The Advice of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks in an American entrepreneur who has had a passion for business ever since an early age. Mr. Sparks has been a lucky individual to have known what he has wanted to do and has been lucky for having the means to pursue what he has wanted to do. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Even as early as high school graduation, Mr. Sparks has been involved with startup companies. As a businessman, Marc Sparks understands what it is like to be either successful with his businesses or even to have businesses that are disastrous.

Marc Sparks is a rare individual who has dedicated almost four decades to business and has been a well respected advisor and mentor within the world of business. In present day, even after 40 years of experience, Marc Sparks is now focusing his career on helping other better their own career. As a businessman, Marc Sparks has always been a rare individual who has always put others in front of himself.

One of Marc Sparks most special traits is his humility that he constantly shows in the business industry. Though the business world can often be tough and exhausting to be involved in, Mr. Sparks has always been able to keep a level head and to make decisions that would better him as well as others. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Mr. Marc Sparks hopes that putting his experiences on paper will help others improve their lives as well. In his new writings, Mr. Sparks talks about his average performance in high school and uses this experience to demonstrate to readers that is never too late to improve overall performances.

Without integrity and determination, Marc Sparks would never have transitioned from an average student to an individual with several multi-million dollar businesses.  Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Mr. Sparks, in his book, tells the public about his experiences with failure. He even added that he was so poor once that he would do his grocery shopping at a gas station with a Texaco credit card. Mr. Sparks added that this was a humbling experience for him and helped him realize that money cannot always be relied on.

Though Marc Sparks is grateful for his success, he encourages other individuals to pursue their interests not because of the money, but also because they enjoy what they do.

In Mr. Spark’s new book, he states that passion is the key to success. As a outdoor enthusiast as well as a philanthropist, Mr. Sparks is excited to see what the future holds in store.

Though he has many years in the business industry, Mr. Sparks is now looking forward to dedicating more time towards helping others through donations as well as volunteering. After making a lot of money, Mr. Sparks now wants to share.

IncrediBites and Beneful Originals Has All Your Dogs Meal Needs Covered

No matter how big or small your dog may be there is a dry food option from Beneful that will be perfect for them and you. For them, they will receive products that are packed with flavor and ones they are sure to enjoy. When you choose Beneful, you will benefit from the piece of mind of knowing that your dogs are being fed the best food, made from the best ingredients and packed with all of the nutrition they need to grow, to be healthy and to remain active!
For puppies or small breed dogs, I would highly recommend the IncrediBites line of dog food from Beneful. This line of dog food was developed specifically with small dogs in mind. These products are tiny bite sized pieces making them easy for your dog to enjoy. The IncrediBites line of dog food is available in 2 varieties. One is made with 100% real beef, carrots, and peas. The other is made from farm-raised chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach and carrots. Both of these options are available on most Wal-mart groceries in 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, and 15.5 lb bags at most retailers.

The Beneful Originals line of dry dog foods are great for adult dogs and provide all the nutrition they need. Not to mention they are packed with flavor! The Beneful Originals line of meal options are available on Amazon in 3 different varieties. The first is made from real farm raised beef and combined with whole grains, peas, carrots, and spinach. The second is made from 100% real chicken, whole grains, avocados, carrots, and tomatoes. Last but not least you have the Beneful Originals dry food made with salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. I guarantee you that between these three dry dog foods in the Beneful Originals product line you are sure to find one that your mature dog will absolutely love.

If you have not tried Beneful products, I highly urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed with the selections, the ingredients, the quality or the nutrition that you can be sure your dog will receive.

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Dick DeVos has a great life and career

Dick Devos is an extremely important name in the business community. Throughout his storied career, Mr.Devos had many wonderful opportunities. Dick ran an NBA team and a major company. Dick is proud of his accomplishments, but he knows they did not happen overnight. Dick DeVos had to work for years to become the accomplished individual he is today.

Dick began his career in the early seventies. He started working at the lowest level of Amway. He held various positions within the company. During his time with Amway, he was able to witness almost every part of the companies daily operations. This experience prepared him for his future in management. In the mid-eighties, Dick DeVos became Vice President of Operations. At the time, Amway was operating in eighteen different countries, and Dick regularly worked within each company to secure contracts.

Dick’s experience throughout Amway prepared him for his next business venture. In the late eighties, Dick launched The Windquest Group. The company specialized in creating closet organizers and other storage organizers. The company was extremely successful and Dick is proud of his experience with the company.

In 1991, Dick had a great opportunity. His father had recently purchased the Orland Magic, and Dick was given the task of managing the Orlando Magic. The Magic had recently entered the league, and Dick worked hard to ensure they became a great part of the Orlando community and the NBA. When Dick left in 1993, the Orlando Magic were in much better shape.

In 1993, Dick became the president of Amway Corporation. He guided the company through seven great years, and in 2000 he oversaw the restructuring of the firm. The company went under the umbrella company Alticor. Alticor quickly expanded to more than fifty countries, and these countries are located on six different continents. Alticor was a force to be reckoned with. He led the company for two years until his retirement. In 2002, Dick retired and decided to focus on helping the world. 

Since his retirement, Dick DeVos has had several opportunities to help the world. He ran for public office in the mid-2000s. He also opened a charter school for students that want to learn to fly. Today, he spends most of his time focusing on his large family.

