Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Andy Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Squaw Valley Ski Holding is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world. Andy Wirth has made it his determination to keep it that way. Andy Wirth is an individual that makes huge contributions when it comes to community and the environment. He is dedicated to the Lake Tahoe area and he focuses on improving the Lake Tahoe area for all individuals that live there and that visit there as well.

Andy Wirth is a well-known name, because he was able to survive an almost fatal skydiving accident. Wirth is the cofounder of the wounded warrior support. He made this fund for Navy seals. This organization helps those individuals that work in the special operation teams and their families when they return home. Learn more about Andy Wirth: did an article about Andy Wirth, because he was elected chairman of the Reno Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. This corporation had announced that in January 2016 they had made Wirth their president.

Andy Wirth had said that he was very honored to serve at the Regional Air Service Corporation, and he believes that the air service in that area is one of the central elements for tourism in the Lake Tahoe community. Wirth has been an integral individual when it comes to the major resorts and communities from Qu├ębec Canada all the way to Colorado.

Wirth was able to help establish the Reno Tahoe International Airport, and recently they announced that they will have service on Alaskan airline from John Wayne airport as well. The Regional Air Service Corporation was a corporation that was made to bring public and private organizations together.

They wanted to be able to find a way to increase the flight services to and from the Reno Tahoe International Airport. Since Squaw Valley is one of the largest tourist spots in the world, they wanted to be able to help individuals that wanted to go there to be able to find simple solutions to reaching the Reno Tahoe area.