A Week Using WEN by Chas Dean

WEN hair products by Chaz Dean offers users the ability to obtain healthy and beautiful hair without stripping or harming the hair follicles. I was looking for a hair care product that could help me thicken my hair and make it a lot stronger. Every time I went to the shower, my hair would fall out. I was losing hair daily. I needed some help to provide my hair the nutrition it was craving. WEN hair was the product I was searching on facebook for and I made a choice to try it for a week. Below is the account of the product and how it worked on my hair for one week. This article is in full on Bustle.com.

The bottle of fig WEN that I bought had directions that stated I needed to use about 10 pumps for my hair. This seemed like a lot of product but I gave it a try. I hopped in the shower the first day. As soon as I put the product in my hair and began to lather, I could feel the health coming back to the follicles. My hair did not fall out in the bottom of the tub. My hair was healthy and happy for using the WEN. Each morning I would wake to find my hair oily. I began to think about this and realized my hair was oily because it was healthy. I had to wash my hair every morning because it was oily. Each time I dried my hair it looked great.

Check out my full week of hair washing and drying at Bustle.com. My friends and co-workers will agree that WEN hair made my hair look great.


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  1. It seems to have added some strength to my hair and it is not falling out like before. It was very healthy and Wen hair turned out to be a wonderful product. That has been some things that essay services can do to make everything work so well.

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