How The CRMA Develops The Smart Roads

In many parts of the world, the fight against traffic congestion is the norm. In most cases, people use a two-pronged approach; reducing the road traffic and enhancing the capacity of the road. CTRMA recommends taking small steps to gain a giant leap into the future of vehicular transport. Having the developed systems of vehicular transport that include the cloverleaf, flyovers, and express lanes is one way to ensure that traffic jams to not become a menace in the roads. Efficient road transport is the key to development in the cities, but the traffic jams choke the roads significantly, causing delays that can be quite expensive. Congestion can make the road transport inefficient, increase environmental pollution, and cause huge losses.


Toll stations

The collection of toll payments is one way to maintain the existing roads while making the necessary efforts to construct more roads. Besides increasing the capacity of the urban roads, the department of transportation can encourage people to use the ring roads or use alternative routes. By establishing some toll stations in the entry points, the municipalities can discourage many motorists from entering the town. Today, most of the modern cities have bike-friendly roads. However, establishing the toll stations forces the motorists to stop. Such stoppages can disrupt the flow of traffic, turning a small challenge to a huge problem. The CTRMA advocates for smart roads that have the ICT sensors. These sensors allow the motorists to pay for these charges electronically, thereby reducing the congestion.


Smart Roads

The prospect of creating a smart road entails the collaboration of civil engineers and ICT technicians. Such a partnership can deliver the following benefits:

  • Alerting a driver to avoid the congested areas. If the motorists can avoid the congested areas, it is possible to deal with them easily.
  • Reducing the amount of pollution in the cities is possible once the motorists avoid the urban roads and prefer the peripheral roads.
  • Reducing the congestion is an easy way to save time and money.
  • Using the smart roads help the motorists to drive safely and avoid the road accidents.
  • Increasing the parking charges in the urban areas helps to discourage the people from driving to the towns unless where necessary.
  • The installation of the adaptive traffic control systems and other technological innovations can make the urban roads safe and efficient. A single system that controls the traffic lights while monitoring the prevalent conditions will ease the congestion easily.

Learn more about the Director of the CTRMA – Mike Heiligenstein

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Nathaniel Ru’s Impact on Sweetgreen Performance



Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder of Sweetgreen. The company is a chain of restaurants that deals with seasonal foods. It was founded in the year 2007 after the three founders graduated from college. They identified a need to have a joint that serves a good salad that was appealing to everyone. There was no such a joint in their location, and they decided to start one. They had no enough capital to launch the salad joint, and they had to raise the money from their family and friends. Finally, they got the money raised from 40 people. Today Sweetgreen is one of the sexiest startups in United State.




One of the factors that have contributed to the growth of the Sweetgreen is the preparation of beautiful and delicious meals for their customers. Most of the restaurants make foods that are inorganic and unattractive. Sweetgreen concentrates of fresh salads. In fact, the company has collaborated with some farmers to get their produce directly. By just looking at the plate when served, you can tell that the food is delicious.


Sweetgreen’s servings have attracted a huge number of customers to the restaurant. Essentially, it has also made more people like salads. It has grown to become one of the biggest restaurant chains in the country. It has about 50 outlets and over 1700 employees. The company founders, Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman are still working on the expansion of the business to serve more customers across the country.


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru is the CEO and a Co-founder of Sweetgreen. He attended Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where he graduated with a BS in Finance. He served as the Chief Executive Officer since the foundation of the company. He has helped to propel the growth and expansion of the enterprise.




Nathaniel leadership has helped Sweetgreen to receive some press accolades. These Accolades come from reputable institutions, notably Bloomberg, Washington post, USA Today, Food and Wine, Washington CNBC and Forbes among others. The company performance has also been good and has received thousands of positive reviews on the internet and food magazines.




Sweetgreen has revolutionized the food industry in the United States. For just a few years it has been in operation, the company has managed to get national acknowledgment and be among the leaders in the industry. Three college mates who never thought it would ever get that far founded it.


Selling Variety at Fabletics Helps Draw Amazon Customers to Making the Switch

Have you heard of the company Fabletics? You must have seen them on television in their commercial spots. If you haven’t, well they are co-founded by Kate Hudson. She is well known in the Hollywood circle because of her own name as well as the name of her parents. She knew what she was doing when she decided to start her own line of active wear. She knew that e-commerce is what is the new hype and used this to start her own line of clothing. She has gone up against competitors like Amazon– who controls more than 20 percent of the e-commerce by the way. What you might not know about the company however is that they produce more than just active wear. Anything that you can think of is also sold by the company. Here are some of the options available to you for you to shop from.


