Brazil is famous because of having the largest number of law firms in the world. This can be traced back in 1988 when Brazil passed a bill that created many rights for the ordinary citizen. This led to an increased workload for those who had legal knowledge as citizens seek litigation. The high demand for lawyers led to the establishment of law school in each Brazilian state and consequently increased the number of law graduates who became lawyers. After university graduation, the graduates undergo an examination before they are admitted to the bar. Despite the high start-up salaries paid to state owned lawyers, many lawyers in Brazil prefer working in private law firms.

A Litigator can be defined as a person practicing law and has decided to specialize in taking firm legal action against organizations and individual, One of the famous litigators in Brazil is Ricardo tostos, Mr Ricardo’s legal services as a litigator has been sought by many local and international organizations and prominent individuals. As litigator was once nominated as the best commercial litigation lawyer in Brazil. His legal practice is much respected by Brazil legal 500 and the Brazilian legal publication Analise 500.

Ricardo Tosto after being admitted to the bar established his law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Ricardo who is a principal planner in Brazilian law used to work in his tiny office before he became the most favorite person in the law business. Mr. Ricardo has represented some of famous people and organizations making him gain national recognition. He has offered his legal services to some of international organizations and companies making him known internationally for more info:

Ricardo Tosto is one of the few lawyers globally who have gained recommendation by international body “Latin American Association for corporate law”. In his daily work as a litigator, Mr. Ricardo works with a group of fellow litigators’; Tosto, Barros and milk. This team of litigators thrives under the watch of Tosto as they aim at changing and recreating Brazil commercial law. Despite the high costs of the litigation process, Mr. Ricardo provides his legal services to all Brazilians to ensure that all gain justice irrespective of their financial positions.