Dick DeVos is a brilliant businessman. He led an amazing company and today he focuses on helping the world. Dick is extremely proud of his life and career. 

FreedomPop is flipping the tables on cellphone carriers!

There are so many people that cannot afford a reliable cellphone plan, for a variety of different reasons that all break down in to the same key thing — the companies that do work well are too expensive, and the companies that don’t work well are obviously too cheap. It’s almost like the Goldilocks story, except instead of Porridge, it’s the way you do just about everything nowadays — especially if you want to be a booming part of society. You need a carrier that is just right for you, and isn’t almost three digits per month. This is why FreedomPop was founded, and also the reason why a lot of people are still using Android as opposed to their competitor.

You see, FreedomPop allows android users to spend only $5 on their cellphone bill every month. They offer well over FIFTEEN MILLION hot-spots and growing, and the people behind it are very focused on bringing the best possible coverage to everyone, not only starting with the most densely populated areas. It’s a common fear that using a carrier that has hot-spots instead of satellites or towers may hurt service, especially since those companies are not well managed or built to begin with. While most people SHOULD be scared of a $5 price tag for something as beautiful as unlimited everything, (yes, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!), you need not fear FreedomPop. Reviews from all around the world have been great, especially mentioning how convenient it is that they do not have to tote a large bill that is subject to their carrier’s mercy. All of those hidden terms in contracts and other forms of service are sneaky and frustrating, and no one should have to deal with them.

That’s exactly why it’s so great for almost anyone. Even if you are in an area that you think may not get coverage, you can check and see before signing up. FreedomPop seems very keen on making sure that the hot-spots they roll out are in areas that really need better service in the first place, before trying to progress service for the masses. It proves that they definitely seem to care about the little guy, which is a quality that you can’t really find in a lot of companies these days, (especially cellphone carriers, huh!?)

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Law Firms Work Hard To Enforce Whistleblower Protections

With the passing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act back in 2010, whistleblowers throughout the country now have access to unprecedented protection. Beyond that, they are potentially entitled to substantial financial compensation providing the SEC is able to affirm the allegations and levy financial sanctions against the institution in question. These are unprecedented steps that are long overdue. Gone are the days when individuals have to live in fear of speaking out against their employers. Even in light of these protections, however, individuals feel much safer when in the handles of a professional and capable attorney, which is why a new specialization has emerged within the genre.

It is difficult to stand by and watch a company blatantly violate all kinds of ethical protocols. It is made even more difficult when wrestling with the decision of whether or not speaking out against the institution is worth potently losing the financial livelihood that the family has grown to depend upon. This is precisely why this legislation was created, and it is why numerous law firms now have a SEC Whistleblower attorney designed to combat these fears.

What many law firms now have are a team of financial analysts, investigators, and forensic accountants. Most of these individuals have extensive experience in the law enforcement arena and are able to provide protection to whistleblowers. They work to ensure that the case proceeds smoothly and that relevant financial compensation is paid out quickly and swiftly. Jordan Thomas heads one such practice. Mr. Thomas a former member of the Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was also instrumental is designing the legislation that became the basis for the Whistleblower Program, and he understand how its rules are to be implemented.

Whistleblowers no longer need to feel as if they are on their own. There are legal protections now firmly established. The financial compensation is substantial enough to alleviate the fear that accompanies the speaking out against an employer, and lawyers are well versed in working to ensure that evidence is not covered up. The program offers a free case evaluation in a confidential setting. Every step of the process is designed to answer any questions that the whistleblower might have, and to prepare him or her for the settlement action to come. It is a bright day for whistleblowers and for society in general.

White Shark Media Improvements for Clients

In the beginning
From the start of White Shark Media’s conception their primal focus is to provide the best possible service for their clients. As with all new companies White Shark Media encountered challenges and have since focused on continuous improvements for their clients.

Improving Communication

Clients will now have a direct contact consultant that will bridge personalized service for their accounts. Our senior SEM Consultants are also available through this process to ensure that the needs of the clients are being met by their consultant.

Follow Up Strategies

Clients are able to meet monthly with their SEM Strategist to discuss reports from the past 30 day activity as well as their ADWords account. Currently we use Go To Meeting for these meetings as it allows clients and their SEM Strategist to visually communicate and understand the current reports and best options moving forward.

Campaign Reports

In order for clients to have a clear understanding of their Campaign Reports we now provide personal assistance with the set up and the processes for their campaigns ( Clients will no longer spend time trying to “figure it out”, but will be lead through the Ins and Outs to optimize Adwords campaign for stronger results.


Although each client is assigned their own SEM Specialist, The SEM Specialist of White Shark Media is part of a team of 3-5 with their supervisor who oversees the progress for each client. This frame of teamwork offers valuable input that will in turn become beneficial to their client.

Phone Tracking

We had a lot of requests from our clients to enable phone tracking. As part of our ADwords Management plan we have teamed up with Marchex, and have now included phone tracking for free. As a Client you will now have the tracking data from all of your customer phone inquiries –

Relationship Building

As a client you can assure to receive personalized attention and that we will pursue evolving forward as it is our goal to support continued success for you and your business.