Steve Murray Successes Not Forgotten

Stephen Murray, popularly known as Steve was born on August 2, in the year 1962. He was a private equity investor and also a well- known philanthropist. He died last year at the age of 52. At the time of his death, Steve Murray was the president of CCMP Capital, a private organization that specializes on buyout and also growth equity transactions.
Steve Murray managed to get this top position in CCMP Capital because of several reasons.

First of all, he is very educated, and he was also one of the founding partners of the company. This means that he had all the knowledge of the institutions operations. Since the company was started several years ago, it has managed to become one of the best private held companies in the United States, and everyone highly appreciated the contributions of Stephen Murray according to RYVoice.

He went to some of the best schools to acquire his education. He graduated with a degree in economics from an institution known as Boston College in the year 1984, and after this, he decided to further his education. In the year 1989, the hedge fund manager managed to get a master’s degree, this time in Business administration from a school known as the Columbia Business School.

After completing his first degree in the year 1984, Steve Murray got his first employment. He becomes a part of the credit analysts training program in a company known as Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In the year 1989, Steve moved to a different organization, becoming a part of MH Equity Corporation. This new company had combined his former employers with a leveraged finance unit.

After some time, Manufacturers Hanover’s was bought by a different company, known as Chemical Bank in the year 1991. MH Equity has made some changes, merging with Chemical Venture Partners. At the end of it all, these changes led to the formation of a partnership that ended up becoming CCMP Capital.

In the year 2007, Steve Murray took over the leadership of the successful institution, and under his leadership, the company made a lot of progress, making huge amounts of profits as usual. Apart from working at CCMP Capital, Steve was also part of the board of directors for different companies in the United States. Some of this includes Aramark, AMC Entertainment among several others.

XERepublic reported that Stephen Murray was also any active philanthropist in the country. In his life, he managed to support a foundation known as Make a Wish Foundation that is located in New York City. He also supported his former school, Boston College among others.

George Soros Says Major Trouble Lurking in EU

The refugee crisis that has been unfolding in Europe is without question one of the biggest concerns on the globe right now. Massive numbers, often projected in the millions, of refugees have been pouring into Europe as asylum seekers, and there has been quite a struggle to figure out how to process all of them. George Soros is one man that has come out and stated his opinions on the situation regarding the mass immigration. George Soros has stated that the European Union is going to need to utilize a large cash injection in order to solve the crisis with the refugees.

One of the things that he has stated is that the refugees on need to be able to get to where they are trying to go and reach their final destination, as stated in a recent CNBC article. It is pretty shocking to see the footage of thousands upon thousands of immigrants literally walking on foot into different countries, but that is the reality of the situation, and there is a major impact on on each country in Europe. To complicate the matter further, each country is handling the situation differently, which is causing a lot of strain on the entire European Union.

George Soros is an investor who studies market systems, economics and monetary systems around the World and is currently a multi billionaire, with a total net worth just shy of thirty billion dollars. He made this money through wise investing, and through his hedge fund firm that he has ran since the mid twentieth century. The bulk of the money that George Soros has made has come from being able to see what was going to happen next in terms of the value of currency in different countries and he has capitalized by investing money during various prosperous times. This type of knowledge comes from having a deep understanding of what is unfolding economically and when he says that the EU has a big problem in front of them and that there is enough risk that they may be in a collapse situation, you know it is pretty serious.

He has been right in the past about all sorts of things, including predicting the economic disasters in the united states over the last ten years or so. The EU is going to have to figure out how to deal with the massive amount of refugees that are flocking into just about every corner of Europe. There needs to be a way to not only get them to the locations that they are trying to get to, but a way to handle the money situation as well. There is no doubt that a lot of fluctuations are going to need to be made and a lot of discussion is going to have to be handled inside the EU in terms of coming together to handle the financial situation. There is no question that Europe in general is experiencing an exceptionally tumultuous time, as there has not been any situations of this caliber in the region for a long time.

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Losing Weight for Real with NutriMost

Millions of people have tried weight loss programs that don’t work for them. They are searching for one that does work.News4SanAntonio has discovered and made a report on NutriMost an innovative and individualized program that uses technology to assess each person’s dietary needs individually. Dr. Rob Vasquez says people can lose 20 lbs. to 40 lbs. in a few weeks.
Some NutriMost users lose even more according to Take the case of Linda and Al Sparaco, who live in Brookfield, Connecticut. They have lost a stunning 140 pounds using the NutriMost program. Al has taken off 59 pounds. Linda has shed 83 pounds and counting. Their story gets even better, though. Before she started losing weight, Linda Sparaco was being treated for hypertension (high blood pressure), acid reflux and high cholesterol. Now that the excess weight is gone, her doctor has been able to remove her from all of the medications she previously had to take for these conditions.She now not only looks better, bu tshe is genuinely healthier.

