Free FreedomPop 2016 Update and Mobile & Internet Service

FreedomPop is not essentially the service provider for all users, but it offers totally free and pretty economical options to suit some user models as well as budgets. Here is what you should know concerning their offers, pricing model and customer service.

Back in the initial days of the Internet, when you were required to dial up to get online, somebody naively suggested that online access was supposed to be free and that he would never pay for it.

As expected, he had to eat those words monthly for some time, but he was reminded of his youthful belief when he first heard of FreedomPop. It is a free mobile as well as Internet service provider that have constantly been disrupting the mobile service services for over half a decade. Signing up in it gives the user a range of various kinds of mobile as well as Internet services as seen in the FreedomPop review.

The Free Phone Service
FreedomPop’s big shot to fame was through their completely free phone service, which normally offers 500MB of the 4G with 200 voice minutes as well as unlimited texting. However, sending and receiving texts will spend your data. On top of being absolutely free, FreedomPop does not need any contracts and hence there are no cancellation charges or any of the other fees. In this case, customers often need to bear with other mobile service providers because the company uses the Sprint network.

About FreedomPop
FreedomPop is a mobile internet and cell phone service provider that is based in Los Angeles. The firm provides free mobile services among them free data, text and voice and also sells mobile phones, tablets as well as broadband devices for use with their service providers. This company was founded by its CEO Stephen Stokols and his counterpart Steven Sesar.

It is however backed by Intel, DCM Capital, Atomico, Mangrove Capital, Axiata and Partech Ventures. FreedomPop has earned over $109 million in funding, including a $50 million Series C in 2016. It uses Sprint’s network in the US. In the year 2015, the company announced its plans to expand globally to the UK on its Three’s network. In 2016, FreedomPop launched an international SIM with Free mobile data in 25 countries

The Bottom Line
The FreedomPop business model does need frugal users to keep track of their data usage for them to make sure that the service remains free. However, that seems like a small issue to bear with for staying connected at zero fees.

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FreedomPop’s WiFi And Cell Phone Service Is Great For My Daughter And I

I love Freedompop for all kinds of reasons, and I’ll tell a quick story that proves why they are my favorite company. I had a breakdown in the middle of the city, and the tow truck said it would take them over an hour to get to me. The kids were anxious, I was irritable, and I didn’t know what to do. I turned on the Freedompop Wi-Fi application and found a server right next to where we were parked, so I went ahead and let the kids watch videos on my phone while we waited for the tow truck. The kids were quiet, and the video streamed perfectly.

I was using a Freedompop phone as well, and I had great call quality when I was calling the tow truck driver, so I was happy about that too. I knew that I didn’t have enough data that would stream those movies on my phone, so having access to the Wi-Fi service was great. The Wi-Fi service only cost me five dollars each month, and I love that there’s unlimited access too. My kids are getting older, and the oldest one is now 10 years old, so I figured that it was time for her to have her own phone, so I ordered the phone after reading a recent Freedompop review.

The Freedompop cell phone was a smartphone but not a phone that was terribly expensive. With one of the great sales that Freedompop was having, I only paid $10 for the phone, which is amazing. I bought the phone outright and didn’t have to pay a monthly fee for the phone with my service plan, and I couldn’t believe what a great deal I had received. I also purchased the sim card from Freedompop, so my daughter could use it in her cell phone.

Since I didn’t expect my daughter to be making a lot of phone calls, I got her the free cell phone plan from Freedompop. I love how Freedompop offers a free plan that has 200 minutes, 200 MB of data, and 500 text messages too. I encourage my daughter to only text me unless it’s an emergency. My daughter has never gone over her minutes or text messages because she is responsible, even though she is only 10 years old, and whenever my daughter wants to watch movies or videos on her phone, she uses the Wi-Fi service from Freedompop.

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FreedomPop is flipping the tables on cellphone carriers!

There are so many people that cannot afford a reliable cellphone plan, for a variety of different reasons that all break down in to the same key thing — the companies that do work well are too expensive, and the companies that don’t work well are obviously too cheap. It’s almost like the Goldilocks story, except instead of Porridge, it’s the way you do just about everything nowadays — especially if you want to be a booming part of society. You need a carrier that is just right for you, and isn’t almost three digits per month. This is why FreedomPop was founded, and also the reason why a lot of people are still using Android as opposed to their competitor.

You see, FreedomPop allows android users to spend only $5 on their cellphone bill every month. They offer well over FIFTEEN MILLION hot-spots and growing, and the people behind it are very focused on bringing the best possible coverage to everyone, not only starting with the most densely populated areas. It’s a common fear that using a carrier that has hot-spots instead of satellites or towers may hurt service, especially since those companies are not well managed or built to begin with. While most people SHOULD be scared of a $5 price tag for something as beautiful as unlimited everything, (yes, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!), you need not fear FreedomPop. Reviews from all around the world have been great, especially mentioning how convenient it is that they do not have to tote a large bill that is subject to their carrier’s mercy. All of those hidden terms in contracts and other forms of service are sneaky and frustrating, and no one should have to deal with them.

That’s exactly why it’s so great for almost anyone. Even if you are in an area that you think may not get coverage, you can check and see before signing up. FreedomPop seems very keen on making sure that the hot-spots they roll out are in areas that really need better service in the first place, before trying to progress service for the masses. It proves that they definitely seem to care about the little guy, which is a quality that you can’t really find in a lot of companies these days, (especially cellphone carriers, huh!?)

