JustFab is where you HAVE to do your Summer shopping

Desperate is an understatement. I feel like I have exhausted all of my usual shops of their options. It seems like every season the same recycled selection of looks and styles appears on the website and I’m beyond bored of it. I don’t want to waste any more money on the same clothes I already have in my closet.

A friend informed me that she hasn’t shopped at any stores for clothes since she discovered JustFab on http://www.shoedazzle.com/clothing-shoes-boots-handbags/c-shop-by-brand-justfab-justfab.htm, so I figured it couldn’t really hurt to give it a look considering my situation. I have never been so impressed by a fashion site in my life.

I went to their website and immediately noticed how bright, inviting, and professional it looks. Every tab and button on the page is quick and responsive and it is extremely easy to find what you are looking for. Every style you can imagine for this Summer is still available on JustFab, but designed by hand, start to finish in Los Angeles, California by gifted professionals and it shows. When I was browsing I was afraid to check the prices on items, but I calmed myself and looked. It is incredible that JustFab can offer the level of attention to detail and uniqueness and personality at the prices they do. I could barely believe it so I placed a huge order and I am much more confident about this Summer than I have been in a long time.

JustFab tailors each and every top, dress, handbag and every article of clothing they make to fit beautifully into any style you could possibly ever want to match it with. I thought I had found some sites and stores with fantastic shoe selection and I was taken aback by JustFab.

I’m quite sure at this point that I have become a loyal customer to JustFab overnight. I love the Summer styles, I love the idea of JustFab, and I loved reading their “about” page. This is my permanent clothing shop, I swear it. Check it out on http://www.justfab.com/summer-shop.htm

Hope is all That Struggling Venezuela has Amid Economic Crisis

Times are really tough in Venezuela these days. The National Guard has moved in, Coca-Cola production has shut down, and runaway inflation is seen everywhere across the South American country. President Nicolas Maduro is hoping for another loan from China or from any other creditor to keep Venezuela afloat for a little longer.
The oil-rich country has watched its economy slip away, as oil prices plunge further, and expert Danilo Diaz Granados believes that inflation could hit 500 percent. According to News.com.AU, it’s sad to imagine a country with so many natural resources hit bottom, but with such dramatic crumbling to Venezuela‘s finances, there’s no way to go but down. That is why the country’s residents are hit with huge shortages of food, basic necessities and electrical power. Toss in decades of corruption and financial mismanagement, and Venezuela is experiencing some of the worst times ever.

Unemployment has soared to 17 percent, poverty is widespread, and people are dying, because food and medicine are not readily available. “It is difficult for many to sit by and witness” added Diaz Granados.

Even U.S. companies are struggling with the country, and Coca-Cola has recently shut down production of all sugar-based beverages due to raw materials lacking. Until the sugar supply returns, Coke’s Venezuela operations will only continue to produce zero-sugar drinks like water and Coca-Cola Light in the South American country.

The entire world continues to watch and wait Venezuela’s fate.

Philip Diehl The President Of U.S. Money Reserve Thinks Precious Coins Are A Great Retirement Investment

Philip Diehl is the guy that made coin collecting fun again when he was the director of the United States Mint. The 50-state quarter program was part of the Diehl plan to put the fun back into coin collecting, and it has been a huge success.

Diehl also served as a staff director for the Senate Finance Committee. Before Diehl left public service, he was also chief of staff of the U.S. Treasury. Mr. Diehl decided to leave public service and entering the fascinating world of precious metal coin investing. Diehl became president of U.S. Money Reserve and almost immediately the company became a force to be reckoned with in the government issued gold, silver and platinum coin industry.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins in the country. In a recent Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio interview, Diehl told the audience of business owners, entrepreneurs, and top corporate executives that gold, platinum and silver coins were excellent investment vehicles because of the changing economic conditions. Diehl also told the group that U.S. Money Reserve has established an IRA program for coin investors. CBS19.tv published the entire interview, and one of the points that Diehl made during that interview was U.S. Money Reserves commitment to customer service during these uncertain economic times. Diehl said investors from all over the world were buying precious coins to offset their losses in other investments.

Mr. Diehl also said that silver prices are going crazy in 2016. Silver is outperforming other investments and that includes gold. But Diehl said gold prices are on the verge of exploding too. Silver prices have jumped by more than 27 percent in the first four months of 2016, and that beat the increase in gold prices by 7 percent. Silver prices also smashed the Dow and S&P 500 increases by more than 24 percent and more than 25 percent respectively. Silver has finally emerged from the longest bear market in history, and there’s no stopping the precious metal market now, according to the professionals at U.S. Money Reserve.

The economic slowdown that is spreading around the globe will also have an impact on gold prices in 2016, according to Diehl. More and more investors are leaving the stock market and putting money into gold and silver. The government issued coin market is having a major increase in clients because they are tangible items that collectors’ can appreciate for their intransient value. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a Texas-based organization that offers investors and collectors the opportunity to own rare gold and silver coins from all over the world. Philip Diehl is adding another level of coin knowledge to clients that want to expand their portfolios. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – iSpot.tv

Renting on the Internet

Richard Blair is a financial planner who has had a lot of success in the field. Blair has a unique ability to help other people on their journey to building wealth. One of the most popular ways to earn an extra income today is by renting out rooms in your primary residence. There are a lot of people who are able to save and invest more money this way. However, there are a lot of insurance issues to consider before taking on this initiative. Anyone who has ever been sued knows just how difficult it can be to deal with a lot of lingering insurance claims.

Renting on the Internet

There are a variety of online sites where you can rent out rooms in your home. A lot of people today are looking for extra sources of income, and this is one of the best ways to get to the point where you can bring in disposal income. Over time, just renting out one room in your house can make a huge difference in the amount of money a person can save and invest over time. A lot of people decide to rent out rooms when their children leave the home. Anyone who is considering this approach is probably doing it for the extra income. Always make sure to consider the insurance issues that go along with this decision.


Any time a person gets injured at your personal residence there are going to be consequences to consider. In our society today, there are plenty of ways that people can sue each other based upon injuries that take place. Anyone who is looking for ways to rent out rooms in their home needs to make sure they are covered from an insurance stand point. A lot of people never really think about their insurance coverage before it is too late. There are a lot of people who end up costing themselves much more in the long run because they do not think about the possible litigation.

Future Growth

The gig and sharing economy is here to stay. Anyone who wants to take their income to the next level can do so through renting out rooms in their home. There are a lot of people who have taken on this challenge as a way to grow their income over time. If you are interested in renting rooms to people from the internet, make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.

Learn more about Richard Blair: