Free FreedomPop 2016 Update and Mobile & Internet Service

FreedomPop is not essentially the service provider for all users, but it offers totally free and pretty economical options to suit some user models as well as budgets. Here is what you should know concerning their offers, pricing model and customer service.

Back in the initial days of the Internet, when you were required to dial up to get online, somebody naively suggested that online access was supposed to be free and that he would never pay for it.

As expected, he had to eat those words monthly for some time, but he was reminded of his youthful belief when he first heard of FreedomPop. It is a free mobile as well as Internet service provider that have constantly been disrupting the mobile service services for over half a decade. Signing up in it gives the user a range of various kinds of mobile as well as Internet services as seen in the FreedomPop review.

The Free Phone Service
FreedomPop’s big shot to fame was through their completely free phone service, which normally offers 500MB of the 4G with 200 voice minutes as well as unlimited texting. However, sending and receiving texts will spend your data. On top of being absolutely free, FreedomPop does not need any contracts and hence there are no cancellation charges or any of the other fees. In this case, customers often need to bear with other mobile service providers because the company uses the Sprint network.

About FreedomPop
FreedomPop is a mobile internet and cell phone service provider that is based in Los Angeles. The firm provides free mobile services among them free data, text and voice and also sells mobile phones, tablets as well as broadband devices for use with their service providers. This company was founded by its CEO Stephen Stokols and his counterpart Steven Sesar.

It is however backed by Intel, DCM Capital, Atomico, Mangrove Capital, Axiata and Partech Ventures. FreedomPop has earned over $109 million in funding, including a $50 million Series C in 2016. It uses Sprint’s network in the US. In the year 2015, the company announced its plans to expand globally to the UK on its Three’s network. In 2016, FreedomPop launched an international SIM with Free mobile data in 25 countries

The Bottom Line
The FreedomPop business model does need frugal users to keep track of their data usage for them to make sure that the service remains free. However, that seems like a small issue to bear with for staying connected at zero fees.

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Madison Street Capital Continues to Develop Reputation

For the past ten years, one of the most successful financial and investment management firms in the world has been Chicago-based Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment firm that has provided a wide range of services to its clients including advisory services for its Mergers and Acquisitions department, investment management, and corporate tax planning.

While it is still a young company compared to others in its peer group, Madison Street Capital’s reputation has continued to attract new clients. The company has built its reputation based on providing excellent advisory services and execution to its clients, which has helped it to build one of the strongest reputations in the industry. The reputation has also allowed the company to continue to attract top talent in the industry, which has allowed the company to excel while diversifying into other areas of the financial services industry.

While Madison Street Capital has an excellent reputation with its peers and customers, the firm has only recently started receiving the accolades that it deserves from others in the industry. This past month the company was the recipient of two of the most prestigious awards and the 15th annual M&A Advisory Awards presentation, which took place in November in New York City.

The first award that the company was nominated for was the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award. This award is given to only the top small firms that have made a significant impact on the industry and financial world. This award typically requires several years of strong results in order for a company to be nominated. The other award that the company was nominated for was the Deal of the Year Award, specifically for deals that were completed for under $100 million. The company received this recognition due to their part in facilitation a major acquisition for their client, Dowco.

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Online Reputation Management: How to Eliminate Bad News About Your Company

Everyone understands the value of a positive reputation to a business and losing a good image could lead to a crisis. Regardless of how careful a business is about managing online mentions, once or twice situations come in that leave a bad reputation. Even the most established businesses have at one point encountered a low moment and what determines the progress thereafter is the measures taken to clear the bad image painted by the developments.

If you want your brand to succeed and remain strong amid bad mentions, it’s necessary to come up with an effective strategy that can clear its reputation. Below are strategies that one can apply to remove a bad reputation.

Engage excess positive activity

This is an old trick that still works perfectly well. If you are looking to clear bad mentions, it is advisable to have a Reputation Defender and engage excess positive activity that would outperform bad news. This is possible through the creation of profiles and sharing articles that show the achievements of your brand and what you are intending to do more to benefit customers. Come up with content that shows the strength of the company and emphasize on what you do.

Appreciate the importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help your business to emerge competitive on the search engines. It offers your brand an opportunity to emerge successful and show its strengths when compared to competitors.

When people are looking for products online, they first Google to know what is ideal for their use and in this process the shops that come up on the first page of Google are what the person will choose. If your website can manage to rank among the best, then you will sure receive many clicks, which translates to traffic and eventually conversions if customers are convinced.

Most importantly, there is one rule about online reputation that you must respect all the time: never ignore bad mentions. You should be quick to respond to bad mentions so you can keep your business clean of any bad reviews. You can even create a better impression if your response to the issue will appear friendly to the customer.


