Talk Fusion Is Easy, Convenient, and Inexpensive

Modern day society has developed in some astonishing ways, with video chat being a huge deal in the 21st century especially. Enter “Talk Fusion”, a company who is helping to revolutionize the industry of video chat. Offering a variety of video services including calls, emails, live meetings, and newsletters, Talk Fusion has covered all of the bases in this booming industry.

Created by Bob Reina, who is renowned in the entrepreneurial industry, this company is one that is taking off with the help of its creative and resourceful founder. Reina has over two decades worth of experience in the marketing and leadership world. He pushes the company ahead of it’s competitors with his creative mind and keen attention to up and coming trends.

Having an outrageously successful career does not mean that Reina has abandoned his personal life or his diverse personality. An animal advocate and community leader, Bob donates ample amounts of time and money to charity and civic duties. He also has a rather different employment background for such a successful entrepreneur: police work. Reina obtained a bachelors in criminology and graduated first in his class from the police academy. What started out as a part time job to supplement his police work income turned into a full time, lucrative career.

The idea for Talk Fusion surfaced in 2004, when Reina was told he couldn’t email a short video clip. It simply couldn’t be done. Always one to take a challenge, Reina proved himself to be successful and, by 2007, his video product had launched around the globe. Now found in over 80 different countries it is one of the largest video services in the world.

Talk Fusion is an excellent choice for companies to provide information to coworkers, employees, and clients in a unique and engaging fashion. A breeze to use, simply record a video of what you need to say, upload it, design it as you see fit, and send it off in an email. A quality, easy to use product at an outstanding price, it is no wonder Talk Fusion is one of the best video services in the corporate world today.

Why Tony Petrello loves giving to charity

Tony Petrello, the current Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries Ltd one of the biggest drilling contractors in the world, has been reported to be on a donating spree. He recently donated $5 million to a research institution with a strong promise of adding another $2 million in the coming days. He also gave his word that he will be using his connections in the corporate world to help in the fundraising efforts of the cause.

Tony’s driving force to help comes from someone he holds dear to his heart – his daughter Carena. Carena was born prematurely at just 24 weeks with a weight of 20 ounces. The medical practitioners later diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia. Periventricular leukomalacia is a disease that is caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain leading to cerebral palsy and developmental delays. The disease is common with babies born prematurely. Carena is eight years now and she just learned how to chew solid food, a miracle in the eyes of Tony and family.

However, Carena is yet to start walking and talking properly.

Having seen what their daughter was going through, Tony and his wife made a commitment to find help at a pediatric research institution not only for the dear Carena but also for other children who might be going through the same. Luckily enough, they found Texas Children’s Hospital Neurological Research Institute. Their mission is to make sure that all kids suffering from periventricular leukomalacia will be able to grow up and be able to live the American dream.

Who is Tony Petrello?

Tony Petrello is a Yale University graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. He also has a Master of Science in Mathematics from the same University. Tony has a Juris Doctor from the Harvard Law School.

Tony began his career at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. After 7 years, Tony became a Managing Partner at the firm for 5 years before resigning and moving to Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony Petrello became a member of the Nabors Board of Directors and also the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. In 2003, Tony became the Deputy Chairman. He then served as Chief Operating Officer until October 2011. From the year 2012, Tony has been serving both as the Chairman of the Board and also as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Nabors Industries.

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Nabors CEO Antony Petrello and How His Daughter Has inspired his Philanthropic Efforts

Antony Petrello is currently the chairman of the board,president and chief executive officer of Nabors limited. Nabors limited which began in 1968 as Anglo Energy is a global oil,Natural and geothermal drilling company. Nabors is one of the largest land drillers with rigs in more than 25 countries.

Tony Petrello who is Newark native was known for his maths ability, and this earned him a scholarship to Yale University. While at Yale University he made his maths, prowess known as he worked mathematics scholar Serge Lang on the numbers theory. Tony graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Yale and after graduation, he went on to Harvard Law School for a Law degree.

