Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Challenges Amazon

Not many people how dominate Amazon is in the fashion industry. It’s not a fashion company; it just dominates the fashion e-commerce market. Out of the thousands of online fashion companies, Amazon controls 20 percent of the entire fashion e-commerce market. That makes trying to succeed in fashion no mere feat.

Somehow, despite the gross number of odds, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making a move for Amazon’s number one spot. In just three years, Kate Hudson grew her company into a $250 million business. She was smart enough to spot a growing trend, ‘activewear’, and capitalize on the market shift.

Capitalizing on the market also included meeting consumer expectations. In today’s markets, consumers have more advice in other elements of a company’s strategy. Companies can no longer use good prices and good quality as a guaranteed method to success. Consumers are very vocal about wanting extra features, things like last-mile service.

That’s exactly what Fabletics did when it began opening nationwide physical stores. Currently, Fabletics has 16 stores in places like Hawaii, Florida, and California. Since experiencing great success with these few stores, the company is planning to open more stores by the end of next year.

The success of Fabletic’s physical stores is another reason the brand is able to challenge Amazon. Physical stores are a step that Amazon cannot take. And some would argue that a lot of e-commerce brands that shouldn’t take that step.

Opening physical stores is very challenging in today’s world. Too many people browse offline but then go home and buy wanted items cheaper from somewhere else. In order to combat that negative, Fabletics welcomes browsers by hosting events and other activities. The stores use those events to build relationships and get to know the local markets.

If anyone is interested in seeing what Fabletics might have that they’d like, Fabletics offers a free, short lifestyle quiz. According to one reviewer, it should be impossible for anyone to not find something that they like. Fabletics offers countless styles in all types of colors and patterns.

The best part is Fabletic’s products are a lot cheaper. A high-quality pair of leggings from anywhere else would push close to $100. For that money, a Fabletics member could get two or three items, depending on what they’re buying.

Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime Brighten Up the Make-up Industry

Like a lot of us, the “Queen of the Unicorns” Doe Deere did not necessarily know which of her passions was going to lead to her success, but by following her heart and staying true to what made her unique, she built the Lime Crime beauty company and now other women like her can express themselves with the bold colors and bright palettes that make them feel special.


Her signature look changes constantly, from silky blue hair to bright pink. Her love of color and desire to revolutionize the beauty industry took her from her starting career as a NYC musician into the founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime’s mission is to change the way women shop for, put on, and look with their make-up. Its passionate color scheme can make any day sparkle, which is why it has grown such a cult following on social media and the web. Plus, it is certified cruelty free and vegan, so women can feel as good about wearing it as they look when it’s on.

Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Doe Deere.

From her experiences as a New York City musician, Doe Deere learned firsthand the value of putting herself into the spotlight and marketing who she was as a person. She also learned to appreciate all the people who came out to her shows and bought her music. She even met her husband there. They were in a band together, and were both songwriters, and everything clicked so they married and continue to work together as a team.


Doe Deere has always had that entrepreneurial spirit. When she was thirteen, in Russia, she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. They were new and different at the time, but she made them look cool and exciting so soon everyone wanted to have one.


Lime Crime had a similar back story. In 2008, the make-up market centered on the “natural look.” Beige and skin tone were in, and yet Doe Deere craved something new and different that would stand out from the crowd. For a long time, she assumed she was the only person who felt that way, but as she marketed Lime Crime she discovered that many women shared those same feelings. She was just the first in her generation to put a name and a brand on it.


Now, all the women who fall passionately for bright colors can express themselves on the outside how they feel on the inside.


Follow Doe Deere on Facebook for updates.


Why Fabletics Has Become so Popular

Fabletics didn’t grow in the way that most business tend to but rather went the way of “reverse showrooming.” Fabletics avoided the pop-up method and instead went with building relationships and getting to know the local markets in order to better understand the customer. This has resulted in 30-50% of its market already being members of Fabletics with another 255 becoming members right in their retail stores.