Lime Crime: Doe Deere’s Journey to Success

Discovering Doe
If you haven’t learned about Doe Deere and her fabulous line of cosmetics, it’s time you’ve heard the buzz. Doe Deere is a successful businesswoman, founder and creator of Lime Crime, and an inspiration to us all. She was recently featured in article, where she talks about her inspirations, strategies and love for the company she created in 2008. Lime Crime is a unique brand of makeup, that features bold and vivid colored cosmetics. The colors are original, bright and make a statement.

Lime Crime: The Beginning
The idea originated when Doe realized that not only was she passionate about color and cosmetics but she noticed that the cosmetics industry was lacking vivid color. When Doe launched the company, she started out with eBay. She had no expectations, but the brand quickly took off and she had to expand almost immediately. Lime Crime came from her favorite color, lime green and she used the word “crime” as if to state the colors are so bright, they should be illegal. The name clearly stuck, and she found great success with her unique collection with a plethora of fans, or as Doe refers to them, “Unicorns.”

About Doe
Doe was born and raised in Russia, and came to the states as a teenager. She knew that she would be using her entrepreneurial skills one way or another, but didn’t expect her love of makeup to turn into a huge business that she would be in complete control over. What does a day in the life of Doe look like? Well, Doe is always busy brainstorming and strategizing with her teams to come up with new shades and ideas for the best cosmetics. She works hard to make sure her products are ideal for her fans, and she even works in the lab, testing products on herself before putting them in the collection. She is not your typical CEO- she is very hands on, respectful and hardworking.

Why America Loves Lime Crime
One thing to notice about Doe Deere in her line is that she is the perfect spokesmodel. She inspires the fans to self express with confidence, which is a huge part of why she came up with Lime Crime in the first place. At a time when color was absent from the makeup industry, Doe found that it was a necessity to help women express themselves with color. She doesn’t believe that makeup should only conceal, but it should show others who you are. You won’t be disappointed in the originality of Lime Crime and their products. It’s time to show that confidence!

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College Savings Bank Has Been Acquired By A Dallas-Based Companys

In December of 2015, NexBank bought the New Jersey based bank. This bank had specialized in over 529 plan college-savings programs in New Jersey. NexBank will have full rights to the College Savings Bank and they will continue to run operations with their original name.

The College Savings Bank has been operational since 1987 and has offered many programs to help promote saving for college. The also run the Indiana College Choice CD 529 Savings Plan and the Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan. Their programs are compabilbe with any college in all 50 states in the country. They only require a $250 minimum to create an account.

Nexbank has been operational since 1922 from Dallas, Texas. Their prior name was Heritage Bank. They focus on the banking services commercial, mortgage, investment banking and are now recently expanding into college savings. They operate under the names NexBank Capital, Inc and NexBank SSB. Their companies assets have rapidly grown since 2012 from roughly $700 million to over $3.5 billion in 2016.

Nexbank SSB offers personal checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and mobile banking for their individual clients. They also offer commercial checking accounts, savings accounts, treasury management and commercial lending services for business and corporate entities.

Lovaganza Trilogy Begins Countdown To Global Festival

The Lovaganza Convoy will soon take to the road to begin the first steps towards its lofty goals of making sure each and every child in the world is guaranteed a certain standard of living. The planned trilogy of movies of Lovaganza are headed by J.F. Gagnon, a French-Canadian filmmaker who has a long history of finding success as a director, writer and producer who feels his vision of the cinema can assist in funding programs designed to bring quality of life to young people all over the world; the three movies will be released before 2020 when a global festival on will be held to educate people across the globe about different cultures and what they have to offer the planet.

The films produced for the Lovaganza foundation will bring a type of cinema back to the screen that has not been seen in recent years as the focus of entertainment has moved away from the classic stories of the golden age of Hollywood. Using the latest technology and the best film professionals in the world the planned trilogy of movies at form part of an all round entertainment plan that also features a planned television series to accompany the motion pictures that could eventually include a planned nine movies.

Not only will the planned release of the initial Lovaganza Convoy trilogy bring a dazzling array of entertainment to the public, it will also bring a high level of technological achievement with the release of the movies taking place in both 3D and 2D. Of course the movies will play a key role in the traveling show that has been planned by the leaders of the Lovaganza Foundation, which will feature the initial trilogy shown with a new screening technology known as Immerscope that includes a 180 degree screen.

The Lovaganza Convoy will conclude with the release of the third movie planned for 2020, but the goals of the foundation are much loftier and long term than simply to produce a successful series of films; instead, Lovaganza is planned as a movement that will work throughout the 21st century to bring a peaceful and secure environment for all people to enjoy. The moral standards shown in the Lovaganza Convoy will hopefully be reflected in the lives of every person on the planet who will one day be guaranteed a certain standard of life with the aid of the work of Lovaganza.