Yoga Gear


If you are an active yoga person, the gear that you need for doing yoga is also sold by Fabletics. If you need something to put a new yoga mat into, the K8 yoga bag is quite popular. It is black and made from nylon. If you want a yoga mat that is more comfortable to carry, the fleece yoga mat is popular. They are priced fairly well so you don’t have to worry about them being overpriced.


Workout Gear


If you need accessories for working out, the water bottles are perfect for keeping you hydrated while working out. There is an abundance of color choices for you to select from. If you want a see through container, there are a few to choose from as well as patterns. If you want a stainless steel water bottle to help keep your water or juice cold, they have them as well.


Arm warmers are quite popular for those who are actively working out in all weather. The arm warmers will be very affordable for shoppers and will keep you quite warm. They are versatile and popular which makes them a big hit with shoppers.


The yoga towel is great for shoppers who want to dry off after working hard in yoga. You can either use it when you are done working out or you can use it to lay it on top of your yoga mat. Either way it’s a great choice for when you are at the gym. If you workout at home, this towel will be perfect for keeping close by when stretching hard.


If you workout hard to music, the ear buds are perfect for listening to your favorite workout songs. Most of us have music choices that we like for each activity. When cooking, you like to listen to music that keeps you moving in the kitchen and when your in the bath, well you want something soft and mellow to help relax you while soaking. For those who workout, they like something that keeps their blood moving while moving around quickly. If you want good headphones, the ear buds are perfect.


As you see, there is more than just simple active wear being sold at Fabletics. If you hear of something you like, don’t be afraid to stop over and do a little shopping on their e-commerce site.

5 Things You Can Learn From Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar, COO of Full Circle Energy Fund and CFO of Awearable Apparel Inc, recently wrote his musings on when a parent should cease supporting their adult children. In his article, “When Should A Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?,” for the Huffington Post, Tabar provided some useful tips for parents of millennials who are struggling to find the right time to cut their adult children off.

For parents, the decision to stop financially supporting their children is a difficult one. After all, they have a profound desire their children to thrive and be successful. Therefore, helping out with living expenses and bills is often a no-brainer for parents looking to assure their adult children’s future.

However, millennials have been known to accept longer and more expansive monetary handouts than any generation before them. Therefore, parents are often faced with the dilemma of when and how to cut their children from support. For those struggling to answer these difficult questions, Tabar’s article offers a wealth of perspective.

According to Huffington Post, Sam Tabar has spent significant time in both the financial and legal sectors. Previously, he worked as an associate attorney and received an extensive legal education from both Oxford University and Columbia School of Law.

He went on to manage several major hedge funds and now works as a capital strategist which has allowed him to use his legal and financial to help others. If there is anything Tabar understands well, it is money and how to manage it. This is why Tabar has offered his perspective to help tackle one of the most commonly faced dilemmas of today’s parents.

The following 5 tips were gathered from Tabar’s article.

  1. Consider their savings. Tabar suggests that parents take into consideration their children’s savings. If they have thousands of savings piling up they can most likely handle their own burden.
  1. Consider your savings. Parents of adult children are most likely on the verge of retirement. Sam Tabar suggests that if you are helping your children but not contributing enough to your own 401K, it might be time to put an end to your generosity.
  1. Help them adjust. Parents often help their children financially but fail to provide them with crucial financial guidance. While paying their own bills may be a bit of an adjustment for young millennials, it is a necessary skill.
  1. Help them control their spending. Millenials receiving money from their parents might have difficulty deciphering what is a necessity from what is a luxury. Parents should sit down with their children and discuss the differences between the two.
  1. Remember: financial independence is the goal for both parents and their adult children. Neither should loose track of this!

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides’ Great Work at InnovaCare

Managed health care programs are considered to be one of the services that have transformed the lives of American citizens. InnovaCare Health is among the companies that has been offering managed health care services in Texas. The organization has decided to implement an initiative from the Health and Human Services to make the services even better for their clients. Since it was founded years ago, InnovaCare Health has been focused on providing affordable and high-quality services.

The organization has been doing well due to its great leadership team. If it were not for this team, the company would probably be lagging behind its competitors. Rick Shinto is currently the president and chairman of InnovaCare Health. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the organization. These two great leaders have been instrumental in the success of the healthcare company. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in several fields in the healthcare industry, and they have been helpful in taking InnovaCare into greater heights.