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White Shark Media: Steps For Handling Customer Complaints

Are you a company manager or organization leader looking for ways to handle customer complaints? Perhaps you are wondering how White Shark Media is able to have numerous positive reviews. White Shark Media has a proven track record of rendering top quality services to clients and customers and has a great reputation in the digital marketing and advertising fields.

Unhappy customers can be detrimental to business. Being able to assess and deal with customer complaints is key to running a successful business. It is important to understand that customers are your guests and your hope for future business, and you definitely want them to be completely satisfied again.


Clutch says that oftentimes, a negative or unpleasant experience can be salvaged and turned into an opportunity. Taking the time to assess and resolve customer complaints is absolutely essential to making this happen that’s what White Shark Media stands for.

It is tempting to ignore complainers or dismiss the matter as cranky, but if you do that too often you will end up dismissing valuable or genuine feedback.

Don’t assume that just because a customer or client is behaving wildly, his or her argument or complaint has no merit. It is important to keep in mind that complaints, even angry complaints, can contain insight Ñ you need to assess the issue and seek an agreeable solution.

If you want to keep the customer the best thing is to act in a professional manner and address situation quickly and methodically when presented with customer complaints. Providing effective resolution to the problem can also be an excellent opportunity for your business or organization to create happy customers.

At White Shark Media, customer satisfaction is their top priority. The staff at White Shark Media takes appropriate steps to address customer complaints and ensure continued client satisfaction.  Their professionals pay attention to gather important and relevant details and then respond in a way that meets the customer’s needs.

Any business person, entrepreneur or organization leader who wants to dramatically improve their chances of running a succesful business and achieve sustainable growth, should take customer complaints seriously. White Shark Media is well known for rendering top notch services to clients. As a highly reputable digital marketing and PPC advertising firm, White Shark Media has established a successful strategy for ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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FreedomPop Is Raising Money To Expand Even More

RCR Wireless is saying that FreedomPop has raised more money to send their networks to other parts of the world, and that is something that will bring people more options for wireless service in places like Europe and Africa. Europe and Africa together are two really large markets, and FreedomPop can still be a profitable company when it is marketing only cheap or free plans.

The networks that are moved over to Europe and Africa have to be paid for with the help of investors who are spending their money with FreedomPop specifically for expansion. The expansion will take all the plans that are offered in North America across the ocean, and those plans will help people who cannot afford to get service otherwise.

The plans offered start with free plans that will help disadvantaged people get the cell service they need, but the plans expand to paid plans that offer one or two gigabytes or data.

FreedomPop is trying to be as accessible as possible, and they are raising as much money as they can to make their company more accessible to the public. There are villages in Africa that will explode with a new and thriving community when they can get online, and there are small areas of Europe that can finally expand because they have been given a chance to get online through their phones.

The services that are offered are really easy for people to use, and the company is funding the expansion more than normal so that costs are not passed on to people who are using their phones.

FreedomPop Able to Raise Another 50 Million

FreedomPop is a mobile outlet company that has a number of exciting for their clients. With others all over the world, they offer Wi-Fi calling and texting from any location and free unlimited calling and texting between customers. They also offer free international calling and data hotspots. Like any other cellular company, they realize that raising money is important.

One of their main endeavors was to raise funds for world travelers, and there has been some big news lately for FreedomPop on that front.

In addition to raising this immense amount of money, the company also announced that they are planning on selling a global hotspot for their customers. FreedomPop is one of the pioneers in global travel, and they are really differentiating themselves from their competition. AT&T and Verizon do offer a global roaming package, but it is nothing compared to FreedomPop’s offering, which is immensely less expensive.

How does FreedomPop do it? Well, according to CEO Stephen Sokols the company is able to offer significantly lower prices by offering deals with each of the countries that they offer service in. Although T-Mobile offers their customers free unlimited international roaming, sometimes the speeds can be significantly slower than the speed a person could have with FreedomPop.

Sokols also mentioned that the extra funding will also greatly assist the company in their quest to improve their customer service platform.

The expansion of FreedomPop will begin on this coming Wednesday and will allow service in a number of countries, including the U.S., U.K., Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belguim, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

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FreedomPop New International Hotspot Service Receives Funding

FreedomPop proudly announces that they have raised $50 million dollars that will allow the company to offer hot spot Internet service. The company says that initially, it will offer the service in 25 countries. They hope to almost double that number by the end of the year.

The target market for this service is travelers who frequently travel across many countries. Currently, these customers often must rely on their cell phone service. Major carriers, like AT and T and T-Mobile often slow down browsing speeds when travelers are overseas making the service ineffective except for the most basic tasks.

In order to take advantage of this new service from FreedomPop, the customer must first purchase a mobile hotspot. Customers can then enjoy a complimentary 200 megabytes of data. They can then purchase additional data if needed. Alternatively, customers can purchase a SIM card for their unlocked phone.

Those living in the United States and the United Kingdom already have the option to use a FreedomPop mobile hotspot within their home countries. These services have received numerous positive reviews.

The company has already signed these contracts in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Slovakia. FreedomPop hopes in particular to add countries in Asia and Latin America very soon.

FreedomPop relies on word of mouth advertising to help keep their prices extremely low. Therefore, if you are planning on traveling internationally, make sure to check out this new service.