Sheldon Lavin, a Star with Enviable Magical Spell

Management is an art and science of planning, directing and controlling organizational resources, both tangible and intangible to achieve organizational goals. This definition is not uncommon in scholarly fields as well as among the practitioners.

Many gurus in the field of management exist notably Henri Fayol who is the brainchild behind the fourteen principles of management, Frederick Winslow Taylor who contended the Scientific Management school of thought and Mary Parker Follet who introduced the element of Human Resource in management.

These practitioners have made immense contributions to the field of management that have remained in practice. These contributions date back from the industrial revolution era where productivity was a Key Performance Indicator for employees. To this end, I opine that Sheldon Laving ought to be credited for his enormous contributions to the field of management.

Foremost, Sheldon is a top-notch employee of OSI group. Being a CEO of this company is not a bed of roses. Inasmuch as management is the science, managing OSI group is somewhat different from the application of traditional management styles. OSI is operating in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry that is very fragile and risky to manage due to short product shelf life, complex logistical processes characterized by dynamic channel management strategies aimed at achieving competitive advantage.

More so, guaranteeing customers time and place utilities in the supply chain is an uphill task that requires an above-board managerial prowess. It puzzles one how Sheldon can marshal up his team to the extent of bringing his company as well as himself to the limelight on an international scale. Does he possess some magical managerial spells?

Far from the magical spells, Lavin possesses superior industry-specific knowledge in supply chain and finance that has enabled him to catapult OSI group from a small domestic enterprise in the USA to a premier company in Fast Consumer Moving Goods industry. More so, his firm people-centered, growth-oriented leadership skills and team spirit, as well as his visionary sight, have propelled OSI group to attain a market share in international markets. His marvelous track of performance has made him be awarded prestigious accolades such as Global Visionary Award by Vision World Academy in India.

In an environment where global warming is the concern of everyone around the globe, Sheldon Lavin pays attention to sustainability and social responsibility issues. His efforts paid off when the company received numerous sustainability and environmental awards under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin. In conclusion, there is an interesting symbiotic relationship between Sheldon and OSI Group. I am tempted to guess that he has the success formula of the company in his DNA.

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Jason Hope’s Contributions towards Anti-aging Research at SENS Foundation

Jason Hope hails from Scottsdale and he is the owner and founder of SENS Research Foundation. He has constantly donated funds to support the anti-aging research at the organization. Additionally, Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur with his recent technology Internet of Things.


He went to Arizona State University for his studies in Finance. Jason Hope then joined W.P. Carey School of Business at the university for his MBA. Moreover, he is an active participant in international businesses and has made great advances in entrepreneurship. One of his recent contributions is the channeling of generous funds worth $500,000 to support biotechnology and scientific researchers at SENS Foundation.


At the anti-aging research organization, scientists have come up with the AGE-breaker Program which is an advanced method of delivering treatment by breaking into pieces AGEs products (Advanced Glycation End-products). These end products are the major causes of aging and hence it is advisable to eliminate them before they accumulate to toxic levels.


The research carried out by Jason Hope’s organization, SENS Foundation discovered the existence of glucosepane as a constituent of the AGE products. This approach has enabled people like Jason Hope to contribute to the research projects which aim at removing the toxic metabolic end product from the body, and learn more about Jason Hope.


Financial contribution is not only what Jason Hope contributed to SENS Foundation but also assists with the research. In the light of this, he believes that researchers will find a breakthrough for other cures such as cancer, coronary heart diseases.


His efforts are indeed paying off judging from the performance of SENS Foundation in finding cures and remedies for these ailments. However, his interests in finding cures for other types of diseases are also bearing fruition. According to him, these other old age diseases like Alzheimer’s need just as much attention as the others. For this reason, he has donated generous amounts of money towards research for finding a cure for these ailments as well.


Moreover, he urges researchers to continue with their good work to help save the lives of many. He pledges his support through funds and collaboration for these scientists every step of the way. These were a part of his motives when he founder SENS Foundation. Jason Hope wants his organization to participate actively in biotechnology research for both public and private entities.

Indeed, his contributions are rewarding. The scientific organization is fuelling groundbreaking research to put an end to the sufferings of patients with age-related sicknesses, and


Nabors CEO Antony Petrello and How His Daughter Has inspired his Philanthropic Efforts

Antony Petrello is currently the chairman of the board,president and chief executive officer of Nabors limited. Nabors limited which began in 1968 as Anglo Energy is a global oil,Natural and geothermal drilling company. Nabors is one of the largest land drillers with rigs in more than 25 countries.

Tony Petrello who is Newark native was known for his maths ability, and this earned him a scholarship to Yale University. While at Yale University he made his maths, prowess known as he worked mathematics scholar Serge Lang on the numbers theory. Tony graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Yale and after graduation, he went on to Harvard Law School for a Law degree.

Antony Petrello began his work life in Baker and McKenzie where he specialized in business law taxation and arbitration genre. In1986, he rose the ranks and was named managing partner of the firm. While at bakers he was the lead counsel for Nabors industries. After working on Nabors, the company sought to hire him as a business executive. In1991, he was promoted to the Chief operating officer in Nabors, and in the same year, he was allowed to sit on board of directors and the board’s executive committee. During his term in the position, the firm could purchase a $32 million company known as Grace drilling and later Superior good services.

Antony later became the company Chief executive officer in2011, and he also became the chairman of the board in the same year. Through his leadership, Nabors has excelled and thrives to became the leader in the industry. The company has done several acquisitions including Tesco Corporation and Robotic drilling systems.

