion. But it is the drive and hard work of ace Kluber that should steer your bets. It’s an intangible; something that won’t show up in the numbers to change the MLB odds. Place your betsĀ  on MLB odds now at