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InnovaCare Health hires new healthcare execs into leadership team
InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team

Rick Shinto
Richard Shinto has achieved a lot while working as the chief executive officer of the healthcare company. Shinto acquired his bachelor’s degree at one of the best schools in the country. After graduating from the University of California, Shinto went to the State University, located in New York to study medicine. Later on, he went to acquire his Master’s degree in medicine from the University of Redlands. His educational background has played a significant role in his success.

Rick Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist in South California. He was appointed to work as the chief executive officer at Aveta Inc in 2008. He served as the CEO of the organization for four years before joining InnovaCare Health. As the chief executive officer of the healthcare company, Shinto is responsible for the day to day activities in the organization. Not long ago, Rickard introduced three members to the executive team in the enterprise. Penelope Kokkinides was among the executives hired.

Penelope Kokkinides
According to a report from the healthcare company, Penelope Kokkinides will now be working as the chief operating officer of InnovaCare Health. Penelope has an outstanding job since her appointment to the organization several years ago, and this is why she was promoted to the rank of CAO. Kokkinides went for her bachelor’s degree from the Birmingham University. She studied classical languages and biology. Penelope also went to the University of New York where she acquired a master’s degree in social work and public health.

Check out this interview of Penelope Kokkinides on IdeaMensch
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Kabbalah Centres Evolve and Grow Through the Years

With crime multiplying in the United States and around the world, many people are searching for spiritual answers to their everyday lives. Kabbalah is ancient wisdom that teaches its principles to help the student. Kabbalah was formed before the Jewish nation of Israel was formed in the land the God had given them. Much of the Kabbalah tradition originated during this time in history.

Kabbalists believe that there is joy inside each person, and instructors teach on the ancient concepts of how to attain the joy and happiness in everyday life. This wisdom is not actually studied like most disciplines, but rather the basic principles are taught so that each individual person can discover their own unique answers.

Kabbalah Centres are Established

In the recent history of Kabbalah, centers have been established around the world. Up until the 20th century, Kabbalah was only studied by the upper-class priests and passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

Today, with Kabbalah Centres, anyone interested can meet for instruction and to purchase materials. In 1922, the first Kabbalah Centre was established in Israel by Rav Ashtag. For over a decade, the elder Kaballahists translated ancient documents into Hebrew and studied in classes, before Rav and Karen Berg began studying under Rav Ashtag. They studied for over a decade, and in the 1960s, they moved back to the U.S. and established the first American Kabbalah Centre in NYC.

During the next decade, the Bergs translated ancient documents in many languages and instructed students. Soon, they founded a Centre in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles, and as of 2016, there are Kabbalah Centers in five American cities and Kabbalah Centres in 40 cities worldwide. With the Internet, the Bergs founded the Kabbalah University, which is streamed daily from the L.A. Centre.

If you live in close proximity to a Kabbalah Centre, you’ll find much more taking place than simply translations and instruction. The Centres today typically hold classes at regular times for the students, and they have dinners every month so members can have times of fellowship.

Karen Berg believes strongly in the power of volunteerism, so the Centres often volunteer their time and talent in the community they are in. Karen believes that the sense of giving is essential for a student to fully understand Kabbalahism.

My Experience With Handy Was Amazing

Sometimes we get behind on cleaning up around the house. I talked to my wife about hiring a maid, but she had a bad experience with a maid that she called from a billboard she saw in our neighborhood that advertised about cleaning services for little money. This was before we met. She was in college, and the maid came by to clean her dorm room. She did not think about safety issues, and she did not check on the maid’s background. This was a terrible experience that stopped my wife from finding cleaning assistance until we found out about Handy.

My brother in law told us about the home cleaning solution that he and his wife have been using. They first used Handy when they had a leaky faucet, which prompted them to look to Handy for their other services. connects their customers to a large database of professional cleaning people, home repair assistants and other professionals. The company actually does the background checks on everyone they work with before the cleaners are available on their database, so you will not have anything to worry about. This made my wife feel better about using their services, and the best part was that we never have to hand money over to the person doing work on your home.

I found an interesting article on that tells a lot about what the company and founders went through over the years. They seem like a dynamic group of intelligent people that developed Handy based off of tested principles. They also took some chances by testing out new ideas in major markets, and those ideas worked out wonderfully because Handy is quite an impressive product offering. If you want to see that article, take a look at this link from

Free FreedomPop 2016 Update and Mobile & Internet Service

FreedomPop is not essentially the service provider for all users, but it offers totally free and pretty economical options to suit some user models as well as budgets. Here is what you should know concerning their offers, pricing model and customer service.

