Dr. David Samadi: Has Appeared on Numerous Television Programs Including

Dr. David Samadi is a well known Physician as well as Chairman of Urology at the Lennox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi specializes in treating Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer as well as other Urologic related conditions. Dr. Samadi employes the use of Radial Prostatectomy to perform non-invasive medical procedures.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Samadi was on staff at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital as well as the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi was an Professor and Instructor during his tenure with Mount Sinai. He was one of the most sought after Instructors and was asked to attend several of the graduation exercises as a Special Guest Speaker.

*Educational Background:

Dr. Samadi graduated from Stoney Brook University with a Science degree. In addition, Dr. Samadi earned his medical degree from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi attended medical school on a full scolarship. He graduated with top honors from Albert Einstein. Dr. Samadi had strong affiliations with the Sloan Kettering Center. He completed his Fellowship training and studies at the Kettering Center.

Dr. David Samadi has appeared on numerous Television programs including Fox & Friends and the Morning Show. He generally discussed his advanced technology and non-invasive medical treatments during his talk show appearances. Dr. Samadi appeared in the Fox Network in a segment devoted to women who are forced to pay high health premiums due to previous health conditions. Therefore, Dr. Samadi commented by stating that women need to take advantage of preventative screening testing which in turn may lower their health coverage premiums.

Throughout 2016-2016, Dr. Samadi made several appearances on the Am-970 radio station. Dr. Samadi was available on air to answer health questions from callers and also to give insight on new developments in treating Prostate and Kidney Cancers.

Finally, Dr. Samadi is currently a member of the “American Medical Association”. He plans to devote more time in 2018 to fulfilling medical speaking engagements. Dr. Samadi is currently one of the highest paid Physicians within his profession. He is also very much in demand within the Television circuit. Dr. Samadi will attempt to make more Television appearances within the new year if time permits.

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DACA Program Faces Attacks; Threatened with Deportation

A faction in the GOP has garnered some attacks on the DACA program, raising concerns among young immigrants’ groups and agencies.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) offers unregistered immigrants, who meet the requirement threshold, a reprieve from deportation, a social security identification number and the chance to work in the U.S for a renewable term of two years.


As earlier reported, Texas AG, Ken Paxton, issued a letter to the Trump administration, asking them to revoke the existence and authenticity of the DACA program by September 5, or else legal action would ensue if their demands are not surmounted. That does not imply termination, but a proposed “phasing-off,” which will deter the organization from making new applications or renewals. In fact, nine Attorney Generals and the governor assented to the proposals.


In a closed-door meeting with the secretary of Homeland Security, John Kerry, Hispanic Caucus expressed their dissatisfaction with the proposed ban, terming that the program that protects more than 800, 000 persons is in peril. Kerry reiterated that he succumbed to the pressure from the legal case surrounding the matte, despite DREAMers and advocates have raised the alarm.


DACA is operating in the U.S for the U.S for the fifth year, with ninety-five percent of the beneficiaries are working, studying or doing both. The program donates millions to public universities and has enhanced their revenue and pay taxes. With DREAMers and Allies alarmed, there’s no reason for panic. However, the program ought to recuperate and make a comeback, as it did in 2012.


A New Reprieve


With its continued involvement with the civic protection of immigrants right in Arizona and the Mexican Border, the Lacey and Larkin Fontera Fund reported that DREAMers had until March to present their petition, or the DACA program will face deportation. But the Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake, debuted in the case, hinging it to Border Security woes, and offering a possible solution.


His proposed bill has a high chance of passing than any proposal made thus far. It is because it provides for conditional residential status for the DACA recipients residing within the U.S. since the inception of the program.


In what can be termed as an awry turn for the DREAMers and Democrats who are advocating for the DREAM Act free of border security matters are grinning to the issue, but Flake termed it as a spoonful of border security “sugar,” which inhibits the progress of DACA.


If passed, the bill will provide conditional residents with a 10-year-beneficiary period and does not apply for any new approvals.


Sheldon Lavin, a Star with Enviable Magical Spell

Management is an art and science of planning, directing and controlling organizational resources, both tangible and intangible to achieve organizational goals. This definition is not uncommon in scholarly fields as well as among the practitioners.

Many gurus in the field of management exist notably Henri Fayol who is the brainchild behind the fourteen principles of management, Frederick Winslow Taylor who contended the Scientific Management school of thought and Mary Parker Follet who introduced the element of Human Resource in management.

These practitioners have made immense contributions to the field of management that have remained in practice. These contributions date back from the industrial revolution era where productivity was a Key Performance Indicator for employees. To this end, I opine that Sheldon Laving ought to be credited for his enormous contributions to the field of management.

