MB2 Dental Is Giving Dentists the Opportunity to Grow and Scale Their Businesses

MB2 Dental is a special dental firm. It is unique because they work on cultivating autonomy for their dentists. Autonomy is very important if you want to run a dental practice efficiently and effectively. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental, says that technology plays an important role for dentists. Online forums and groups allow dentists to communicate with each other and support each other. They can share information about what works and what does not. Dr. Villanueva explains that autonomy is important because healthcare is, at its core, a local initiative. It is not something that should be controlled by a board of businessmen who never stepped foot into the practice and do not know a thing or two about how to treat patients. That is why unlike other dental corporations that force its dentists to do things and to work according to their rules in exchange for resources, MB2 Dental aways lets their dentists have the final say in every decision, whether it is related to the medical side of their practice, namely treating patients, or whether it is related to the business side of their practice, such as marketing. At the end of the day, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva explains, the practice is a reflection of the owner. The dentist is the owner. MB2 Dental provides resources, guidance, support, and advice, but it is up to the owner to make the final decisions regarding the thing that he or she owns, and learn more about MB2 Dental.


This is unlike a corporate group structure, which is how dental firms usually operate. In those cases, the dentist may not be able to decide for himself or herself which insurances to accept and which not to accept. At MB2 Dental, though, dentists have full autonomy in everything. By having the ability to focus on what is important to them and take off their shoulders the burden of taking care of the business side of their practice, dentists are able to scale their business and grow it. For example, many affiliates of MB2 Dental are able to open up additional locations, which would be very hard for a dentist who would need to use his or her precious time in order to focus on managing and running both locations. That is why it is so uncommon for a private practitioner to have two branches.

Dr. David Samadi: Has Appeared on Numerous Television Programs Including

Dr. David Samadi is a well known Physician as well as Chairman of Urology at the Lennox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi specializes in treating Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer as well as other Urologic related conditions. Dr. Samadi employes the use of Radial Prostatectomy to perform non-invasive medical procedures.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Samadi was on staff at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital as well as the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi was an Professor and Instructor during his tenure with Mount Sinai. He was one of the most sought after Instructors and was asked to attend several of the graduation exercises as a Special Guest Speaker.

*Educational Background:

Dr. Samadi graduated from Stoney Brook University with a Science degree. In addition, Dr. Samadi earned his medical degree from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi attended medical school on a full scolarship. He graduated with top honors from Albert Einstein. Dr. Samadi had strong affiliations with the Sloan Kettering Center. He completed his Fellowship training and studies at the Kettering Center.

Dr. David Samadi has appeared on numerous Television programs including Fox & Friends and the Morning Show. He generally discussed his advanced technology and non-invasive medical treatments during his talk show appearances. Dr. Samadi appeared in the Fox Network in a segment devoted to women who are forced to pay high health premiums due to previous health conditions. Therefore, Dr. Samadi commented by stating that women need to take advantage of preventative screening testing which in turn may lower their health coverage premiums.

Throughout 2016-2016, Dr. Samadi made several appearances on the Am-970 radio station. Dr. Samadi was available on air to answer health questions from callers and also to give insight on new developments in treating Prostate and Kidney Cancers.

Finally, Dr. Samadi is currently a member of the “American Medical Association”. He plans to devote more time in 2018 to fulfilling medical speaking engagements. Dr. Samadi is currently one of the highest paid Physicians within his profession. He is also very much in demand within the Television circuit. Dr. Samadi will attempt to make more Television appearances within the new year if time permits.

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