The Sparaco’s experience is just what many frustrated dieters are dreaming of: a weight loss plan that gets the pounds off and keeps them off. The Nutrimost program is technology-based. Careful measurements are made of the electrical activity in a customer’s body. Using this information, the NutriMost representative crafts a diet plan that is as unique as the individual person. This is the secret of why NutriMost works. Most weight loss systems have a single plan for everyone. The problem is that everyone isn’t just like everyone else. The NutriMost plan is custom-tailored for each individual, so it simply works better.
Brookfield Couple loses more than 140 lbs. by NutriMost

White Shark Media’s Strategies That Facilitates Its Clients Growth

White Shark Media is a leading search market agency that specializes in providing BingAds and AdWords services to both small and medium sized businesses. It has offices in the United States, Denmark, and Central America. White Shark Media’s specialization has been on the areas that its clients make money. In its entire management plans, the corporation provides product-listing Ads in addition to full conversion tracking and Google Analytic implementation for its ecommerce clients on the Shopify platforms.

White Shark Media’s experience on the platform enables it to refer its ecommerce clients to Shopify. Noteworthy, its initial clients that subscribed to its services back in 2010 are still with the company. White Shark Media offers a complete management of its clientÕs AdWords. This service begins from when a client registers and continues with the optimizations until the client attain the set objectives each month. This information was originally published on Shopify as highlighted below

Over the years, White Shark Media has received many compliments from its clients with minimal complains. However, the company has been using consumer complains to better its service, thus satisfying the utility of its clients. This situation has left many clients satisfied and having good returns. Past complains include clients failing to understand their AdWords Campaigns. White Shark dealt effectively with this problem by letting small businesses understand their campaigns from the beginning.

A Youtube video highlighted another factor that has enabled White Shark Media to keep its existing and new clients happy is its ability to provide swift solutions to any problem. Its monthly review of the AdWords campaign management strategies together with the clients via GoTomeeting has been effective. Many of its clients have hailed the strategy. For instance, its direct extensions enabled phone systems have made it easy for clients to call their contact person directly.

Effective communication has enabled many clients to have a positive experience with the company. For this reason, clients not only feel that their contact persons are professional but also committed to improving the performance of the firm.

The clients have had improved activity in terms of volume as well as the quality of leads. For instance, one clientÕs CTR was at 0.88% per month. Today, it has increased to above 2.00% every month. ClientsÕ note that the constant updates on various adjustments to their campaigns has been fantastic in addition to discussions on ways of improving their search engine performance. This information was originally published on White Shark MediaÕs website as shown below

Help Raise $5,000 for Stray Animals

One of the partners at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp has launched a Go Fund Me campaign that will benefit homeless animals in New York City. Ross Abelow has been working as a New York City lawyer for more than 26 years. He has used his experience to help individuals who are involved in difficult matrimonial and family law cases, like divorces. He has stuck up for the rights of his clients time and again and helps them to get the best outcome possible. He is concerned about the winter conditions that homeless animals in New York City are experiencing. As the temperatures drop during these cold winter months, animals that are wandering the streets of New York City can become sick and die.

Individuals from all over the United States and around the world can help Ross Abelow to raise $5,000. The great thing about using the Go Fund Me platform is that people can make small donations. They can donate just $10 or $15 to the cause. When lots of people know about this, lots of people can help to raise the money. As soon as all of the money is collected, it will be given to New York animal shelters. The money is going to benefit the shelters in several ways. First, it will mean that more cash will be on hand in order to purchase basic items that are needed to take care of stray dogs and cats, like blankets and food. It also means that money will be available to help sick animals. Second, the amount of space that is now available in shelters is very limited. The money can be used to expand the amount of space that is available, which means that more vulnerable animals can be given the help they need.

Ross Abelow has been working in New York City as a lawyer since 1990. He attended the Brooklyn Law school. In addition to helping his clients get through difficult legal cases, he has also provided free legal advice to individuals by means of his personal blog site and also on his social media sites.