Foremost, Sheldon is a top-notch employee of OSI group. Being a CEO of this company is not a bed of roses. Inasmuch as management is the science, managing OSI group is somewhat different from the application of traditional management styles. OSI is operating in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry that is very fragile and risky to manage due to short product shelf life, complex logistical processes characterized by dynamic channel management strategies aimed at achieving competitive advantage.

More so, guaranteeing customers time and place utilities in the supply chain is an uphill task that requires an above-board managerial prowess. It puzzles one how Sheldon can marshal up his team to the extent of bringing his company as well as himself to the limelight on an international scale. Does he possess some magical managerial spells?

Far from the magical spells, Lavin possesses superior industry-specific knowledge in supply chain and finance that has enabled him to catapult OSI group from a small domestic enterprise in the USA to a premier company in Fast Consumer Moving Goods industry. More so, his firm people-centered, growth-oriented leadership skills and team spirit, as well as his visionary sight, have propelled OSI group to attain a market share in international markets. His marvelous track of performance has made him be awarded prestigious accolades such as Global Visionary Award by Vision World Academy in India.

In an environment where global warming is the concern of everyone around the globe, Sheldon Lavin pays attention to sustainability and social responsibility issues. His efforts paid off when the company received numerous sustainability and environmental awards under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin. In conclusion, there is an interesting symbiotic relationship between Sheldon and OSI Group. I am tempted to guess that he has the success formula of the company in his DNA.

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Fabletics Is Showing Reverse Showrooms Are A Hit For Shoppers

The days of heading down to the local high end store to purchase high end clothing has passed. Now there are more stores focused on reverse showroom instead of actual stores. The reverse showroom technique has become popular as the need for stores has decreased. The notion of maintaining a website is far cheaper than paying for rental space and employees for the stores. The cost of a website is much more affordable and with many people choosing to visit virtual stores instead of shopping locally, there are more brands out there to choose from. One of the brands that is choosing to use the reverse showroom technique to be successful is Fabletics.


Fabletics is proving that Amazon may not be the only contender for athletic wear. Most people who shop for certain things do so on Amazon. They are leading the way in the e-commerce world of marketing.


Fabletics is not only focusing on the reverse showroom technique to be successful, they are also using a membership forum to sell their items. The membership fee is paid monthly based on the tier level you want. The spokeperson who stands in front of the brand is Kate Hudson. She has been a successful actress for many years and now she is a successful business woman. Before she dipped her hand in the business world, Kate had no prior interest in business.


Fabletics members are introduced to the brand when first taking a lifestyle quiz. This quiz will ask the members a number of questions which will be used to help plan the styles of athletic wear that would be good for each member. For shoppers, this almost allows for them to have their own personal shoppers or assistants.


Once you have taken the lifestyle quiz, the members will be directed to choose their favorite styles. The styles are then saved and each month when you receive your shipment of athletic wear, you will receive a style of your choice. If at any point you receive a style that you don’t like, simply return it for another choice and if you feel the need to skip a month, just let them know and they will hold off on a shipment.


Each month that you are a member, you will receive a new work out outfit. All of the choices that you are presented with are outfits that Kate Hudson has helped to design. She has maintained a firm role within the company since the first day.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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IDLife Bringing Innovation To Healthy Homes

Logan Stout is leveraging his baseball experience and the team skills learned through his many years of excellence there in order to push the boundaries farther in the personalized nutrition industry niche. His company IDLife delivers a unique package of vitamins and supplements to an individual’s home so that they can easily stay healthy. The main idea of the business method is that the individual can focus on the sale of the products and share their experience with it while the other things like shipping and product selection can be handled by IDLife, LLC.

The products are easy to sell once a person signs up and utilizes the business starter kit that they will receive in the mail in order to help things progress easily. Also, the independents will get their own website to send people to so that the sales will be easily made, and the residual income is a big bonus once there are others who take to the niche as well. One of the primary differences with IDLife is that the products are all meant to be as healthy as possible while helping to formulate good habits in the customers. This means that they are all non-GMO, gluten-free, hormone-free, and soy-free so that none of those additives can interfere.

There is a plethora of products that should all be attractive to those looking to pursue a healthy regimen. These include IDNutrition that utilizes some cutting-edge algorithms in order to box up a set of nutrients that are finely tuned to the individual, and this can save hundreds over the prescription or doctor’s office alternatives. Then there are other products that include mixes for shakes, hydration, and energy. Those who want to work on a good night’s sleep can use the flavored strips that are formulated specifically for that, and then there are pre and post workout mixes, a line of various bars, weight management solutions, and skin care products. There is definitely something for everyone when it comes to this line of products.