Back in the initial days of the Internet, when you were required to dial up to get online, somebody naively suggested that online access was supposed to be free and that he would never pay for it.

As expected, he had to eat those words monthly for some time, but he was reminded of his youthful belief when he first heard of FreedomPop. It is a free mobile as well as Internet service provider that have constantly been disrupting the mobile service services for over half a decade. Signing up in it gives the user a range of various kinds of mobile as well as Internet services as seen in the FreedomPop review.

The Free Phone Service
FreedomPop’s big shot to fame was through their completely free phone service, which normally offers 500MB of the 4G with 200 voice minutes as well as unlimited texting. However, sending and receiving texts will spend your data. On top of being absolutely free, FreedomPop does not need any contracts and hence there are no cancellation charges or any of the other fees. In this case, customers often need to bear with other mobile service providers because the company uses the Sprint network.

About FreedomPop
FreedomPop is a mobile internet and cell phone service provider that is based in Los Angeles. The firm provides free mobile services among them free data, text and voice and also sells mobile phones, tablets as well as broadband devices for use with their service providers. This company was founded by its CEO Stephen Stokols and his counterpart Steven Sesar.

It is however backed by Intel, DCM Capital, Atomico, Mangrove Capital, Axiata and Partech Ventures. FreedomPop has earned over $109 million in funding, including a $50 million Series C in 2016. It uses Sprint’s network in the US. In the year 2015, the company announced its plans to expand globally to the UK on its Three’s network. In 2016, FreedomPop launched an international SIM with Free mobile data in 25 countries

The Bottom Line
The FreedomPop business model does need frugal users to keep track of their data usage for them to make sure that the service remains free. However, that seems like a small issue to bear with for staying connected at zero fees.

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Madison Street Capital Continues to Develop Reputation

For the past ten years, one of the most successful financial and investment management firms in the world has been Chicago-based Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment firm that has provided a wide range of services to its clients including advisory services for its Mergers and Acquisitions department, investment management, and corporate tax planning.

While it is still a young company compared to others in its peer group, Madison Street Capital’s reputation has continued to attract new clients. The company has built its reputation based on providing excellent advisory services and execution to its clients, which has helped it to build one of the strongest reputations in the industry. The reputation has also allowed the company to continue to attract top talent in the industry, which has allowed the company to excel while diversifying into other areas of the financial services industry.

While Madison Street Capital has an excellent reputation with its peers and customers, the firm has only recently started receiving the accolades that it deserves from others in the industry. This past month the company was the recipient of two of the most prestigious awards and the 15th annual M&A Advisory Awards presentation, which took place in November in New York City.

The first award that the company was nominated for was the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award. This award is given to only the top small firms that have made a significant impact on the industry and financial world. This award typically requires several years of strong results in order for a company to be nominated. The other award that the company was nominated for was the Deal of the Year Award, specifically for deals that were completed for under $100 million. The company received this recognition due to their part in facilitation a major acquisition for their client, Dowco.

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Online Reputation Management: How to Eliminate Bad News About Your Company

Everyone understands the value of a positive reputation to a business and losing a good image could lead to a crisis. Regardless of how careful a business is about managing online mentions, once or twice situations come in that leave a bad reputation. Even the most established businesses have at one point encountered a low moment and what determines the progress thereafter is the measures taken to clear the bad image painted by the developments.

If you want your brand to succeed and remain strong amid bad mentions, it’s necessary to come up with an effective strategy that can clear its reputation. Below are strategies that one can apply to remove a bad reputation.

Engage excess positive activity

This is an old trick that still works perfectly well. If you are looking to clear bad mentions, it is advisable to have a Reputation Defender and engage excess positive activity that would outperform bad news. This is possible through the creation of profiles and sharing articles that show the achievements of your brand and what you are intending to do more to benefit customers. Come up with content that shows the strength of the company and emphasize on what you do.

Appreciate the importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help your business to emerge competitive on the search engines. It offers your brand an opportunity to emerge successful and show its strengths when compared to competitors.

When people are looking for products online, they first Google to know what is ideal for their use and in this process the shops that come up on the first page of Google are what the person will choose. If your website can manage to rank among the best, then you will sure receive many clicks, which translates to traffic and eventually conversions if customers are convinced.

Most importantly, there is one rule about online reputation that you must respect all the time: never ignore bad mentions. You should be quick to respond to bad mentions so you can keep your business clean of any bad reviews. You can even create a better impression if your response to the issue will appear friendly to the customer.