UKV PLC Acquires Competitor

The wine industry is going through a lot of dramatic changes. Demand for wine is higher than it has been in many years, and a lot of people are excited about the growth in the field. As the economy continues to improve, more people are willing to spend money on quality wine.

UKV PLC is one of the leading companies in the wine industry today. Not only does the company have great products, but they also treat customers well. With the strong financial position of company, UKV PLC recently acquired a small competitor in the local area. This acquisition will help grow the business in the years ahead.

Starting Out

UKV PLC started out as a small company with a focus on quality. Growing quality wine takes many years, and the leaders of the business had to be patient. Early on, UKV PLC focused on providing quality wine and customer service for more info about us: click here.

UKV PLC is unique in that it opens up the vineyards for customers who want to come by and see how the wine is made. Not only does this open up another income stream for the business, but it also improves company’s reputation in the local community. A lot of people love working for UKV PLC because the company pays well.


With the quality products produced by UKV PLC, many people started buying their wine. The company grew rapidly and started looking for ways to expand even faster. A competitor in the area was struggling financially. The wine business is tough because it is so dependent on weather. UKV PLC decided to purchase the company for a deep discount. UKV PLC now has more economies of scale and can produce wine at a lower price. This will help grow sales and profits in the coming years for UKV PLC.

An In-depth Understanding Of The Traveling Vineyard

Working with The Traveling Vineyard is quite simple. Thanks to the extensive and comprehensive support network that we have, you are never alone. We will be with you on the first day until you become a leader and beyond. We offer practical support through training and via the use of various other means.

Understand the Leader

The leader is the first person you contact after you submit your application indicating that you have an interest in us. Every region has its leader. The leader’s main job will be to clarify any issues that you may have. If you are close enough to them, you can attend their events as an observer. If you live too far away from a leader, he or she will connect you with someone who is close to you.

The leaders have passed through the same process as you. Thus, they understand everything that you need. Even after, you begin to build you your own team; the leader will still be there for you.

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What is The Tasting Room?

The Tasting Room is the online platform where training takes place. At this platform, you are given access to all the professionally prepared training modules. The modules are laden with information on how you can build a team and grow your business. Besides that, Traveling Vineyard come with video tutorials on how wine tasting is done. In just a short while, you will become a pro.

Understand the Harvest

A harvest is an annual event that is meant for fun but also for learning. You will benefit from training sessions that are meant to improve your wine tasting skills. Additionally, you will also receive nuggets of wisdom about developing your business. Besides the Harvest Conference, there are regional events held by team leaders. They are a great opportunity to meet and learn from others.

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Spread The Joys Of Wine Working For Traveling Vineyard

Wine really opens up when you know a thing or two about it. You can roll the wine in the glass before holding it up to the light to check the water line and alcohol content. You can tilt the glass to smell the aromas. Sniff to high on the opening and the scent will be muddled by evaporating alcohol fumes. Take a whiff low to get the full aromatic picture. Flavors can be described as chocolate, dry, apricot, bitter, leather and fruit. Finally, you watch the cascade of liquid cling to the glass after taking a sip to get an idea of the viscosity.

It takes a long time to develop this appreciation on your own, but the whole educational process could be expedited with a good teacher. That’s where Traveling Vineyards wants you to come in.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have a dream job. They get to educate groups of people on the beauties of wine using a selection of world class wines. Any purchase made through the tasting event accrues the guide a significant commission. If you want to make more money, you simply hold more tasting events.

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Wine Guides generally start holding events with their friends. One of the simplest ways to get started is to have a friend host a gathering. When everyone arrives, you take over. You get to give your spiel while taking your friends through the tasting process step by step. You get to show them how to look at the wine, how to smell the libation and how to describe the flavors. You may even surprise your friends by turning them onto new flavors and styles; wines they would have never thought to try.

There are all sorts of ways to entice people into coming to your event. You can hold theme tastings such as bachelorette party events, girl’s night out or a Great Gatsby-themed event. You are only limited by your imagination.

Once you have gained experience hosting an event with your friends, it is time to branch out to strangers. That’s when the real money begins to kick in. There’s a referral for more tastings with every successful event. Success keeps on breeding success, and you get to make money deepening other’s appreciation for your favorite drink. It won’t even feel like you’re working as you add festive pictures to Traveling Vineyard social media accounts. Make money while having fun with Traveling Vineyard.

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