Antony Petrello began his work life in Baker and McKenzie where he specialized in business law taxation and arbitration genre. In1986, he rose the ranks and was named managing partner of the firm. While at bakers he was the lead counsel for Nabors industries. After working on Nabors, the company sought to hire him as a business executive. In1991, he was promoted to the Chief operating officer in Nabors, and in the same year, he was allowed to sit on board of directors and the board’s executive committee. During his term in the position, the firm could purchase a $32 million company known as Grace drilling and later Superior good services.

Antony later became the company Chief executive officer in2011, and he also became the chairman of the board in the same year. Through his leadership, Nabors has excelled and thrives to became the leader in the industry. The company has done several acquisitions including Tesco Corporation and Robotic drilling systems.

Tony is married to his college sweetheart, and they have a daughter Carena.Carena was born with a rare condition known as Periventricular Leukomalacia.Caren who is eight years old just recently learned how to swallow solid food. Tony and Cynthia in a bid to find a cure for their daughter have done a lot of research. The couple realized that the help they were looking for was hard to come up and that made them aspire to create a solution right where they live.

Petrello recently donated to Texas children center to help build a neurological research institute. They also promised to add another $2million to the hospital in years to come. The donation will ensure care and other children receive treatment from the best doctors and surgeons. The couple also volunteers in other charitable events.

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Hussain Sajwani And His Operations At DAMAC Properties

Dubai is one of the breathtaking cities to visit. One of the people who has contributed towards its growth is Hussain Sajwani. With his real estate firm, DAMAC Properties, he is involved in property development. His journey has been one successful one.

Hussain Sajwani has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He graduated from the University Washington where he had a government scholarship. He was among the few students who were sponsored and sent to the US for further studies.

After graduation, he got employed in the finance department at GASCO. After two years, he resigned to make a name for himself. He started a catering business which was doing well. He offered services to Bechtel and the US Army.

Good entrepreneurs see a possible profit-making idea and execute it. Hussain Sajwani identified a specific shortage of accommodation. The company, DAMAC Properties, came up with property development projects. Since then on, the DAMAC, which has headquarters in Dubai, has had numerous eye-catching apartments.

Their marketing strategy of DAMAC is very creative and has a likelihood of attracting people to buy the houses before. Their houses have a touch of interior designs provided by well-renowned fashion houses such as Bugatti.

Hussain Sajwani, from the very beginning he was determined not to give up. Together with his team, they have developed a chain of properties, and each one of them brings in more revenue. The DAMAC owner has invested heavily in networking with influential people who can easily be interested in making business deals.

Hussain Sajwani has had occasions where he makes cash contributions towards the marginalized communities. He has a strong belief that in future, the younger generation will have an understanding of it. He never hesitates when making the donations as in his mind, he knows that investing in them is far much more important as he gets to make a difference.

The Sajwani family has had a partnership with President Donald Trump. They started off their projects in 2013 which bore fruits. In February 2017, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai was opened. His experience has helped him run the ropes of the industry. He has also known how to stay relevant in the market which is having unique products.


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Anthony Petrello draws inspiration from her daughter’s condition

Recently, Anthony Petrello has been on a giving spree. In one of his recent donations, he gave out $5 million to a research center in Texas with a promise of adding another $2 million in the future. In addition to his contributions, he is going to lead fundraising efforts by the same research center to generate money funds for the initiative. This research center is none other than the Neurological Research Centre for children with neurological disorders. The center is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. His contribution to this cause has been a personal achievement. He set out to help the institution following the challenge he has faced with her daughter, trying to find good medical care for neurological disorder to no avail.

Anthony Petrello believes that life has its fair share of surprises and miracles. One of the things that he considers a miracle today is to see her daughter, Carena take breakfast all by herself. Carena for the first seven years after she was born could not take anything that was solid. It took a lot of training that she could finally be able to feed on solid food and then, with no assistance. However, through the determination and dedication of her parents, they made sure that she could finally afford it.

