Bruno Jorge Fagali Provides High-line Legal Services in South America:

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a well-received attorney and legal specialist in Brazil. Mr. Fagali provides legal remedy as it pertains to many interesting legal areas.

First off, Bruno Jorge Fagali graduated in Law from PUC/SP, which is the acronym for: Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo is known too as ‘Catholic University’. It is a private, not-for-profit, Catholic academic institution. It is considered one of the most eminent and largest Universities in Brazil.

Bruno Jorge Fagali provides, his highly-refined clientele, with legal services, pertinent to Public law practice, and Anti-Corruption and Electoral legal issues.

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His law practice, places, special emphasis, on matters which involve: Bidding Regulations, Administrative Agreements, Regulatory Law, Legal Matters of an Urban Nature; Admin Improbity Actions; Administrative and Civil Liability operations which have arisen from the Law 12,846—“The Anti-Corruption Law”—2013; Public Civil Disputes, Expropriation Actions, Injunctions and so on and so forth.

Bruno Jorge Fagali has established, as mentioned above, his own legal practice. Bruno Jorge Fagali, additionally, holds the post of the Corporate Integrity Manager of the sb: An advertising agency which specializes in Public Interest Communications.

Mr. Fagali is, too, an associate of IBDEE. The acronym stands for the: ‘Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics’.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Member of the ‘Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics’. The acronym for the prestigious organization is SCCE.

It is a given: that Bruno Jorge Fagali’s specialty is that of assuring Corporate honesty, and reviewing other legal matters, pertaining to corruption. The high standards of attorney: Bruno Jorge Fagali, makes him a good choice, when selecting a legal specialist, in Brazil, with a strong knowledge of Anti-Corruption law and similar legal issues.

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