Securus Corrects the Inaccurate Global Tel Link (GTL) Press Release Issues

Securus Technologies company is a firm in Dallas that offers public information, biometric analysis, inmate monitoring, self-service products, as well as information management meant to promote public safety. The agency serves public safety corrections and law enforcement bureaus all over the world. Watch more on


Securus has made every effort to negotiate mutually acceptable and intelligent financial agreements and arrangements with companies that utilize its exclusive rights without prior licensing throughout its history. The company is capable of agreeing on reasonable licensing with several parties including the earlier license agreements with GTL. Global Tel Link felt dissatisfied and went ahead to publish false allegations against Securus after their recent transactions with one another. The GTL’s Press article on 7 June 2016 contained multiple statements which Securus found to be inaccurate and misleading. GTL had opted to utilize their resources to engage Securus in license fights for unknown reasons. Securus went ahead to clarify and correct the several incorrect GTL claims by releasing a list of its exclusive business rights which exceed the ones held by GTL. Securus showed how its copyright metrics were much favorable than GTL’s.


Securus further declared that the Texas federal court case was long overdue and that GTL was in no position to seek any further relief. Securus moved to court rehearing with regards to GTL’s allegations on the validity of ‘816 copyrights. As a result, GTL was not capable of requesting damages as it had earlier claimed. GTL was declaring a single independent claim from the ‘816 exclusive rights in the lawsuit against Securus even though the PTAB had refused to review the claims challenged against Securus. The GTL independent claim does not conform to the fundamental security feature disclosed during the agreement between GTL and Securus.




A Review Of The Activities And Services Offered By The Midas Legacy

Those looking to lead successful lives are presented with a great opportunity that is brought by The Midas Legacy, a research and consultancy firm that is helping individuals to live better lives and achieve the success they desire in their lives. The company’s offices are based in Florida and its main clients include individuals who are approaching retirement and entrepreneurs interested in coming up with plans to make the best of their decisions.

The main goal of The Midas Legacy is to support its members so they can fulfill their dreams in time. In this mission, they have a program that offers financial support to their members and who prove they have the potential of changing the lives of people through investments in real estate, entrepreneurship and overall health.

Expert support

The Midas Legacy works with renowned experts in various fields to implement its role in the market and to effectively pass a message to their clients. One of the experts they have partnered with is Sean Bower, a principal editor, Mark Edwards, a natural cures expert and Jim Samson, a successful entrepreneur. Jim has also sold many copies of his books and his real estate experience is exceptional and a great addition to the company.

He works together with two other experts, who review the money markets to offer financial advice to those looking to invest. Sean Bower, who has been cited internationally, is also a renowned financial analyst with a strong foundation on the financial markets and the insurance sector. He also offers advice regarding retirement and financial management that is aimed at safeguarding property.

Research services

For anyone looking to achieve success, The Midas Legacy offers research services to help individuals understand their financial status better and make focused decisions that can enhance their position in future. They work with investors who are looking for better ways to manage money and inspire growth in their businesses. Most importantly, The Midas Legacy offers a collection of books that offer tips and professional advice shared by prolific authors on financial matters.

Additionally, The Midas Legacy takes part in the continuation of the resolve by many charities to offer support to the needy. The company has been identified as a Gold Business Member of the Florida Sheriffs Association. They also donate to the Give Hope Foundation, which is working with Central Florida families to empower them in the fight against cancer.

FreedomPop’s WiFi And Cell Phone Service Is Great For My Daughter And I

I love Freedompop for all kinds of reasons, and I’ll tell a quick story that proves why they are my favorite company. I had a breakdown in the middle of the city, and the tow truck said it would take them over an hour to get to me. The kids were anxious, I was irritable, and I didn’t know what to do. I turned on the Freedompop Wi-Fi application and found a server right next to where we were parked, so I went ahead and let the kids watch videos on my phone while we waited for the tow truck. The kids were quiet, and the video streamed perfectly.

I was using a Freedompop phone as well, and I had great call quality when I was calling the tow truck driver, so I was happy about that too. I knew that I didn’t have enough data that would stream those movies on my phone, so having access to the Wi-Fi service was great. The Wi-Fi service only cost me five dollars each month, and I love that there’s unlimited access too. My kids are getting older, and the oldest one is now 10 years old, so I figured that it was time for her to have her own phone, so I ordered the phone after reading a recent Freedompop review.

The Freedompop cell phone was a smartphone but not a phone that was terribly expensive. With one of the great sales that Freedompop was having, I only paid $10 for the phone, which is amazing. I bought the phone outright and didn’t have to pay a monthly fee for the phone with my service plan, and I couldn’t believe what a great deal I had received. I also purchased the sim card from Freedompop, so my daughter could use it in her cell phone.

Since I didn’t expect my daughter to be making a lot of phone calls, I got her the free cell phone plan from Freedompop. I love how Freedompop offers a free plan that has 200 minutes, 200 MB of data, and 500 text messages too. I encourage my daughter to only text me unless it’s an emergency. My daughter has never gone over her minutes or text messages because she is responsible, even though she is only 10 years old, and whenever my daughter wants to watch movies or videos on her phone, she uses the Wi-Fi service from Freedompop.

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