Logan Stout is an excellent leader who runs a baseball organization to take the new entrants into college and then the professional league, and he also has a philanthropic side that saw him help with mobilization efforts during the rough aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. People who sign up to help push sales will certainly be able to see even more new innovative products so that they can continue to make profit into the future.

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An Overview Of The Requisite Preparation For Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is undoubtedly one of the most notable institutions that exist in the 21st Century. The Austin, TX-based private company was founded in 1993 by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully as a Prevention and Wellness company that envisaged proffering screening services for American adult citizens.

Life Line Screening has become a company with great reputation not only with respect to the exquisite quality of services that they provide but also by virtue of the wide variety of screening services. Their preventive health screenings are administered using state-of-the-art technology by competent and proficient medical practitioners.

Some of the types of preventive health screenings carried out by Life Line Screening include Ultrasound Screenings (popularly known as Sonography), Finger-stick blood screenings, and Limited Electrocardiograph. They test for conditions such as Carotid Artery Disease, Atrial Fibrillation, Peripheral Arterial Disease, and Chronic Kidney Disease.

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The Benefits of getting a Life Line Screening

You may be at risk of serious medical conditions yet don’t see any symptoms. This is where screening comes in handy. Screening enables you to detect any hidden health issues and nip them in the bud before they can develop into bigger problems.

What to wear for a Life Line Screening

The rule of thumb that precedes every process of screening is that the mobile phone must be switched off. Subsequently, one has to observe the following parameters on what to wear:

Other preparations for Life Line Screening
Avoid wearing accessories such as watches and earrings as they may hamper the screening process
To enable the use of pressure cuffs, you are always advised to wear short-sleeved shirts with an open collar
If you are being screened for conditions such as Arterial Fibrillation, it is generally incumbent upon you to wear lose clothing.

If you are being screened for glucose related conditions, it is prudent that you fast for approximately 12 hours before the screening. If you are diabetic, it is advisable to strictly adhere to any prescriptions that you might be under before the screening. Generally, considering that Life Line Screening only requires a few drops of your blood, you should expect a simple, non-intrusive and painless process that is likely to last for a short while.

Jason Hope’s Contributions towards Anti-aging Research at SENS Foundation

Jason Hope hails from Scottsdale and he is the owner and founder of SENS Research Foundation. He has constantly donated funds to support the anti-aging research at the organization. Additionally, Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur with his recent technology Internet of Things.


He went to Arizona State University for his studies in Finance. Jason Hope then joined W.P. Carey School of Business at the university for his MBA. Moreover, he is an active participant in international businesses and has made great advances in entrepreneurship. One of his recent contributions is the channeling of generous funds worth $500,000 to support biotechnology and scientific researchers at SENS Foundation.


At the anti-aging research organization, scientists have come up with the AGE-breaker Program which is an advanced method of delivering treatment by breaking into pieces AGEs products (Advanced Glycation End-products). These end products are the major causes of aging and hence it is advisable to eliminate them before they accumulate to toxic levels.


The research carried out by Jason Hope’s organization, SENS Foundation discovered the existence of glucosepane as a constituent of the AGE products. This approach has enabled people like Jason Hope to contribute to the research projects which aim at removing the toxic metabolic end product from the body, and learn more about Jason Hope.


Financial contribution is not only what Jason Hope contributed to SENS Foundation but also assists with the research. In the light of this, he believes that researchers will find a breakthrough for other cures such as cancer, coronary heart diseases.


His efforts are indeed paying off judging from the performance of SENS Foundation in finding cures and remedies for these ailments. However, his interests in finding cures for other types of diseases are also bearing fruition. According to him, these other old age diseases like Alzheimer’s need just as much attention as the others. For this reason, he has donated generous amounts of money towards research for finding a cure for these ailments as well.


Moreover, he urges researchers to continue with their good work to help save the lives of many. He pledges his support through funds and collaboration for these scientists every step of the way. These were a part of his motives when he founder SENS Foundation. Jason Hope wants his organization to participate actively in biotechnology research for both public and private entities.

Indeed, his contributions are rewarding. The scientific organization is fuelling groundbreaking research to put an end to the sufferings of patients with age-related sicknesses, and Twitter.com.


Why Tony Petrello loves giving to charity

Tony Petrello, the current Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries Ltd one of the biggest drilling contractors in the world, has been reported to be on a donating spree. He recently donated $5 million to a research institution with a strong promise of adding another $2 million in the coming days. He also gave his word that he will be using his connections in the corporate world to help in the fundraising efforts of the cause.

Tony’s driving force to help comes from someone he holds dear to his heart – his daughter Carena. Carena was born prematurely at just 24 weeks with a weight of 20 ounces. The medical practitioners later diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia. Periventricular leukomalacia is a disease that is caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain leading to cerebral palsy and developmental delays. The disease is common with babies born prematurely. Carena is eight years now and she just learned how to chew solid food, a miracle in the eyes of Tony and family.

