Securus Corrects the Inaccurate Global Tel Link (GTL) Press Release Issues

Securus Technologies company is a firm in Dallas that offers public information, biometric analysis, inmate monitoring, self-service products, as well as information management meant to promote public safety. The agency serves public safety corrections and law enforcement bureaus all over the world. Watch more on


Securus has made every effort to negotiate mutually acceptable and intelligent financial agreements and arrangements with companies that utilize its exclusive rights without prior licensing throughout its history. The company is capable of agreeing on reasonable licensing with several parties including the earlier license agreements with GTL. Global Tel Link felt dissatisfied and went ahead to publish false allegations against Securus after their recent transactions with one another. The GTL’s Press article on 7 June 2016 contained multiple statements which Securus found to be inaccurate and misleading. GTL had opted to utilize their resources to engage Securus in license fights for unknown reasons. Securus went ahead to clarify and correct the several incorrect GTL claims by releasing a list of its exclusive business rights which exceed the ones held by GTL. Securus showed how its copyright metrics were much favorable than GTL’s.


Securus further declared that the Texas federal court case was long overdue and that GTL was in no position to seek any further relief. Securus moved to court rehearing with regards to GTL’s allegations on the validity of ‘816 copyrights. As a result, GTL was not capable of requesting damages as it had earlier claimed. GTL was declaring a single independent claim from the ‘816 exclusive rights in the lawsuit against Securus even though the PTAB had refused to review the claims challenged against Securus. The GTL independent claim does not conform to the fundamental security feature disclosed during the agreement between GTL and Securus.




New Securus App Has Positive Reception

Securus Technologies has successfully launched its new app and is reporting more than 65,000 downloads across Apple and Android devices. The company provides technology solutions for public safety, investigations and corrections and inmate communication monitoring. The new app allows video visitation between people and their incarcerated relatives. The app is the latest in technology giving loved ones more options when visiting incarcerated family and friends. In the past people had no choice in how they visited and were usually required to drive to the corrections facility at a certain set time to visit. 

According to Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Securus’ goal is to provide families time together allowing them to share special moments such as sporting events or birthdays that they otherwise wouldn’t get to share. The free app allows users to sync calendars, receive notifications regarding visits and test wifi capabilities to ensure the best picture quality. The app is easier for everyone involved since it doesn’t require tethered computers and extra hardware that would cost a bundle. Download the Google Play app here.

The company has grown through the years as a leader in innovation growing as fast as the technology developed over the years. The Texas based company now services more than 3,400 correctional and law enforcement facilities. More than just connecting inmates with loved ones, Securus offers a full suite of criminal justice technology including incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, and inmate phone calls monitoring products and services.

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