Avaaz: A Voice for Everyone

Avaaz is a civic organization founded in 2007 in New York, which deals with a wide range of issues such as human rights, animal rights, and climate change. It was started by Ricken Patel. What makes Avaaz different from other such organizations is that it has taken full advantage of modern technology to get the message out there. Basically, the issue that gets most attention will be any issue Avaaz and its large group of supporters clicks on. If there needs to be a protest put together then Avaaz will help out by getting the required manpower to do so. And the people who are actually doing the protest, the boots on the ground, are nicknamed Avaazers.

It’s this internet based model that has led to its incredible growth. In fact, when the organization first started out the business plan was very simple. Somehow reach 5 million members in five years. But it soon became obvious that the growth was going to be much more than that. Today, it has over 44 million members! The original staff numbers have also changed dramatically going from nine to over a hundred today. If you were to count all its members, its presence is now in virtually every country on earth.

The way how in which Avaaz plans and executes its actions is what make it unique. Does Avaaz go after every issue that exists out there? No. They go after issues that they think has a good chance of taking off. Once these issues are identified they get to work on marketing it to the public. They do this by hiring individuals who know what makes a video go viral or who know what makes a particular issue get more attention. Once the issue is selected it will be sampled on its members. If it’s a success, then they will throw all their resources at it.