Dou You Need an Equity Loan?

If you own a small business, you may have encountered times when you needed a small loan from the bank for emergencies. Emergencies do occur. Weather and unsettling international events can impact businesses for a while.

If you own equities, you can obtain a loan that will see you and your business through this hard time. You can get a loan on those Equities First.

If you go see your bank or a conventional lender, they will agree to offer you a loan using the equities as collateral. They will lend up to 40% of the value of the equities, provided they are not on a list that the government has restricted. They will ask for a business proposal describing your intended use of the funds. Their interest rate will be extremely high compared to other business loans. The funding could take a while, also.

So much for emergency funding.

But wait, we are not finished yet.

If you go to see First Equities ZA, they will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. They will not ask for a business proposal describing your use of the funds. Their interest rate is one of the lowest in the business. They have a reputation for quick funding. They are a private company, and they can lend using any equity for collateral that they desire. They are not beholden to government regulations. Shouldn’t you see Equities First ZA before looking at conventional lenders and banks? Think of the time an money you will save and read full article.

Why USHEALTH Group Inc. is lucky to be led by Troy McQuagge

One award that every business owner or employee aims at achieving is the One Planet Award. This award is aimed at honoring business people and professionals who have given their all to ensure the business industry is growing. It honors individuals who have used their expertise to execute excellence in their day to day activities. This simply means that it’s every professional to be awarded the award and one individual who recently had the pleasure of being named as the CEO of The year is Troy McQuagge. Troy is currently the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. He was awarded the Gold winner in a category of various industries such as banking, finance, and accounting. For you to be nominated for the award, you have to be judged by your peer and Troy was very humbled knowing his peers from various industries acknowledges his work. The nominees are major companies of all types such as startups, public companies, nonprofit organizations and much more.

Known by many as an ambitious and visionary leader, Troy has had more than twenty years of experience in the health industry. Before joining the USHEALTH fraternity, Troy worked at the Health Markets Agency Marketing Group as its President and CEO. While being lead by McQuagge, the Group’s annual sales increased with more than a billion dollar. Troy also worked as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisory Inc which is an affiliate of USHEALTH Group. What he achieved while at USHEALTH Advisory is what made him an excellent candidate for the CEO position of the USHEALTH Group.

Ever since Troy McQuagge became the CEO, the firm has experienced tremendous growth while increasing their profit volume through their health insurance market. He says that what makes USHEALTH Groups succeed is the fact that its employees are caring and value their clients’ needs thus offer quality services. The employees put their clients’ needs first before anything else. According to him, he wouldn’t have been the awarded the CEO of the Year or developed the company if it was not for the dedicated working team present in the firm. Thanks to McQuagge, USHEALTH Group Inc was also awarded the Company of the year when it came to the category of Banking, Insurance, Accounting, and Finance. Troy believes the firm is heading in the right direction and will continue to prosper.


Todd Lubar – The People Person Businessman

Todd Lubar is an astute businessman. He started off in real estate in 1995 and at that point, it became clear to him that finance and real estate business would be his mainstay. He had a compelling desire to help others and so his career choice would be an excellent vehicle towards that end.


He was a loans officer with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and learned the model of Conservative Mortgage banking, which was a very important lesson. He made valuable networks with financial planners, CPA’s and real estate agents, who are now his backbone source of business referrals.


After four short years in 1999, he took another step by acquiring an equity role with Legacy Financial Group. Here, he sharpened his lending abilities and also lent to outside investors. In 2002, he opened a residential development company, Legendary Properties LLC. His roots in real estate enabled him to quickly thrive in the single family dwellings to twenty-unit multi-family residences. He developed great rapport with professionals in the building and construction. He established relations with major bankers and was able to access credit to the tune of twenty million dollars.


In 2003, Todd Lubar opened Charter Funding, one of the biggest privately held mortgage companies in the US. That association helped him to expand his business due to access to a wealth of resources and programs.


After observing the market for more than 12 years, he discovered a segment of undeserved clients. That motivated him to form Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC. He used the resources of Legendary Properties as well as his own money to lend to a segment of borrowers who would otherwise miss out from the mainstream lending bodies. His involvement in over 7,000 transactions saw him calculate the overall risk of any loan scenario with a high degree of accuracy, thereby making informed decision based on market conditions.


In 2007 – 2008, the mortgage industry changed and Todd Lubar opened several other lines of business. These would include commercial demolition which saw him ace large contracts from some of the largest general contractors. He also got involved in automotive scrap metal recycling which eventually saw the company trade in public.


Currently, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He lives in Bethesda Maryland. He has two children and he loves to spend time with them as well as travel. His lifetime goal is to continually become better, and to add value to all that he interacts with.

Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science

Newswise reported on October 21, 2015, that the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has been established at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.[]. This will highly help to promote research in the field of precision medicine here. These endowed chairs are considered as the gold standard in the field of higher education. They express the commitment of a university at the highest level of its academic discipline by ensuring its continued support as well as progression.



This chair has been named for New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie, and he made a $1.5 million pledge to support it. In fact, the Omar Boraie Chair has been established as a part of Rutgers University’s campaign of ’18 Chair Challenge’. Here an anonymous donor provides a $1.5 million match to each of these 18 new chairs. This will lead to a $3 million endowment in each case.



This field of genomic science along with precision medicine is changing the way in which medical professionals are approaching the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is a relatively new field as it involves analysis and treating of tumors on a genetic level. This allows oncologists to be able to prescribe individualized therapies leading to much better outcomes for the patients. Even President Obama had attested to its national importance. Hence in his recent State of the Union Address, he had announced the launching of a national Precision Medicine Initiative that is focused on finding cures for cancer and such other related diseases.



