Thor Halvorssen: A New Face of the Global Human Rights Movement

Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is the President and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, HRF. Based in New York, the HRF agency protects human rights. Half Venezuelan and half Norwegian Halvorssen descends from an extended family setting. His family lineage has always been involved in human rights protection, and his father was the Venezuelan ambassador in Norway during the Second World War.

He investigates human rights violators through Wickr messages and encrypted night emails. Besides, Thor Halvorssen is also a producer of much pro-democracy advocacy, public interest advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights and public policy films.

Thor Halvorssen is also a Film Producer

Thor Halvorssen is also the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement Patron and the founder of the Moving Picture Institute. He recently acquired the Norwegian leftist NyTid news magazine and is currently working on the production. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress in collaboration with Bryan Singer and Robert Heinlein’s.

Oslo Freedom Forum

His New York-based HRF is radical against corrupt government institutions and has the corporate objective to fight against global oppressive regimes. The agency recruits other global activists to help call for freedom campaigns for the release of political prisoners. HRF conducts annual international forums that attract many global journalists.

In 2016, the forum was known as the Oslo Freedom Forum was hosted by international human rights activists from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, and Belarus. Unlike; other open onstage forums, the Oslo Freedom Forum has held Grand Christiania Hotel under closed doors. The Oslo Freedom Forum was so spectacular that it was referred to as the festival for human rights.

The Oslo Freedom Forum has also been likened to the Davos economic forum. Many countries were represented where they discussed radical global networking and trade party tips to topple dictatorial administrations.As a classical liberal, Thor and his protégées display no political interests.

They are the anti-Soviet free movement ideological throwbacks and wish to oust the global government institutions that have overshadowed and oppressive political ideologies. Thor’s intense commitment in a complex world of human politics puts him under the greatest spotlight and remains one of the most influential human rights campaigners.

Alexandre Gama: Choosing A Reputable Advertising Executive

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Norman Pattiz Announced “Beyond the Darkness” Coming to PodcastOne

The Jericho Network excitedly welcomes “Beyond the Darkness” to its show lineup. Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will be hosting this new spooky podcast and its main focus will be insightful discussions with a wide range of various individuals including researchers of the paranormal and regular people with abnormal experiences.

Points of discussion will vary from local spooks to encounters of the alien nature. Chris Jericho, known for his WWE past and now as head of the Jericho Network, is “stoked” to see new blood and topics coming to the network. The show will start being available on Mondays on the Jericho Network, announced chairman Norman Pattiz in December of last year.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne, where he currently serves as chairman. Since its launch in June of 2016, PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales are already sitting pretty as leaders in their fields, following the trend of success in Pattiz’ decades-long career in broadcasting.

His career got its start in 1974 with the launch of Westwood One, which continues to thrive as the largest radio network in the country. He followed this up with the creation of Radio Sawa during the time he was on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and then with the launch of Alhurra Television in the Middle East.

He left Westwood One for good in 2010 but then dived right back into business with the founding of the Courtside Group and by delving into podcasting with PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales.

Pattiz saw podcasting as the most practical advancement from broadcasting when acquaintance Kit Gray, a Podcast Representative, pointed out the similarities between the two. He admits that there are some stark differences with all the freedom of information.

Instead of finding success in extensive knowledge of the business, he states that the key is to continually keep expanding PodcastOne’s focus and to provide constant fresh ideas.

This keeps the consumers satisfied, and success is ultimately determined by what they choose to listen to, not in the hands of large companies. According to PR News Wire, Norman Pattiz describes this process as a democracy and he is happily learning to work within this new form of communication.

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Securus Technologies’ Stevie Awards Win Proves its Exemplary Services

Stevie Awards is an awarding system targeting customer service, sales professionals, business development and contact centers. This group is responsible for organizing the most prestigious award schemes in the world including the American business awards and the International Business Awards.


This year’s awards took place on 24 February in Las Vegas Nevada at Caesars Palace. The event attracted over 600 business executives from all over the world. More than 2300 nominations were received and evaluated for the competition. This was an increased 10% from last year’s entries. 77 professionals from all over the world evaluated the finalists of the draw. Serving as independent judges.


There were 61 categories representing all entries from customer service and contact center achievement. This included the contact center of the year award, award of innovation in customer service as well as consulting practice of the year. The sales and business development achievements had 53 categories. These includes senior sales executive of the year award and business development achievement of the year. Other categories recognized new products and solution providers.


A committee of more than 75 judges determines the Gold, silver and bronze Stevie Award placements. Participants such as Danny de Hoyes in a statement expressing satisfaction in the independent judgment applauded this move. Hoyos, the senior vice president of Operations at Securus Technologies appreciated the fact that the training team acknowledged empathy for customers’ needs as a crucial factor to improving customer service. He reported major improved in customer satisfaction and service in general as the company registered its first call score resolutions in a long time.