It is important to spread the word about this winter fundraising campaign. As soon as $5,000 is raised, it will begin to benefit shelters and stray animals in New York City.

Madison Street Capital COO Anthony Marsala Named Emerging Leader!

With the 7th staging of the Annual Emerging Leaders Award ceremony nearing fruition, organizers have announced the industry’s top finalists. Among nominees is M&A investment banking giant, Madison Street Capital COO (Chief Operating Officer) and co-founder, Anthony Marsala. The powerhouse leader expressed the kindest sentiments in being chosen to represent MSC (Madison Street Capital) for his commitment and leadership. Certainly, the industry is without fierce competition and talent. Nonetheless, the organizers and judges managed to group together a complete list of executives for their impeccable leadership. Anthony Marsala wields an abundance of industry intelligence and expertise.

Senior executive Anthony Marsala has dedicated some fifteen years advising top-tier investment banking firms. The NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts) organization honored him as a distinguished 40 Under Forty executive in 2015. A 2016 Crain Leadership Academy nominee and CVA conformist; Marsala operates with the highest accreditation and skill set. His specialization centers on M&A leveraged finance and buyout transactions. The organizers of the annual U.S. 40 Under 40 Awards introduced the M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders installment back in 2010. Chiefly, it honors the industry’s top M&A advisors. Simply put, it highlights executives known for their outstanding reputation, achievements, success, expertise, and contributions.

With M&A Emerging Leaders now awarding European top achievers; this year’s U.S. winners will become proponents of a global network. As The M&A Advisor Co-chief executive and president David Ferguson remarked, “ honoring emerging leaders through this organization will influence how the industry evolves.” The organization will host an Awards Gala with a. “Black Tie” theme on June 10th to celebrate the past and present Emerging Leaders. Manhattan’s NYAC (New York Athletic Club) is the venue of choice.

A decade ago, Madison Street Capital entered the investment banking sector. Today, MSC prevails as a top ranked investment banker. Low to middle-market brands relies on its expertise on issues relating to financial reporting/consulting, corporate advisory and business valuation. While Madison Street Capital commenced operations in North America, it now directs its franchises in Asia and Africa. Last year, it dominated M&A markets recording some 42 transactions.

A comparison study revealed that Madison Street Capital M&A transactions rose by 27% in 2015 than that of the previous (2014). With this record-smashing performance, Madison Street Capital remains a formidable competitor in 2016. While last year M&A performance signaled a growth trend; some micro to large-scale hedge fund managers troubles with rising operating costs and other influencers are ongoing. Madison Street Capital thrives on sound business strategy and leadership to keep ahead.

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Talk Fusion Is Easy, Convenient, and Inexpensive

Modern day society has developed in some astonishing ways, with video chat being a huge deal in the 21st century especially. Enter “Talk Fusion”, a company who is helping to revolutionize the industry of video chat. Offering a variety of video services including calls, emails, live meetings, and newsletters, Talk Fusion has covered all of the bases in this booming industry.

Created by Bob Reina, who is renowned in the entrepreneurial industry, this company is one that is taking off with the help of its creative and resourceful founder. Reina has over two decades worth of experience in the marketing and leadership world. He pushes the company ahead of it’s competitors with his creative mind and keen attention to up and coming trends.

Having an outrageously successful career does not mean that Reina has abandoned his personal life or his diverse personality. An animal advocate and community leader, Bob donates ample amounts of time and money to charity and civic duties. He also has a rather different employment background for such a successful entrepreneur: police work. Reina obtained a bachelors in criminology and graduated first in his class from the police academy. What started out as a part time job to supplement his police work income turned into a full time, lucrative career.

The idea for Talk Fusion surfaced in 2004, when Reina was told he couldn’t email a short video clip. It simply couldn’t be done. Always one to take a challenge, Reina proved himself to be successful and, by 2007, his video product had launched around the globe. Now found in over 80 different countries it is one of the largest video services in the world.

Talk Fusion is an excellent choice for companies to provide information to coworkers, employees, and clients in a unique and engaging fashion. A breeze to use, simply record a video of what you need to say, upload it, design it as you see fit, and send it off in an email. A quality, easy to use product at an outstanding price, it is no wonder Talk Fusion is one of the best video services in the corporate world today.