Going forward, there are other sets of projects that she is expected to handle. She needs to learn how to walk and talk. At the age of 8, she is still struggling with these skills that seem normal for a child with normal growth. The reason, Carena is not able to learn these things with ease as other children do, is because he has a neurological condition that hampers his ability to learn with ease.

Carena was born with a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia. She was born with 20 ounces at 24 weeks. This means that it was a premature birth. This condition is quite normal for premature babies. It is usually as a result of less oxygen being supplied to the brain. This is caused by low amounts of blood reaching the brain. The condition, however, led to another bigger problem. Carena developed Cerebral Palsy. This condition created a situation where her body was no longer experiencing normal growth as it should be. To address this problem Anthony Petrello and his wife, are dedicated to finding a solution for her through the Neurological Research Center established at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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The Better accomplishment of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin as Philanthropist

One of the best achievements is through the establishment of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund whereby it has been able to help many migrants’ rights; it was founded in the year 2013.

The main aim of the organization which was established by both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey is to offer financial aid to sets that are devoted to fighting for the rights of Hispanic immigrants who are now situated in Arizona. Through the outstanding reputation that they both built as a journalist they also are in control of the Phoenix New Times and the Voice Media.

In the year 2007 both Lacey and Larkin were unlawfully arrested for masking the light on the immigrants’ right defilements of Joe Arpaio. Furthermore, Joe Arpio worked as the Maricopo County Sheriff whereby the management was doing shady business deals and was corrupt.

Lacey and Larkin were able to receive $3.75 million from Maricopa County in terms of compensation these are due to the imprisonment of both the journalist and it was against their Fifth Amendment rights. Hence they used the money to help and develop charity center that helps the needy in the community.

On the other hand, Frontera Fun is behind the funding of Justice for Immigrants Families (JIF) whereby the establishment was founded by Phoenix Legal Action Network. Through the funding, the organization is able to carry out charity work that has currently helped approximately 325,000 undocumented people.

Through the earning, fewer money immigrants who are living in Arizona cannot be able to afford and access legal services. Most of the immigrants have been deported due to lack of advocate representation in their hearings. Immigrants are grateful due to the support that they are being given with the partnership of JIF and other bono lawyers and can now get their services for cheaper prices hence they are represented fully in their hearings.

The organization has been able to teach people about their rights through orientations, creating workshops and legal consultations. The company has ensured that they link and work together with the community agencies in order for the immigrants to get empowered in various means. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Furthermore, the Justice for Immigrant Families also makes sure that the immigrants and natives who are located in Arizona have the same chances of attaining social and economic rights.

Also, the benefactor of Frontera Fund since it was founded it has been Promise Arizona (Paz). Paz is an immigrants company that has been doing its charity work from 2010 and the main reason of the reason of the establishment was to object that SB 1070 law.

The law was passed in order to aim the immigrants who are located in Arizona hence they were harassed by the police. These led to activist and Paz to demonstrate and camped for 103 days through having daily prayer in order to stop the SB 1070 law.

The camping led to the law abolished due to the law finding it unconstitutional. Due to the prosecution of Joe Arpio and other people enabled Paz to hold a demonstration in Washington and Arizona.


Aloha Construction Company Role In The Community

No other industry has enjoyed profits year after year like the real estate industry has for many years now. This boom has been as a result of many peoples’ desire and drive to own or rent a house to live and establish a home. This high demand has been responsible for the construction of many housing units across the United States of America. The positive effects of this has resulted in an upward investment trend in small towns as more people continue looking for ideal places to settle down. The benefit that this boom has brought with it has been the rise of local construction companies such as Aloha Construction Company operating in southern Wisconsin mainly serving the entire area of Illinois.

As a local construction firm, Aloha has played a significant role in developing and constructing many buildings for the many local in that area. The company has also built various buildings and as a result made a reputable name for itself as one of the best firms locally and their Facebook.

In performing its duties the company boasts of a very qualified workforce that has for years helped shape the region and improve its landscape through the construction of beautiful buildings. This workforce team includes field supervisors, installers, inspectors, claim specialists and a very dedicated office team. It is through them that the company boasts of undertaking more than 7,000 construction ventures across Illinois and more information click here.