However, Carena is yet to start walking and talking properly.

Having seen what their daughter was going through, Tony and his wife made a commitment to find help at a pediatric research institution not only for the dear Carena but also for other children who might be going through the same. Luckily enough, they found Texas Children’s Hospital Neurological Research Institute. Their mission is to make sure that all kids suffering from periventricular leukomalacia will be able to grow up and be able to live the American dream.

Who is Tony Petrello?

Tony Petrello is a Yale University graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. He also has a Master of Science in Mathematics from the same University. Tony has a Juris Doctor from the Harvard Law School.

Tony began his career at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. After 7 years, Tony became a Managing Partner at the firm for 5 years before resigning and moving to Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony Petrello became a member of the Nabors Board of Directors and also the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. In 2003, Tony became the Deputy Chairman. He then served as Chief Operating Officer until October 2011. From the year 2012, Tony has been serving both as the Chairman of the Board and also as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries

Nabors CEO Antony Petrello and How His Daughter Has inspired his Philanthropic Efforts

Antony Petrello is currently the chairman of the board,president and chief executive officer of Nabors limited. Nabors limited which began in 1968 as Anglo Energy is a global oil,Natural and geothermal drilling company. Nabors is one of the largest land drillers with rigs in more than 25 countries.

Tony Petrello who is Newark native was known for his maths ability, and this earned him a scholarship to Yale University. While at Yale University he made his maths, prowess known as he worked mathematics scholar Serge Lang on the numbers theory. Tony graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Yale and after graduation, he went on to Harvard Law School for a Law degree.

Antony Petrello began his work life in Baker and McKenzie where he specialized in business law taxation and arbitration genre. In1986, he rose the ranks and was named managing partner of the firm. While at bakers he was the lead counsel for Nabors industries. After working on Nabors, the company sought to hire him as a business executive. In1991, he was promoted to the Chief operating officer in Nabors, and in the same year, he was allowed to sit on board of directors and the board’s executive committee. During his term in the position, the firm could purchase a $32 million company known as Grace drilling and later Superior good services.

Antony later became the company Chief executive officer in2011, and he also became the chairman of the board in the same year. Through his leadership, Nabors has excelled and thrives to became the leader in the industry. The company has done several acquisitions including Tesco Corporation and Robotic drilling systems.

Tony is married to his college sweetheart, and they have a daughter Carena.Carena was born with a rare condition known as Periventricular Leukomalacia.Caren who is eight years old just recently learned how to swallow solid food. Tony and Cynthia in a bid to find a cure for their daughter have done a lot of research. The couple realized that the help they were looking for was hard to come up and that made them aspire to create a solution right where they live.

Petrello recently donated to Texas children center to help build a neurological research institute. They also promised to add another $2million to the hospital in years to come. The donation will ensure care and other children receive treatment from the best doctors and surgeons. The couple also volunteers in other charitable events.

Anthony Petrello info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries

Hussain Sajwani And His Operations At DAMAC Properties

Dubai is one of the breathtaking cities to visit. One of the people who has contributed towards its growth is Hussain Sajwani. With his real estate firm, DAMAC Properties, he is involved in property development. His journey has been one successful one.

Hussain Sajwani has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He graduated from the University Washington where he had a government scholarship. He was among the few students who were sponsored and sent to the US for further studies.

After graduation, he got employed in the finance department at GASCO. After two years, he resigned to make a name for himself. He started a catering business which was doing well. He offered services to Bechtel and the US Army.

Good entrepreneurs see a possible profit-making idea and execute it. Hussain Sajwani identified a specific shortage of accommodation. The company, DAMAC Properties, came up with property development projects. Since then on, the DAMAC, which has headquarters in Dubai, has had numerous eye-catching apartments.

Their marketing strategy of DAMAC is very creative and has a likelihood of attracting people to buy the houses before. Their houses have a touch of interior designs provided by well-renowned fashion houses such as Bugatti.

Hussain Sajwani, from the very beginning he was determined not to give up. Together with his team, they have developed a chain of properties, and each one of them brings in more revenue. The DAMAC owner has invested heavily in networking with influential people who can easily be interested in making business deals.

Hussain Sajwani has had occasions where he makes cash contributions towards the marginalized communities. He has a strong belief that in future, the younger generation will have an understanding of it. He never hesitates when making the donations as in his mind, he knows that investing in them is far much more important as he gets to make a difference.

The Sajwani family has had a partnership with President Donald Trump. They started off their projects in 2013 which bore fruits. In February 2017, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai was opened. His experience has helped him run the ropes of the industry. He has also known how to stay relevant in the market which is having unique products.


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