According to Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, the recipe for success is to follow the membership model that allows Fabletics to offer very personalized service to its customers at half the price of their competitors. He believes that it is much easier to make people happy if you know exactly what it is that they want.


In just three years, Fabletics has grown to become worth $250 million dollars-no small feat in a market where Amazon controls about 20% of the fashion market. Fabletics even has a large social gathering of more than 21 million followers on Twitter and has even opened 18 retail stores so far.


Fabletics has even expanded its active wear to include plus sixes and offers clothing that runs form XXS to 3X. Hudson believes that it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and to look your best and this is a good way to encourage her customers even more.


What really sets apart Fabletics is the personalized customer service and lower price than most of its competitors like Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour, and Athletica. Hudson has a drive to create not only fashionable but affordable fitness apparel and she has learned a lot along the way.


Fabletics has been able to attract 1.2 million members each month in eight different countries and is continuing to grow.


Hudson has used a few strategies in order to grow her company and finding the market that was often overlooked was the first step. She believes in being involved and watches the trends to see what is popular and what is not, and adjusts her clothing line accordingly. She also believes that it’s important to be creative with marketing strategies and design in order to grow a successful company.


Hudson gets her inspiration form her mother, Goldie Hawn and has a motto to live what you are completely passionate about and to focus on what is the most important to you so that you can become fearless and conquer your goals.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking Over The Athletic Apparel Industry

It’s been an incredible four years for high-profile movie star Kate Hudson, who has successfully reinvented herself as an entrepreneur for a new generation. The famous blonde launched her athletic apparel brand Fabletics in 2013. In just four years, she has managed to dominate the athletic apparel industry, reaching such high levels of success that she has already opened several brick-and-mortar stores across the country.


Fabletics started out as an exclusively online retail website, providing customers with an enormous variety of fitness clothing. The brand is known for its wide selection of sports bras and leggings, two fitness apparel staples that can be found on Hudson herself on her Instagram page. In addition to traditional fitness wear, the brand sells comfy jersey dresses made with sweat-resistant fabrics, soft and comfy pullover sweaters for lazy weekends and gym bags that look so luxurious that they can be the perfect accessory for a dinner date outfit.


What makes Fabletics unique is its subscription service model. Customers can purchase Fabletics items directly on the store but they have the option to sign up as VIP members. This membership program will ship a complete workout outfit straight to the customer’s door each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. Shipping is included.


In order for Fabletics to select an outfit for the subscriber, they provide the subscriber with a questionnaire regarding their fashion tastes and workout preferences.


Teri Hutcheon of afoodiestaysfit.com couldn’t resist becoming a VIP member. As a woman who works out frequently, she loved the idea of getting new workout clothes in the mail each month without having to browse through different items for hours. When she received her first order in the mail, she was thrilled to discover that Fabletics clothes are built to last. The fabrics hold up after several intense workouts and the colors don’t fade in the wash.


Fabletics has earned enormous financial success because of this method. Thanks to high revenue in its first couple years, Hudson decided to launch several physical stores throughout the country, implementing the reverse showroom technique into her business strategy.


This technique uses physical showrooms to encourage customers to purchase clothes through the Fabletics website. Because of the enormous rise of online retail over the last few years, this strategy was created to be a new approach that only makes a brand’s online presence stronger.


The company uses location-based data to stock each store. If certain types of items are selling more in one region of the country, that store will be stocked with those types of items.


The website is also deeply integrated into the way that these physical stores are run. Customers are encouraged to sign up for the VIP program after they get to see and touch Fabletics clothes in person. This “reverse showroom” technique has earned the company 25% more in online revenue since Fabletics brick-and-mortar stores were first launched.


Thanks to Hudson’s innovative business strategies, the company continues to grow. Over the next five or so years, Fabletics will be opening several more stores around the world.