Tony is married to his college sweetheart, and they have a daughter Carena.Carena was born with a rare condition known as Periventricular Leukomalacia.Caren who is eight years old just recently learned how to swallow solid food. Tony and Cynthia in a bid to find a cure for their daughter have done a lot of research. The couple realized that the help they were looking for was hard to come up and that made them aspire to create a solution right where they live.

Petrello recently donated to Texas children center to help build a neurological research institute. They also promised to add another $2million to the hospital in years to come. The donation will ensure care and other children receive treatment from the best doctors and surgeons. The couple also volunteers in other charitable events.

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Aloha Construction Company Role In The Community

No other industry has enjoyed profits year after year like the real estate industry has for many years now. This boom has been as a result of many peoples’ desire and drive to own or rent a house to live and establish a home. This high demand has been responsible for the construction of many housing units across the United States of America. The positive effects of this has resulted in an upward investment trend in small towns as more people continue looking for ideal places to settle down. The benefit that this boom has brought with it has been the rise of local construction companies such as Aloha Construction Company operating in southern Wisconsin mainly serving the entire area of Illinois.

As a local construction firm, Aloha has played a significant role in developing and constructing many buildings for the many local in that area. The company has also built various buildings and as a result made a reputable name for itself as one of the best firms locally and their Facebook.

In performing its duties the company boasts of a very qualified workforce that has for years helped shape the region and improve its landscape through the construction of beautiful buildings. This workforce team includes field supervisors, installers, inspectors, claim specialists and a very dedicated office team. It is through them that the company boasts of undertaking more than 7,000 construction ventures across Illinois and more information click here.

In its daily project constructions, the firm always tries to ensure that it keeps to its promise of aiming to maintain a high level of honesty, professionalism, integrity, and fairness when it comes to its suppliers, associates, and subcontractors. Through this, the firm has built a name for itself as one of the most trusted companies around the region and learn more about Aloha Constructions.

With its growth, the company itself has enjoyed periods of great success and enabled it to be a very profitable company. In achieving this, the firm has not forgotten the community that made all this to happen, and as a result, the company has been involved in charitable acts. The donation the firm gives gets channeled through its foundation which intern helps the less fortunate in the society and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

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Mike Baur: Helping Startup Companies Around the World

The Swiss Startup Factory is a company which helps small and medium scale businesses around the world. They train the owners of these startups and teach them how to be successful in the entrepreneurial industry. The company was co-founded by Mike Baur, who is a hard working businessman and entrepreneur from Switzerland. Mike Baur is also the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory, who contributed a lot to put the company on top, leaving its competitors behind. Mike Baur has been dedicating his life in the world of banking and finance for over 20 years before he developed the passion for building his own company. He worked for some of the top banks in Switzerland but has realized that being an entrepreneur is far better than being an employee, so he resigned from his job, and he began investing in startups. He invited some of his colleagues and discussed the idea of creating a small company that would help small and medium sized businesses, and thus, the Swiss Startup Factory is born. The company grew shortly after their establishment in 2014, and small time entrepreneurs started to become curious as to how the Swiss Startup Factory is going to help them. Mike Baur explained how the company would help small and medium sized businesses, and many people signed up for their service.


Aside from focusing on the business that he established, Mike Baur is also going to events promoting his company. He goes from one university to another explaining how the Swiss Startup Factory works. Two years after the establishment of his business, Mike Baur decided to partner with CTI, a Swiss firm focusing on business growth, and Mike Baur was appointed as the deputy director. The newly restructured Swiss Startup Factory also teamed up with several financial institutions, and Mike Baur introduced accelerator programs that will assist their clients in reaching their business goals within a short period.


After the restructuring phase was completed, the Swiss Startup Factory became stronger than before. They are now dedicated to creating global companies which will not follow the norms and the traditions of starting and operating a business. The Swiss Startup Factory is offering its clients a three-month program that will provide small and medium sized businesses with some services, including financing, maintenance, coaching, mentoring, office space rent, and access to the Swiss Startup Factory’s vast network of partners that will help them become successful later on.



Doe Deere Is An Example Of How To Succeed In The Creation Of A Business

There is a lot to consider before you create your own business. You have to consider your finances, your plans to make your business successful, and the passions you will need to propel your business forward. An excellent approach is to consider how the successful owner of a business got started. Lime Crime’s Doe Deere is an amazing example. Doe Deere took her passion for amazing cosmetics and turned it into an incredibly popular line.


Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime and her vivid colors, bright hues, and lack of animal cruelty has turned her into a success story. As her popularity continues to grow she creates new lines of fabulous lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polish. Her original line began in 2004 and can teach the importance of a good mind for business, creative ideas, and the power of true passion. Doe Deere is capable of providing the inspiration to help anyone in the creation of a new business venture. Learn more:


Although most new businesses are not the result of passion it has enough force to bring your ideas to life. Doe Deere’s passions have always been an integral part of her business but it is still a good idea to make sure your passion has a place in the markets current trends. This is best accomplished by formulating a solid business plan. Every detail must be addressed and never take the leap until your are certain everything is in place. Your business plan is what you need to get financial assistance because your financier will want to be sure your business has merit before investing. Put your plans on paper and use separate sections for different ideas so your plan is clear. Learn more:


Consider the amount of time, funding, and determination it will take for your plan to become successful. If you are not willing to do a lot of hard work, put in long days, and make a limited amount of money, you are not ready to begin your own business. The rewards will come but it will take time. The difference between a success and a failure are your ideas, market trends, passions, and financing. Learn more:


Most people recognize Doe Deere. Her face has become the definition of Lime Crime although there is a lot more to her than a brush for cosmetics and a pretty face. Self-Made magazine has recognized her as one of the most inspirational of all female entrepreneurs. Her success comes from her unique sense of style, her passion for bright and vivid colors, he innate understanding of her audience and the current trends, and a lot of hard work. Learn more: