The Kabbalah religion and The Kabbalistic Centre In LA, CA

Kabbalah is the mystical form of Judaism. In simple terms, it is the Jewish mysticism that dates back to more than four centuries before the coming of Jesus Christ. For numerous years, the religion existed as a mouth tradition that was carefully guarded by those that had the knowledge about the faith. It was later dispatched in the middle ages. The kabbalistic worldview was most importantly expressed in the Yalkut Re’uveni by Hoshke Reuben and was represented most importantly in the 1960’s. This religion has also made its way into the books of prayers as well as the ethics and customs books.

The focus of this religion is the immanence and the simultaneous transcendence of God, with the latter that describes the term sefirot which is an attribute of God. In total, there are ten sefirot which emanated from God, and they are the lines that he used to create the universe. Each of the sefirot has a correspondence to the life of a human being. His relationship as well as the hidden aspect he has and the relationship he has with humanity. Can also be better understood by the revelation and speculation of the things that occur around you and what you think and believe.

The other hidden side of God is also known as the other feminine side of God. This is used to complement the external or rather the masculine side that is revealed in Tanach. The female aspect or side of God is also called the Shekhinah that is traditionally referred to as the divine presence that is often associated with the light. The Kabbalah numerology astrology and magic also is an insight to the divine aspect of an infinite being that has intrinsic holiness and meaning. Each of the letters of the spirituality symbol that was created by God.

The Kabbalah Centre as a nonprofit organization that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings as well as Zohar. Teachings are online based as well as in the city-based centers that provide discussions groups.

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Blogger Welcomes WEN No-Lather System Into Hair Care Arsenal

If your hair is limp and fine like Emily McClure’s, then you understand her daily efforts for smooth, shiny, big hair.

Emily had seen those famous TV infomercials from Chaz Dean and his amazing WEN no-lather shampoo hair care system. She watched Hollywood A-listers swinging their full, healthy manes back and forth. Emily was hoping for a similar experience, so she decided to try WEN for seven days and post her results to

The popular west coast star stylist had developed the WEN system after seeing how regular shampoos and conditioners were actually damaging everyone’s hair. His one-of-a-kind cleansing conditioners got rid of the big lathers and sulfates and turned to a holistic approach. These Amazon sold exclusive formulas brought shine, manageability and strength back to hair.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner with extra body and a daily AM WEN wash, followed by blow-drying and styling.

Emily liked how her strands seemed to double in volume as she washed with WEN. She achieved Hollywood results after blow-drying and styling, She snapped hair selfies and shared them with her readers. Even Emily’s best friends noticed her new, soft, great-looking hair.

Emily’s strands got used to the daily AM WEN wash, and everything was proceeding perfectly, until she got lazy. Emily runs a hectic schedule and sometimes doesn’t have the time or energy to blow-dry and style, so she doesn’t.

When Emily skipped a wash, her locks looked limp and greasy. If Emily washed with Wen at night, by the morning, her hair fell flat and unmanageable all day.

Emily concluded that for WEN to deliver A-list quality hair, then you should maintain a daily AM wash, always followed by a blow-dry and styling.

If she weren’t so lazy, Emily says she would reach again for WEN’s superb body and shine. Wen products can be purchased via Sephora.

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Don Ressler Fosters His Entrepreneurship To Develop Successful Start-ups

Don Ressler is the man behind the successful start-ups including Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. Ressler developed his first start-up in 2001 which was later purchased by Intermix Media. Don Ressler then teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. Intermix e-commerce and performance advertising division generated them hundreds of millions in revenue and it acted as the only source of profit for them. However, their hope to make an impact in the market was dashed after News Corp bought their company in 2005.

Adam Goldenberg and Ressler choose to explore better opportunities after they found out that their business was being under-resourced and ignored by the media conglomerate. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler knew they had sufficient knowledge in online advertising, and they decided to create a brand building enterprise which they could manage exclusively and autonomously. After two weeks of brainstorming, the Intelligent Beauty was founded by Adam and Don.

The first consumer brand they created was the DERMSTORE, which was an online store for cosmetics and skincare marketplace. After two years they then launched SENSA, and they opted to bring in Dr Alan Hirsch to help in product development. Though the company never released its financial results at the time for both DERMSTORE and SENSA, they were thought to be highly profitable. After they secured a $43 million in 2008 from Technology Crossover Ventures, they launched JustFab fashion retailer as the third company in 2010.

Today, JustFab is the leading fashion subscription e-commerce site and style watch and the leading style brand for female millennials. JustFab features the season’s latest footwear and handbag styles, all available at the company’s official website JustFab is a 24/7 shoe and bag wardrobe where people can find something for work, dozens of styles, something to wear on a night out with friends and lady’s style that would suit almost every moment of their busy life.

Fabletics is another brand launched in 2013, which is an active wear found a unique niche in the competitive fashion industry. The brand is an e-commerce business model which offers precise and fashion forward athletic wear at competitive prices where a VIP member can start at $49.95 for full membership. Don Ressler combined with his co-founder Kate Hudson as an athlete and style icon to boost marketing of the brand. A brand like Fabletics was not only able to integrate active wear into people’s daily life but also into corporate life.