White Shark Media: Steps For Handling Customer Complaints

Are you a company manager or organization leader looking for ways to handle customer complaints? Perhaps you are wondering how White Shark Media is able to have numerous positive reviews. White Shark Media has a proven track record of rendering top quality services to clients and customers and has a great reputation in the digital marketing and advertising fields.

Unhappy customers can be detrimental to business. Being able to assess and deal with customer complaints is key to running a successful business. It is important to understand that customers are your guests and your hope for future business, and you definitely want them to be completely satisfied again.


Clutch says that oftentimes, a negative or unpleasant experience can be salvaged and turned into an opportunity. Taking the time to assess and resolve customer complaints is absolutely essential to making this happen that’s what White Shark Media stands for.

It is tempting to ignore complainers or dismiss the matter as cranky, but if you do that too often you will end up dismissing valuable or genuine feedback.

Don’t assume that just because a customer or client is behaving wildly, his or her argument or complaint has no merit. It is important to keep in mind that complaints, even angry complaints, can contain insight Ñ you need to assess the issue and seek an agreeable solution.

If you want to keep the customer the best thing is to act in a professional manner and address situation quickly and methodically when presented with customer complaints. Providing effective resolution to the problem can also be an excellent opportunity for your business or organization to create happy customers.

At White Shark Media, customer satisfaction is their top priority. The staff at White Shark Media takes appropriate steps to address customer complaints and ensure continued client satisfaction.  Their professionals pay attention to gather important and relevant details and then respond in a way that meets the customer’s needs.

Any business person, entrepreneur or organization leader who wants to dramatically improve their chances of running a succesful business and achieve sustainable growth, should take customer complaints seriously. White Shark Media is well known for rendering top notch services to clients. As a highly reputable digital marketing and PPC advertising firm, White Shark Media has established a successful strategy for ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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Talk Fusion Taking Things To New Heights

The Talk Fusion CONNECT suite is a package of various video communication tools that rely on some of the latest video technology utilizing real time communication. This is a group of 4 applications that allow the user to implement video communication within emails, newsletters, live meetings and video chat. This application suite is very useful to both individuals and business’s as it is very cost effective and can be used by both novice and veteran users alike.

Talk Fusion is compatible with all the latest operating systems including Mac and PC. The video featured in the CONNECT suite can be viewed on any internet capable device. The Video Email application can also be used on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

In order to use Talk Fusion CONNECT it is recommended that you use a broadband connection that is 1080 kbps capable in order to take full advantage of audio streaming and full motion video. This does not mean that the application suite cannot be used with a dial up connection however the upload speeds will require a longer waiting period as well as reduced video quality. The Talk Fusion CONNECT suite will make an automatic adjustment to suite the speed of your connection. In this way there are no user adjustments that need to be made in order to have an optimal working streaming speed.

There is no need to manually move contacts from one application to another simply download, sign up and start using the Talk Fusion Connect Suite. Any email address can also be used with the software so that no new email address needs to be applied for.

It is simple and versatile using the Talk Fusion Software Suite and is the reason why the company is doing so well on a global scale all thanks to Bob Reina and his staff of professionals at Talk Fusion.

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Talk Fusion, A Company Everyone Is Talking About

There is a company that everyone is talking about and that company is Talk Fusion. It does not matter if you are looking on the internet or on a social media platform. Everyone that understands and uses video is talking about Talk Fusion. Bob Reina wanted to send an email to his friend and enclose a short video.

For whatever reason, Bob could not get the job done so he ask his internet service provider which was AOL at the time. AOL told Bob that the reason he was having trouble was because it could not be done. Bob Reina didn’t give up, he talked with another friend of his who was a video technology genius and together they created Talk Fusion and now, everyone is talking about it.

Talk fusion is an amazing platform that allows you to harness the power of video and more. Imagine sending a video in an email or using video to hold an important meeting. These things are easy to do with the Talk Fusion platform. Perhaps that is one reason that so many people are talking about it. This video communications system is super easy to use and people love it and the things you can do with it. They also love the quality of the platform.

Talk Fusion is the bold and innovative system that people have been waiting to discover. You can host live meetings with your staff or your clients or prospects. You can send a video newsletter to keep them all up to date about anything important. You can do a video chat or send a video email and the system does not stop there.

This system is easy for every user because you can make your video and use the many templates that the Talk Fusion platform offers. This platform can help you keep in touch with your family, friends, business associates and so much more. You owe it to yourself to see why people are taking about it.