In its daily project constructions, the firm always tries to ensure that it keeps to its promise of aiming to maintain a high level of honesty, professionalism, integrity, and fairness when it comes to its suppliers, associates, and subcontractors. Through this, the firm has built a name for itself as one of the most trusted companies around the region and learn more about Aloha Constructions.

With its growth, the company itself has enjoyed periods of great success and enabled it to be a very profitable company. In achieving this, the firm has not forgotten the community that made all this to happen, and as a result, the company has been involved in charitable acts. The donation the firm gives gets channeled through its foundation which intern helps the less fortunate in the society and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

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How Sheldon Lavin Grew OSI Group Into A Global Company

Sheldon Lavin is the owner of OSI Group, Inc. Serving as the company’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since the 1970’s, he is responsible for the global expansion of this food processing company. He is extensively involved in the operations of the company which when he took over was mainly just one of McDonald’s main meat suppliers. His company’s food is now found around the world in many restaurants. They also make food that is sold in grocery stores under private labels.

Sheldon Lavin was originally in the financing industry. He came to know about OSI Group, then known as Otto & Sons, when he was brought in to handle the details of a loan the company was seeking to expand its operations. Having completed this deal, Lavin came back to the company a few years later when he purchased a portion of the company and became its top executive.

Starting in the 1980’s, Lavin expanded OSI Group’s presence in Europe. He started expanding into Asia starting in the early 1990’s. They have expanded their operations over the years in two ways. First, they have grown organically by building facilities to process food in. The other way has been through acquiring other companies in the industry.

Since Sheldon Lavin has been running OSI Group his company has been given a number of sustainability and environmental awards. Among this long list is the Globe of Honour given to his company in the UK, as well as the California Green Business Award. For animal welfare they have received awards in Europe, the United States, and China.

One of the countries that OSI Group does business in is India. In March 2016 Sheldon Lavin was presented with the Global Visionary Award. This was given by Vision World Academy, an organization in India that recognizes business leaders who have succeeded through persistence and perseverance. The award was to recognize his achievement is taking what at the time was small domestic company into one that operates over 70 locations in 17 different countries, including India.

One of the ways that Sheldon Lavin has developed the culture at OSI Group is to run it more like a family business than as a unpersonalised corporate behemoth. He has said that he regards the team at OSI Group as his family and it has been a great way of doing business over the years.

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One Way Aloha Construction Gives Back to Their Local Community

For almost 10 years Aloha Construction has been helping beautify the state of Illinois. Since opening their doors in 2008 they have completed over 18,000 projects in areas such as Libertyville, Lake Zurich, Hoffman Estates and Round Lake.

The company also serves Southern Wisconsin through their office in Bloomington and has done construction in areas such as Tazewell, Peoria and Washington.

How Aloha Gives Back

While there are many ways a company can give back to their local community, Aloha chooses to gives back by getting involved with local organizations.

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways any company can start giving back to their local community.

With so many different organizations and charities you can get involved with, there is a good chance you will find one that you are really passionate about.

Don’t underestimate the importance of passion. When you get involved with an organization you want it to be about an issue that you truly care about. This is what will lead to you building a long lasting relationship with the organization.

No matter what you give, be it your time or money, just know the organization, and the people the organization helps, will be very grateful.

And don’t assume its all about money. While money is indeed important, sometimes people just want to see that others care. You can do that by showing up and listening to those who are currently going through very difficult situations.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation and the Aloha team give back to their local community by partnering with and putting on an event with the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club.

The event consists of a night out at the Bloomington Thunder hockey game for several Illinois children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go to such an event.

Dave Farbaky, the current CEO of the construction company, says that not all charity events need to be formal. Sometimes its okay to let loose and just let the children have fun.

By partnering with the Bloomington Thunder hockey, Aloha is able to give back by giving good experiences to disadvantaged children.

