Oncotarget Article on Lifespan Extension

In order to increase lifespan, reduction of dietary energy is very much necessary. This is according to an article on Oncotarget about Cellular rejuvenation about nutrition. In diet restriction (DR) there is reducing the amount of food to be consumed, and it is unlike calorie restriction (CR) where whatever is decreased, is the diet density. The two concepts are much confused. According to evidence produced after much research on mice and flies, fasting induced by DR has the impact of increasing lifespan in models. CR on its own fails to create life-extending effects. When the mTOR events are inhibited, an increase in lifespan occurs. This is because; mTOR plays a major part in the growth process. Nutrient circulation activates the mTOR, and in DR, this is prevented which leads to reduced growth rate hence increased lifespan. Otherwise, activation of the mTOR promotes growth which eventually contributes to aging of models.

There is also increased lifespan for models with dysfunctional mTOR, and such models do not respond well to DR-induced life extension. The article also added that obesity caused by diets promoted aging, in fact, it accelerated aging. Feeding routine that involves ad libitum (AL) feeding highly criticized ones. This is because models under this routine ended up obese and sedentary. They were mostly prone to early deaths. AL feeding caused obesity which led to premature deaths. Diet restriction promoted cellular rejuvenation and activation of mTOR is avoided at the same time. This is the case even in diet induced obesity in mice. The article also stated that the events of lifespan extension are not well suited for reproduction successes. Therefore, for lifespan increase to happen, it does at the expense of reproduction. DR regimens do not favor metabolisms, nutrition and reproduction processes in models. For more info about us: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.4161/cbt.8.9.8899 click here.

Oncotarget Info

Refers to a journal, traditional, which keeps medical records on oncology as a whole. It also keeps records of various other medical disciplines. Published by Impact Journals, it releases weekly issues that have open access. It’s purposed to avail scientific research results globally. It seeks to maximize the impact of research. It’s articles enable researchers to progress in science through various contributions. Mikhail Blagosklonny, the journal’s editor-in-chief, together with the entire journal team has a goal of achieving a life without disease. The journal was established seven years ago. The successes it has made so far made it further its focus on oncology to other disciplines too, such as cardiology, pharmacology among others.

Eric Lefkofsky : Curing Cancer with Data

Eric Lefkofsky’s life as an entrepreneur made him one of the most successful tech founders in the Chicago area. He used this life experience when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. To help in the cancer fight, Eric developed Tempus. Tempus is technology that looks inside a human’s body and uses data to guide care to precision medicine to fight cancer.

Lefkofsy hadn’t planned on starting a new company. In fact, he doesn’t like starting new ventures. But Tempus gave a solution to the problem of treating cancer and adding to the success rate of cancer survival. When Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, the couple experience confusion about the information they were being given about Elizabeth’s cancer treatment. Lefkofsky believed that if doctors had more data, they would have the information needed to better decisions about patients and their treatment.

The Tempus technology allows doctors to share information on their patients’ cancer treatment. This allows participating physicians to share crucial information and data on their treatments.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of a technology center that fights cancer, named Tempus. He is also one of the founding partners of Lighbank. Lightbank is a venture fund that finances disruptive technologies. Disruptive technologies make an innovation that disrupts other technologies that aren’t as advanced. Other interests of the multi-talented Eric Lefkofsky include:

• Groupon e-commerce.
• Uptake Technologies analytics platform.
• Mediaocean media procurement technology.
• Echo Global Logistics transportation and logistics outsourcing.
• InnerWorkings global managed print and promotional solutions.

Even with all of the activity in his life, he established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This foundation was created to enhance the lives of the community it serves in a high- impact way. The Lefkofsty Family Foundation works in the areas of education, medicine, arts, and culture to improve the lives of those communities that choose to participate.

To know more visit @: www.bizjournals.com/chicago/news/2016/10/04/groupons-eric-lefkofsky-returns-to-the-forbes-400.html