Selling Variety at Fabletics Helps Draw Amazon Customers to Making the Switch

Have you heard of the company Fabletics? You must have seen them on television in their commercial spots. If you haven’t, well they are co-founded by Kate Hudson. She is well known in the Hollywood circle because of her own name as well as the name of her parents. She knew what she was doing when she decided to start her own line of active wear. She knew that e-commerce is what is the new hype and used this to start her own line of clothing. She has gone up against competitors like Amazon– who controls more than 20 percent of the e-commerce by the way. What you might not know about the company however is that they produce more than just active wear. Anything that you can think of is also sold by the company. Here are some of the options available to you for you to shop from.


Yoga Gear


If you are an active yoga person, the gear that you need for doing yoga is also sold by Fabletics. If you need something to put a new yoga mat into, the K8 yoga bag is quite popular. It is black and made from nylon. If you want a yoga mat that is more comfortable to carry, the fleece yoga mat is popular. They are priced fairly well so you don’t have to worry about them being overpriced.


Workout Gear


If you need accessories for working out, the water bottles are perfect for keeping you hydrated while working out. There is an abundance of color choices for you to select from. If you want a see through container, there are a few to choose from as well as patterns. If you want a stainless steel water bottle to help keep your water or juice cold, they have them as well.


Arm warmers are quite popular for those who are actively working out in all weather. The arm warmers will be very affordable for shoppers and will keep you quite warm. They are versatile and popular which makes them a big hit with shoppers.


The yoga towel is great for shoppers who want to dry off after working hard in yoga. You can either use it when you are done working out or you can use it to lay it on top of your yoga mat. Either way it’s a great choice for when you are at the gym. If you workout at home, this towel will be perfect for keeping close by when stretching hard.


If you workout hard to music, the ear buds are perfect for listening to your favorite workout songs. Most of us have music choices that we like for each activity. When cooking, you like to listen to music that keeps you moving in the kitchen and when your in the bath, well you want something soft and mellow to help relax you while soaking. For those who workout, they like something that keeps their blood moving while moving around quickly. If you want good headphones, the ear buds are perfect.


As you see, there is more than just simple active wear being sold at Fabletics. If you hear of something you like, don’t be afraid to stop over and do a little shopping on their e-commerce site.

JustFab is where you HAVE to do your Summer shopping

Desperate is an understatement. I feel like I have exhausted all of my usual shops of their options. It seems like every season the same recycled selection of looks and styles appears on the website and I’m beyond bored of it. I don’t want to waste any more money on the same clothes I already have in my closet.

A friend informed me that she hasn’t shopped at any stores for clothes since she discovered JustFab on http://www.shoedazzle.com/clothing-shoes-boots-handbags/c-shop-by-brand-justfab-justfab.htm, so I figured it couldn’t really hurt to give it a look considering my situation. I have never been so impressed by a fashion site in my life.

I went to their website and immediately noticed how bright, inviting, and professional it looks. Every tab and button on the page is quick and responsive and it is extremely easy to find what you are looking for. Every style you can imagine for this Summer is still available on JustFab, but designed by hand, start to finish in Los Angeles, California by gifted professionals and it shows. When I was browsing I was afraid to check the prices on items, but I calmed myself and looked. It is incredible that JustFab can offer the level of attention to detail and uniqueness and personality at the prices they do. I could barely believe it so I placed a huge order and I am much more confident about this Summer than I have been in a long time.

JustFab tailors each and every top, dress, handbag and every article of clothing they make to fit beautifully into any style you could possibly ever want to match it with. I thought I had found some sites and stores with fantastic shoe selection and I was taken aback by JustFab.

I’m quite sure at this point that I have become a loyal customer to JustFab overnight. I love the Summer styles, I love the idea of JustFab, and I loved reading their “about” page. This is my permanent clothing shop, I swear it. Check it out on http://www.justfab.com/summer-shop.htm