There are some cancer centers that are into next-generation gene sequencing on tumors. This is being done for research purposes. Rutgers Cancer Institute is one of those facilities. It is the only one in the state that makes use of genomic sequencing as a precision medicine approach towards providing patient care. Do note that Genomic sequencing has always been valuable as it helps to find novel therapies for rare cancers and poorer prognoses. It is also useful for all those treatment options that have either been limited or ineffective. Such advances in precision medicine have enhanced the ability to classify cancers into subpopulations having similar characteristics but with different genetics. This helps to predict better patient outcomes besides determining individualized cancer therapies.



Significant advances are being made at Rutgers Cancer Institute with precision medicine for all those patients whose cancers are not responding now. Applying this science to all cancer patients can be a breakthrough.

Photo Locations With George Street

George Street Photo and Video is a highly recommended company that takes care of photos and capturing moments with video when it comes to weddings. They have so many locations out right now sitting across the United States. Here are some good wedding photo states if you’re in the area.


Atlanta Georgia


This is a great place to get your proposal shots or even have a wedding. They have the wildest parties and places like the Casablanca banquet, the Return to Royalty Banquet Hall, and even the Vecoma At The Yellow River.


Austin Texas


You’ve heard it before, it’s always bigger in Texas. The atmosphere and vibe in this state is one you need to experience. Great places to party or get shots with George Street are The Karma Lounge, Sheraton Austin Hotel At The Capitol, and the elegant Cuvee Coffee Bar. The Cedar Street Courtyard also has decorated lighted trees for romantic shots.

Whitney Attracts Copy Cat Entrepreneurs with Bumble App

A ton of people are using dating apps because this has become convenient. There are many people that have become dissatisfied with the dating app game because everything seems the same. Whitney Wolfe is someone that wants to change that. She created an Innovative app called Bumble, and it’s getting a lot of buzz from busy worker bees that don’t have a lot of time to spend chasing people online.

Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur that knows that many people don’t have the patience for dating apps. A lot of them may sign up and send messages to someone, but if they don’t receive a reply within a short time frame they feel like they are being cheated. They feel as if it is not meeting their needs. Whitney Wolfe took a look at this and decided that she would do something to change the way dating apps worked. She made a decision to implement a rule where the woman would make the first move within 24 hours. This will shake the dating app world because it would show people that there was a time frame in which they should respond. If they did not respond the opportunity was missed. This is something that intrigued women and men alike.

For years many singles have been simply dealing with the apps that are out there. It took time to make people realize that there was more to the app world then simply waiting to see if someone would respond over an extended amount of time. Whitney Wolfe made sure that busy people would not have to keep waiting for someone to respond.

Now there’s a lot of praise for what Whitney Wolfe is doing, and there are a lot of copy cat app entrepreneurs that are hot on her trail.

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UKV PLC Invests In The Future Of Wine

UKV PLC is a small group of dedicated wine lovers who help people buy and choose wines. The consultants use their impressive knowledge to help people buy and choose wines. They are based in the United Kingdom. The wines they carry are considered investment wines. The consultants are available online, in their offices, or in their home. UKV PLC focuses on the acquisition and trade of wines.

With investment wines, the bottles are held in an account with UK’s leading HMRC Government secured warehouse. The are in a controlled environment so the safety of the wine is ensured. The client can ask the value of the wine at any time. UKV PLC only deals with wine that is still in the original wooden case and has not been shipped overseas. UKV PLC recommends the owner hold the wine for 5 years, and they offer brokerage services when the owner wishes to sell it.

Follow UKV PLC on Instagram.

If the customer wants to drink the wine they bought then they can request delivery. There is an affiliate program that users can enroll in. It is free, and if somebody purchases a bottle of wine through the links then they earn 5%.

UKV PLC is a good opportunity for somebody looking to make an investment. It is an investment like land is. The knowledgeable staff offer wine consultations after the purchase of wine and the consultant will inform the buyer of activity in the market. Sommeliers rejoice in the selection of wines and accessories made available to them, as well as the wealth of knowledge and resources.

If You Fall Under this Category, Do Not Miss on the Offers by Equities First

Equities first is an organization that is focused in giving comprehensive option loaning solutions to people with high total assets and organizations searching for non-reason capital. Equities First plans to work a worldwide portfolio while specializing in securities based loaning. The organization has a remarkable service encounter having served customers for more than 15 years. Equities first employees have polished their skills and have effectively finished more than 700 business transactions. As of now, the organization has workplaces in at least nine regions over the globe.

The sort of loaning choices given by Equities First is great for high total assets people or borrowers with the need to get instant cash. Individuals who cannot meet loan requirements in other kinds of credit-based loans may likewise benefit through the services given by Equities First. As an issue of certainties, the breadth of the services offered by the organization comes as an ideal solution for some customers. Traditional method for acquiring loans have a considerable measure of formality included making getting liquidity required much more costly. Equities First is an organization that is focused on facilitating the methods and stress required to get money. They just makes things easy for borrowers to enable them fulfill their dreams of getting financially stable.

Equities First likewise offers stock loan services to its customers. People with equities have the chance to utilize them as security for a period of three years. In the event that somebody has stock in one of their projects and have the expectation that it can appreciate in future, they can bring them to Equities First for exchange. The Shares will then be utilized as insurance to get the liquidity procedures needed. This implies people with noteworthy stock in any organization and earnestly require adaptable liquidity; Equities First offers their best solution.