The judges commended the company for their role in offering good service for their customers. They also mentioned an improved in a tough environment as well as their strong ability in recognizing problems and finding solutions to them. This award continues to be among the most competitive in the world.


About Securus Technologies


This company’s headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. The company serves more than 3450 public safety law enforcement and correctional facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The company’s commitment to serving and providing services cannot be questioned.




The Truth About Squaw Valley’s Water

There’s a lot of information going around and various reports offering different versions of what’s going on with the water systems on the upper mountain at Squaw Valley Alpine Resorts. Here’s what you need to know:


  • No contaminated water reached the public.
  • No health issues have been reported.
  • Only the water systems for the upper mountain (High Camp and Gold Coast) areas were affected.
  • Water to the rest of the resort and surrounding areas were not impacted.
  • A few restaurants were closed, but bottled water is being handed out free. The skiing stayed open.
  • Resort management and public health officials are working together to restore potable water.


The longer version of what happened? Here it is. Last summer Squaw Valley was upgrading and installing improvements to the water systems on the upper mountain. Construction had just finished and the system passed all water quality tests and was put into full service. Then it rained. Epic amounts of rain.


With more than nine inches of surface water in 72 hours impacting the area, resort management protocols triggered additional testing of the water quality. Coliform bacterial contaminants were found in the in the four wells recently disturbed by construction, but the problem was confined to the one water system. Squaw Valley took immediate action to protect public health and safety. The affected water system, which served High Camp and Gold Coast, was taken offline. Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District Authorities were contacted, and they continue to work with the resort to purify the water.


Testing shows that three of the four wells responded quickly to treatment, and test results for the fourth well show improvement, although potable water standards require further treatment. Squaw Valley is committed to the safety of all its patrons and guests. They will maintain restricted water usage until the system tests at optimal conditions. Full-service water usage will be restored when health officials and water safety experts working with the system are assured that this issue is entirely resolved. Squaw Valley puts your safety first.

Bruno Jorge Fagali Provides High-line Legal Services in South America:

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a well-received attorney and legal specialist in Brazil. Mr. Fagali provides legal remedy as it pertains to many interesting legal areas.

First off, Bruno Jorge Fagali graduated in Law from PUC/SP, which is the acronym for: Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo is known too as ‘Catholic University’. It is a private, not-for-profit, Catholic academic institution. It is considered one of the most eminent and largest Universities in Brazil.

Bruno Jorge Fagali provides, his highly-refined clientele, with legal services, pertinent to Public law practice, and Anti-Corruption and Electoral legal issues.

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His law practice, places, special emphasis, on matters which involve: Bidding Regulations, Administrative Agreements, Regulatory Law, Legal Matters of an Urban Nature; Admin Improbity Actions; Administrative and Civil Liability operations which have arisen from the Law 12,846—“The Anti-Corruption Law”—2013; Public Civil Disputes, Expropriation Actions, Injunctions and so on and so forth.

Bruno Jorge Fagali has established, as mentioned above, his own legal practice. Bruno Jorge Fagali, additionally, holds the post of the Corporate Integrity Manager of the sb: An advertising agency which specializes in Public Interest Communications.

Mr. Fagali is, too, an associate of IBDEE. The acronym stands for the: ‘Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics’.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Member of the ‘Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics’. The acronym for the prestigious organization is SCCE.

It is a given: that Bruno Jorge Fagali’s specialty is that of assuring Corporate honesty, and reviewing other legal matters, pertaining to corruption. The high standards of attorney: Bruno Jorge Fagali, makes him a good choice, when selecting a legal specialist, in Brazil, with a strong knowledge of Anti-Corruption law and similar legal issues.

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Dou You Need an Equity Loan?

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Why USHEALTH Group Inc. is lucky to be led by Troy McQuagge

One award that every business owner or employee aims at achieving is the One Planet Award. This award is aimed at honoring business people and professionals who have given their all to ensure the business industry is growing. It honors individuals who have used their expertise to execute excellence in their day to day activities. This simply means that it’s every professional to be awarded the award and one individual who recently had the pleasure of being named as the CEO of The year is Troy McQuagge. Troy is currently the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. He was awarded the Gold winner in a category of various industries such as banking, finance, and accounting. For you to be nominated for the award, you have to be judged by your peer and Troy was very humbled knowing his peers from various industries acknowledges his work. The nominees are major companies of all types such as startups, public companies, nonprofit organizations and much more.