Top 6 Civil, Human and Immigrant Groups

The world has experienced a rapid increase in immigration in the recent past. This has been attributed to the increased rate of globalization. The movement has, however, presented significant challenges as far as civil, human and migrant rights are concerned.

As a result, several human rights organizations have emerged in various parts of the globe to fight for these rights. Below are some of the most popular groups that are known to advocate for human rights.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Phoenix based organization was established by two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The organization focuses on financing groups that fight for freedom of speech and immigrant rights in Arizona and its environs. The duo have committed $3.75 million towards the course. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Many human rights Groups have continued to benefit from this fund. Some of the beneficiaries include: Promise Arizona, America Immigration Council, The colibri center for human rights and Justice for Immigrants & Families just to mention a few.

US Human Rights Network

The organization was established by over 50 groups and individuals in 2003. Its formation followed the US human rights leadership summit of 2002 on ending exceptionalism and strengthening peoples’ rights in the US.

The group focuses on building and strengthening a people centered human rights movement in the United States. Its membership is open to individuals and other organizations and it presents huge benefits to the registered members.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

This is a national, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization based in New York City, United states. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The group was co-founded by Jane Adams and four others in 1920. ACLU continues to works tirelessly in courts, legislatures and communities to defend peoples’ rights and freedoms as granted by the constitution. The organization operates through its affiliates in many of the Us Cities.

Amnesty International

The London based organization was established in 1961 to focus on protection of human rights. The internationally recognized movement has since been reported to have over 2 million members from over 150 countries.

Amnesty conducts research to generate actions meant to stop abuse of human rights and demand justice for all. Founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, the global organization has become a benchmark for other humanitarian groups.

Human Rights Initiative of North Texas

The group provides free legal assistance and social services to refugees and immigrants in the region. It offers legal representation through its large network of volunteer attorneys. In its focus on moving freedom forwards, the organization has continued to advocate for justice and international human rights.

Human Rights Action Center

It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington DC, United States. The group is headed by Jack Healey, one of the world’s most popular human rights activists. It focuses on universal declaration of human rights.

Human Rights Action Center has embraced technology in innovation, creation and development of approaches meant to stop human rights abuses. It has also continued to support other organizations that stand for a similar course.

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JHSF and José Auriemo Neto Specialize in World-Class Retail Properties

JHSF is a leading real estate company in Brazil that specializes in high-end projects that provide a stream of recurring income, such as shopping malls to name one of their specialties. They operate in residential and commercial markets via acquisitions, developments, and management activities. They have led the way for companies who prioritize income producing properties and utilize industry leading expertise.

The São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is a fine example of a noteworthy project that has modernized and upgraded air facilities in the great city. It has all the latest technological upgrades to provide a world-class experience in executive travel. It is capable of receiving large executive jets such as the Gulfstream models and their equivalents. This airport can now accommodate nonstop flights to cities like New York, London or Paris.

One of the malls that JHSF is involved with is the unique City Garden Shops and they offer the best national and international brands for shoppers to enjoy. This beautiful development expands the shopping available to consumers with strong trends in fashion and lifestyle to name a couple of areas.

José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and CEO of JHSF and has been a visionary figure in the development and prosperity of the company. He supervises the company’s extensive holdings in office buildings, hotels, and public developments. He also has a direct hand in the many shopping and retail complexes which are one of the company’s main business drivers. An example of this is the stunning Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo. Under his leadership, JHSF continues to develop unique retail properties in Säo Paulo.

A new venture into retail is one direction that José Auriemo Neto has successfully led JHSF to and it has contributed greatly to their portfolio of income producing properties. Exclusive partnership agreements were formed with five-star companies like Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Choo.

José Auriemo Neto is a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo. His early work with JHSF included the successful development of a service department within the company and the parking lot management company Parkbem. His involvement in the company’s first foray into retail shopping was when his career took off and JHSF pivoted into a lucrative segment of property ownership and management. Shopping Santa Cruz was initiated in 1998 and was their inaugural development in high-end retail.