An In-depth Understanding Of The Traveling Vineyard

Working with The Traveling Vineyard is quite simple. Thanks to the extensive and comprehensive support network that we have, you are never alone. We will be with you on the first day until you become a leader and beyond. We offer practical support through training and via the use of various other means.

Understand the Leader

The leader is the first person you contact after you submit your application indicating that you have an interest in us. Every region has its leader. The leader’s main job will be to clarify any issues that you may have. If you are close enough to them, you can attend their events as an observer. If you live too far away from a leader, he or she will connect you with someone who is close to you.

The leaders have passed through the same process as you. Thus, they understand everything that you need. Even after, you begin to build you your own team; the leader will still be there for you.

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What is The Tasting Room?

The Tasting Room is the online platform where training takes place. At this platform, you are given access to all the professionally prepared training modules. The modules are laden with information on how you can build a team and grow your business. Besides that, Traveling Vineyard come with video tutorials on how wine tasting is done. In just a short while, you will become a pro.

Understand the Harvest

A harvest is an annual event that is meant for fun but also for learning. You will benefit from training sessions that are meant to improve your wine tasting skills. Additionally, you will also receive nuggets of wisdom about developing your business. Besides the Harvest Conference, there are regional events held by team leaders. They are a great opportunity to meet and learn from others.

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