Help Raise $5,000 for Stray Animals

One of the partners at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp has launched a Go Fund Me campaign that will benefit homeless animals in New York City. Ross Abelow has been working as a New York City lawyer for more than 26 years. He has used his experience to help individuals who are involved in difficult matrimonial and family law cases, like divorces. He has stuck up for the rights of his clients time and again and helps them to get the best outcome possible. He is concerned about the winter conditions that homeless animals in New York City are experiencing. As the temperatures drop during these cold winter months, animals that are wandering the streets of New York City can become sick and die.

Individuals from all over the United States and around the world can help Ross Abelow to raise $5,000. The great thing about using the Go Fund Me platform is that people can make small donations. They can donate just $10 or $15 to the cause. When lots of people know about this, lots of people can help to raise the money. As soon as all of the money is collected, it will be given to New York animal shelters. The money is going to benefit the shelters in several ways. First, it will mean that more cash will be on hand in order to purchase basic items that are needed to take care of stray dogs and cats, like blankets and food. It also means that money will be available to help sick animals. Second, the amount of space that is now available in shelters is very limited. The money can be used to expand the amount of space that is available, which means that more vulnerable animals can be given the help they need.

Ross Abelow has been working in New York City as a lawyer since 1990. He attended the Brooklyn Law school. In addition to helping his clients get through difficult legal cases, he has also provided free legal advice to individuals by means of his personal blog site and also on his social media sites.

It is important to spread the word about this winter fundraising campaign. As soon as $5,000 is raised, it will begin to benefit shelters and stray animals in New York City.

Ross Abelow Attorney With A Cause

In New York, there are attorneys and lawyers everywhere but very few are like Ross Abelow. Many attorneys are viewed in a less than positive light and because of this they are the brunt of some very clever and quite funny jokes. Two of my favorites are How was copper wire invented? By two lawyers arguing over a penny of course. And my favorite, which is, Will Rogers never met a lawyer. The truth is, though, that there are always the good ones, the ones with a heart that o one mentions and that brings us to our subject Mr. Ross Abelow. Ross is involved with an extremely worthy humanitarian cause which is a Go Fund Me campaign to help the animals and animal shelters in New York City. His financial goal is a rather modest one too, only $5000.00. The funds are to help with medical costs, vaccines blankets and food for New York’s homeless animals.

The campaign’s main goal is to try to help this cause. Animals, especially domesticated ones like cats and dogs, are special to most people. They are one of the few creatures on this planet who can bond with people for life and give them total unconditional love. This is truly a very special kind of bond and anyone that has had pets growing up can attest to this.

Ross Abelow received an undergraduate degree from the State University of New York. Afterwards, he acquired a law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. Besides the law, Ross is very active in writing articles. One of his main interests is writing legal articles for Crown Point New York. These articles are meant to assist the public with a variety of legal issues. In addition, he also contributes articles to a personal blog that deals with both financial issues and legal problems. The fundraiser he has initiated is based on a GoFundMe page on the internet.

Go Fund Me was one of the first and most successful crowdfunding platforms around. It is used by individuals and even businesses for everything from humanitarian projects to raising money for start-up companies and even medical care costs. It is popular because if your cause proves to catch the attention of readers, goals can be quickly reached. If you would like to get involved in a great cause to help the animals in New York please go to the Go Fund Me home page and look up “Ross Abelow Pet Fundraiser.”

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New York City Lawyer Helps the City’s Strays

In many metropolitan cities, there is no shortage of stray animals roaming around without a home to call their own. New York City is no exception. The cold winter months are the worst time for these animals to be on the street, with many shelters not having the money and resources to bring them all in.

Attorney Ross Abelow aims to change that with the launch of a GoFundMe campaign. GoFundMe is a popular website that has recently been a preferred platform for anyone seeking to raise money for a number of different causes.

Abelow started the page to help provide New York City shelters with the necessary money to house these stray animals. Most shelters face a harsh reality of not having enough funding to support extensive care for animals. They especially cannot support the increase in strays coming in during the winter months, when there’s often a shortage of food, blankets, and proper medication. Abelow started the fundraiser in mid-January and aims to raise $5000 to help New York City shelters.

Ross Abelow is a part of the law firm Abelow & Cassandro LLP located in the heart of New York City. There he practices family law and entertainment law, as well as commercial litigation. He is also a very active writer for legal blogs and his own personal blog. Graduating from Brooklyn Law School before practicing law, Abelow is familiar with the stray situation in New York City and in it’s boroughs. Instead of sitting idly by he wanted to get involved in the community and inspire others to help. Any funds raised by his GoFundMe page will go directly to any shelters in need in order to bring in more animals from the streets.

For more information about lawyer Ross Abelow, visit his personal blog online. To help him meet his goal of $5000 in order to help New York City animal shelters, please check out his GoFundMe fundraiser page.