Known by many as an ambitious and visionary leader, Troy has had more than twenty years of experience in the health industry. Before joining the USHEALTH fraternity, Troy worked at the Health Markets Agency Marketing Group as its President and CEO. While being lead by McQuagge, the Group’s annual sales increased with more than a billion dollar. Troy also worked as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisory Inc which is an affiliate of USHEALTH Group. What he achieved while at USHEALTH Advisory is what made him an excellent candidate for the CEO position of the USHEALTH Group.

Ever since Troy McQuagge became the CEO, the firm has experienced tremendous growth while increasing their profit volume through their health insurance market. He says that what makes USHEALTH Groups succeed is the fact that its employees are caring and value their clients’ needs thus offer quality services. The employees put their clients’ needs first before anything else. According to him, he wouldn’t have been the awarded the CEO of the Year or developed the company if it was not for the dedicated working team present in the firm. Thanks to McQuagge, USHEALTH Group Inc was also awarded the Company of the year when it came to the category of Banking, Insurance, Accounting, and Finance. Troy believes the firm is heading in the right direction and will continue to prosper.


Todd Lubar – The People Person Businessman

Todd Lubar is an astute businessman. He started off in real estate in 1995 and at that point, it became clear to him that finance and real estate business would be his mainstay. He had a compelling desire to help others and so his career choice would be an excellent vehicle towards that end.


He was a loans officer with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and learned the model of Conservative Mortgage banking, which was a very important lesson. He made valuable networks with financial planners, CPA’s and real estate agents, who are now his backbone source of business referrals.


After four short years in 1999, he took another step by acquiring an equity role with Legacy Financial Group. Here, he sharpened his lending abilities and also lent to outside investors. In 2002, he opened a residential development company, Legendary Properties LLC. His roots in real estate enabled him to quickly thrive in the single family dwellings to twenty-unit multi-family residences. He developed great rapport with professionals in the building and construction. He established relations with major bankers and was able to access credit to the tune of twenty million dollars.


In 2003, Todd Lubar opened Charter Funding, one of the biggest privately held mortgage companies in the US. That association helped him to expand his business due to access to a wealth of resources and programs.


After observing the market for more than 12 years, he discovered a segment of undeserved clients. That motivated him to form Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC. He used the resources of Legendary Properties as well as his own money to lend to a segment of borrowers who would otherwise miss out from the mainstream lending bodies. His involvement in over 7,000 transactions saw him calculate the overall risk of any loan scenario with a high degree of accuracy, thereby making informed decision based on market conditions.


In 2007 – 2008, the mortgage industry changed and Todd Lubar opened several other lines of business. These would include commercial demolition which saw him ace large contracts from some of the largest general contractors. He also got involved in automotive scrap metal recycling which eventually saw the company trade in public.


Currently, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He lives in Bethesda Maryland. He has two children and he loves to spend time with them as well as travel. His lifetime goal is to continually become better, and to add value to all that he interacts with.

Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science

Newswise reported on October 21, 2015, that the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has been established at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.[]. This will highly help to promote research in the field of precision medicine here. These endowed chairs are considered as the gold standard in the field of higher education. They express the commitment of a university at the highest level of its academic discipline by ensuring its continued support as well as progression.



This chair has been named for New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie, and he made a $1.5 million pledge to support it. In fact, the Omar Boraie Chair has been established as a part of Rutgers University’s campaign of ’18 Chair Challenge’. Here an anonymous donor provides a $1.5 million match to each of these 18 new chairs. This will lead to a $3 million endowment in each case.



This field of genomic science along with precision medicine is changing the way in which medical professionals are approaching the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is a relatively new field as it involves analysis and treating of tumors on a genetic level. This allows oncologists to be able to prescribe individualized therapies leading to much better outcomes for the patients. Even President Obama had attested to its national importance. Hence in his recent State of the Union Address, he had announced the launching of a national Precision Medicine Initiative that is focused on finding cures for cancer and such other related diseases.



There are some cancer centers that are into next-generation gene sequencing on tumors. This is being done for research purposes. Rutgers Cancer Institute is one of those facilities. It is the only one in the state that makes use of genomic sequencing as a precision medicine approach towards providing patient care. Do note that Genomic sequencing has always been valuable as it helps to find novel therapies for rare cancers and poorer prognoses. It is also useful for all those treatment options that have either been limited or ineffective. Such advances in precision medicine have enhanced the ability to classify cancers into subpopulations having similar characteristics but with different genetics. This helps to predict better patient outcomes besides determining individualized cancer therapies.



Significant advances are being made at Rutgers Cancer Institute with precision medicine for all those patients whose cancers are not responding now. Applying this science to all cancer patients can be a breakthrough.