Blogger Welcomes WEN No-Lather System Into Hair Care Arsenal

If your hair is limp and fine like Emily McClure’s, then you understand her daily efforts for smooth, shiny, big hair.

Emily had seen those famous TV infomercials from Chaz Dean and his amazing WEN no-lather shampoo hair care system. She watched Hollywood A-listers swinging their full, healthy manes back and forth. Emily was hoping for a similar experience, so she decided to try WEN for seven days and post her results to

The popular west coast star stylist had developed the WEN system after seeing how regular shampoos and conditioners were actually damaging everyone’s hair. His one-of-a-kind cleansing conditioners got rid of the big lathers and sulfates and turned to a holistic approach. These Amazon sold exclusive formulas brought shine, manageability and strength back to hair.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner with extra body and a daily AM WEN wash, followed by blow-drying and styling.

Emily liked how her strands seemed to double in volume as she washed with WEN. She achieved Hollywood results after blow-drying and styling, She snapped hair selfies and shared them with her readers. Even Emily’s best friends noticed her new, soft, great-looking hair.

Emily’s strands got used to the daily AM WEN wash, and everything was proceeding perfectly, until she got lazy. Emily runs a hectic schedule and sometimes doesn’t have the time or energy to blow-dry and style, so she doesn’t.

When Emily skipped a wash, her locks looked limp and greasy. If Emily washed with Wen at night, by the morning, her hair fell flat and unmanageable all day.

Emily concluded that for WEN to deliver A-list quality hair, then you should maintain a daily AM wash, always followed by a blow-dry and styling.

If she weren’t so lazy, Emily says she would reach again for WEN’s superb body and shine. Wen products can be purchased via Sephora.

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